While newly-appointed Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she was not planning to immediately travel to Baltimore and was sending her two deputies, Vanita Gupta, head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division and Ronald Davis who heads up COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), there was something significant that was not said.


Who is going to investigate the activists and agitators that seem to appear during every crisis and who may be fomenting “revolution” to pursue their own socialist, communist, or anarchist agenda?

  • How did violent black street gangs, including the Crips, the Bloods, and the Black Guerrilla Family, manage to rise to the level of civic respectability that they were formally acknowledged by various elected officials as being peace-makers?
  • How did an openly anti-White, anti-Semitic, anti-America black separatist group like Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam manage to rise to the level of civic respectability that they were formally acknowledged by various elected officials as being peace-makers?
  • How did a communist front group, the New Black Panthers, who openly call for direct action against law enforcement officers manage to gain so much media attention to promote their violent message?
  • While there are demonstrations that arise spontaneously in local communities, how do these demonstration seem to spread nationwide using the revolutionary coalitions that do not seem to wish America well?

What is wrong with elected Baltimore City officials? What is wrong with Baltimore’s Police Commissioner, Anthony Batts, who has significant experience heading police departments with troubled and violent officers? Prior to Baltimore, Batts was the Chief of Police in both Long Beach, California and Oakland, California.

Why did the progressive socialist Mayor of Baltimore order the Baltimore Police to stand down while rioters looted and destroyed private and public property? What’s up with a Mayor who says to allow the miscreants space to damage the city, and then denies what she says even when confronted with the modern miracle of videotape replay? And why is she calling for Justice for a specific person and not demanding justice period!

And, what’s wrong with the progressive-socialist mainstream media when they go to wall-to-wall coverage of localized violence in the guise of “news?” Not that more conservative cable operations like Fox News is any better when it comes to competing for an audience of voyeurs and violence junkies. The fact that they are immortalizing thuggery is unconscionable.

It’s America’s fault …

How many times have you heard the black elected officials in Baltimore claim that it’s America’s fault there is rioting, looting, and destruction of property? As if one can excuse the behavior of lawless thugs who take advantage of the pro-revolutionary agenda and want to see such actions happen to promote their cause. If income inequality, the lack of jobs, or the lack of education is a problem – why is it occurring under the aegis of a progressive socialist democrat regime that has been in power for at least thirty years? Where is all of the federal and state money that was designated to improve the community, the housing, the education, and the critical emergency services? Most likely it was siphoned off by the special interests, namely the unions who demanded more and more money with no increase in productivity or public services. How can the teachers’ union not be condemned for the poor education in the community? Education is not a function of dollars – it is a function of caring and professionalism.

Yes, the activists and agitators are quick to shift the blame to America – necessitating massive investment which only stimulates more political corruption. Yes, the agitators are quick to shift the blame to whites – because they refuse to accept the responsibility for the corruption in their community. Especially the reverends and ministers who are quick to bloviate as they father children out of wedlock or hold their hands out for “walking around money.” If it isn’t a revolutionary agenda, it is most certainly a political corruption issue.

Bottom line …

These protests go beyond civil rights and seeking justice, they go to a place that presents a clear and present danger to America and all Americans. Aided and abated by a fifth column seeking to destroy American from within.

-- steve


P.S. Believe it or not, the only black elected official I have any respect for during this event is Representative Elijah Cummings – a hyper-partisan progressive socialist democrat – who took to the streets of his city, about five blocks from where he lives, to tell people to go home. Here is a man who does not need the media exposure to say outrageous things that should offend every America as he parrots the party line, but there he is – walking away from the media,  suggesting they are part of the problem, and trying to keep his neighbors safe.

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