I have been examining the current political situation in the United States and looking for a way to describe my findings …

It appears, at least to me, that we are suffering under the tyranny of the “collective” minorities – that is, the progressive socialist democrats have been able to divide America into a series of aggrieved and victimized segments – each, in and of themselves, unable to sway elections -- and then form a coalition of these segments to redress their grievances in return for electing progressive socialist democrats to office.

However, in an almost equally divided nation, the minority wields power disproportionate to its size and both parties pander to achieve votes – promising perks and privileges that are not available to the general population.

Using multiculturalism, moral equivalency, and political correctness, the progressive socialist democrats have convinced these minorities that they deserve representation in all things in direct proportion of their percentage of the general population. That is, color trumps competence and sex trumps substance. Count the noses, check the boxes, and engage in massive affirmative action. Even though affirmative action is unconstitutional because it conveys an advantage to one individual over another individual under the color of the law.

In an ironic twist, the agitators and activists are demanding that White Americans be responsible for the actions of their ancestors, even though the minorities refuse to control themselves or the actions of their children.

Both political parties are corrupt …

While I complain mostly about progressive socialist democrats, that is not to say I do not find fault with an equally corrupt GOP. Both parties put forth candidates that are little more than figureheads for cronyism and corruption. Allowing politicians to appoint the heads of important regulatory agencies makes it possible to turn government agencies into instruments of public policy as dictated by the majority party. Witness that the 2008 mortgage meltdown and subsequent spread of the contagion to the world’s economy could have been easily stopped if the federal regulators did the job to deter, detect, and prosecute fraud without regard for the fraudster’s political connections.

The Fourth Estate is missing or corrupt …

It appears that the traditional fourth estate, the press, has disappeared or has compromised their journalistic integrity in return for corporate benefits. Becoming propaganda distributors in an age where politicians pre-package their stories, audio, and video content and offer these packages as neutral news stories. I cannot count the number of times when interviews were faked by allowing the talking heads to reply to provided video in a format that makes the respondent look like they are answering the talking head’s question. The media is so focused on audience numbers that the bizarre, outrageous, and obscene lead the coverage. These are the people who will knowingly repeat a lie endlessly without challenge; quoting a liar as if that makes it ok to avoid challenging the lie and the liar.

Barbara Streisand and George Clooney as a foreign policy experts … 

Speaking of media, who can overlook that relatively clueless actors are now opining on subjects they know little or nothing about. In an age of celebrity where name recognition trumps credentials, we are seeing comics pose as news sources that are accepted by many as being legitimate news outlets – even though their coverage is ideologically slanted to their audience. Then there are the celebrities that have caused significant disease outbreaks with their anti-vaccination campaign that is now imperiling our nation’s school children.

Unions and institutionalized coercion …

Unions have become little more than organized crime and thuggery … collecting their member’s dues and supporting a single political party, the progressive socialist democrats, who is destroying our country, killing our economy, and collecting ever-increasing taxes. Unions have shoved the taxpayers away from the bargaining table, preferring to bargain with corrupt politicians who are beholden to the unions.

Immigration and domestic terrorism …

In his zeal to create a nation without defensible borders, Barack Obama has made our nation vulnerable to both foreign and domestic terrorist. Minority gangs, many with a foreign origin operate with impunity within our cities and are responsible for a significant amount of the gun-related crime that plagues our nation. Obama and his cadre of fellow travelers allowed the United States to become vulnerable to a biological attack – allowing children without a comprehensive medical screening to be secretly disbursed across the United States, thus imperiling everyone with diseases rampant in Central and South America. We need to resolve the current immigration situation – but we need to stop the flood of illegals who are compromising our healthcare system, our finances, and our social support networks.

Hidden taxes …

Obamacare, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which neither protects patients nor is affordable with our subsidies, is just another hidden tax, like those imposed on your utility bill and at the gas pump. Politicians do not vote for taxes, so the administration and the progressive socialist democrats lied about Obamacare being a tax. The very position that the government claimed before the Supreme Court.

Looking under your bed …

Has anyone looked at what is happening on the local front – the school board, the zoning board, the water and air quality management districts? Has anyone noticed that they have been infiltrated by people who are pursuing a political agenda instead of serving their constituency?

McCarthy was right – there were communists infiltrating the government, education, and the entertainment industry …

Has anyone noticed that our enemies, both foreign and domestic, have infiltrated the government on all levels: federal, state, and local as well as our nation’s infrastructure. These are people who do not wish us well and march to the tune played by their masters. These are the people who use our own laws in new and novel ways against the people of the United States.

Bottom line …

George Orwell would be proud. He warned us that in a democracy, some animals were more equal than others. He warned us about the dangers of mass surveillance. And his very name signified the current state of politico-speak where up is down, left is right, good is evil, and wrong is right.

Is there a chance for the survival of the United States of America as it stands against the international forces of globalist socialism? I am beginning to wonder. As my best friend Al continues to remind me, we are so screwed.

-- steve

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