It appears that Hillary Clinton’s past – lies, corruption, cronyism – would certainly preclude any person from being acceptable as a candidate – yet she ran for the Presidency of the United States in 2008.

It appears that Hillary Clinton’s present – again with lies, corruption, and cronyism – would certainly preclude any person from being acceptable as a candidate – yet she has announced that she is running for the Presidency of the United States in 2016.

So what is going on?

Is it that the progressive socialist democrats, as a party, and their domestic and foreign partners, think that $2 billion dollars and a slick advertising campaign can overcome the negatives? Once again, in spite of the evidence of progress, getting the Blacks and the Jews to sign-on to the campaign. Or convincing America’s women that having a vagina is a substitute for honesty and competency?

The truth is that Hillary’s sole accomplishment was marrying Bill Clinton who apparently promised her the Presidency if he was elected. And that all of her successful efforts were aimed at keeping him out of jail and destroying every woman to claim rape or sexual harassment. Other than that, Hillary Clinton as no recognizable achievements as a legislator or as the Secretary of State. It appears that President Obama left her in charge of Russia where she bungled the reset and set the state for Putin’s aggressive actions in the region. As for the Middle East, her policies led to the death of an Ambassador and three brave Americans – not to mention arming more Islamic terrorists and bringing chaos to the region.

So why is Hillary running? Especially if it will put the spotlight on potential charges of criminal obstruction of justice and possible corruption charges involving foreign influence in the Clinton foundation.

Grassroots pushback …

It appears that one of her gay minions put forth to the media a list of words that you could not use to describe Hillary Clinton and not be expected to be charged with sexism, ageism, or racism. Unfortunately, telling the media what words not to use amounts to censorship – censorship that is seeing a grassroots pushback from street artists.


Bottom line …

My theory is that Hillary Clinton is in too deep to quit without the possibility of criminal charges relating to obstruction of justice, corruption while in office, and an audit of the Clinton Foundation and that she may agree to go quietly if the progressive socialist democrats put up another candidate and she and others receive Presidential pardons for all acts, known, undisclosed, or unknown.

Even if there is a Republican President, along with the House and Senate, traditionally politicians very rarely look backward to investigate and prosecute past crimes. Hillary is a multi-millionaire and now she needs only to survive until Obama’s last days in office. Knowing it would be unseemly for the progressive mainstream media to further embarrass the party or America by airing one’s dirty laundry. One the bright side – a Pulitzer Prize awaits the first substantial expose of Clinton, Inc.

-- steve

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