Once again history appears to be repeating itself …

We live in a world where history has demonstrated that evil can not only exist, but thrive in the hearts of those who wish to blame others for their own shortcomings.

We have a United Nations, created as a forum where nations could settle their grievances and whose existence would be a bulwark against genocidal ethnic cleansing. Not only is this body ruled by a majority of malevolent monarchs and dictators, but the forces of evil clearly outweigh the forces for good. Lifting not a finger when little boys are buried alive and little girls are raped by religious zealots as they go about their mission of ethnic cleansing.

Where this august body is more interested in becoming a governing body superior to the sovereignty of nations, but a self-funding entity that is responsible only unto itself for its behavior.

Against this background of malignant neglect, we find ourselves entering an era of modern crusades, where the enlightened forces of Christendom are arrayed against the dark forces of an ever-expanding Islamic culture of death and destruction. Where the highest and most estimable ambitions of millions of people is to kill their enemies and die a martyr’s death – to be rewarded in the afterlife for the pain and suffering endured on this mortal plane.

The premise of fundamental Islam is that you are either obedient to the words transcribed by a 7th century warlord or you will be killed. Never you mind about the religious leadership that commits immoral acts in private while acting pious in public. The ignorance, the hypocrisy, and the deadliness of this perverted religion cannot be underestimated or over stated. To allow any religion to justify the killing of a cartoonist over the depiction of a deity – any deity – is to allow the inmates to run the multicultural, morally equivalent, and politically correct insane asylum that is today’s world.

To those who believe that man-made laws regarding religious tolerance is a suicide pact; where you welcome your enemies into your house and surrender your faith, money, arms, and life, is to celebrate the ludicrous and capricious nature of medieval ignorance.

Speaking with a furious anger …

It is amazing to me that one can observe, as it has been widely published, that where Muslims are in the minority, they are quick to speak with a furious anger about minority rights and how they must be protected and projected. And yet, where Muslims are in the majority, there are no minority rights because every deviation from the religion is an offense against Islam; to be brutally and barbarically punished as an object lesson to others who are not obedient and dare to have religious thoughts and opinions of their own.

The battle lines must be drawn …

With the thought of nuclear weapons wielded by essential what can be termed a religious death cult, and as unpleasant and as immoral as it seems, self-preservation demands that we kill those who would kill us before they reach the capacity to strike deeply into our homeland with catastrophic  – quickly and efficiently without regard for those with humanist feelings that portray evil as a collection of individuals, some of whom might be innocent – but, yet support the evil that will be done in the name of their religion.

Bottom line …

The day of reckoning draws nigh … and the question is: can we meet the challenge without mankind suffering another mass casualty approaching holocaustic proportions event as a trigger for political and military action?

Are we willing to sacrifice the State of Israel, the only democratic bastion of good in a sea of evil before we take action? Are we approaching a neo-1933 where Hitler is starting to consolidate power and nobody believes what he has clearly said and written of his ambitions? Are we to ignore the speeches and writings of Iran’s Supreme Leader and believe he really doesn’t mean what he says when he speaks about annihilating the State of Israel? Can we, as a people, allow anti-Semitic politicians that are in the highest reaches of our government sit idly by and watch as the prepare to destroy an ally – taking action only when it becomes apparent we are next?

Think about the state of affairs, both foreign and domestic, as we approach the upcoming 2016 presidential election cycle. And an administration that downplays terrorism and puts on a plane with that of global climate change. Think of what this world might lose if we allow Israel to be consumed in fire and overrun by ignorant religious fanatics? And, think of how history will treat the generation that enabled another holocaust to occur on their watch. Are you willing to support or at least tolerate the dark side of humanity?

-- steve

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