According to leaks that appear to be originating from those anonymous officials who cannot speak on the record, President Obama appears to be relaxing his policies on Syria – no longer calling for Assad to step aside and quietly telling the military that Syrian military targets are off the targeting radar.

Unfortunately, the broader implication of the Administration’s actions is that they may be bowing to Iran – considering Syria is a client of Iran –  in order to obtain some agreement on the Iran nuclear talks. It appears Obama is desperate when it comes to getting some type of agreement, even if that agreement is a photo-op and a meaningless statement, to secure his legacy and validate a Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded without any accomplishment on his part. Something that has become a laughingstock issue in Washington.

There is little doubt that Iran sees itself as the savior of the minority Shia Islam (10%) and the counterbalance to the majority (90%)  of the Sunni world that views the Shia as apostates to be ethnically cleansed.

Iran’s influence and/or dominance now extends to four nearby nations who are little more than proxies. (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Palestinian Territory)

Congressional Cowardice …

The Congress of the United States refuses to name our Islamic enemies and place them on notice that further aggression will not be tolerated. In effect, ceding great power to the President of the United States and then decrying his actions when they appear to provide material aid, support, and comfort to those who do not wish us well.

Campaigning for funding …

Once again, we are seeing the President of the United States, as well as various members of Congress, campaigning in such a manner as to solicit the sub rosa flow of foreign money into an American political race. Namely, those who are trying to reverse the trend line on America’s newfound energy independence and kill anything related to fracking and transport pipelines. All with a significant impact on a Middle East that relies on the flow of oil money to mollify its population, support arms acquisition, and keep their militaries loyal. One might even question the extent to which the American taxpayers are subsidizing the sales of arms to hostile Muslim nations?

Arming the Kurds …

Why does President Obama refuse to directly arm the pro-American Kurds and insist on funneling weapons through Iraq – even though it is known to be a direct pipeline to Iran?

Providing leadership to the Taliban and enemy combatants to the continuing fight …

President Obama appears totally oblivious to the ongoing battle with radical Islamism and its Muslim terrorists. How else can you justify his release o enemy combatants from Gitmo … including the five top Taliban commanders exchanged for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl?  Yes, we know he promised to shutdown Gitmo, but is he really willing to release fighters who will most definitely go on to kill Americans or their allies. Where is the progressive socialist battle cry “if it only saves one life …” that is used to justify their outrageous attempts to thwart the Second Amendment?

Bottom line …


Whether or not Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, a pro-Muslim president, or is simply incompetent, he is putting the Middle East and the rest of the Western world at significant risk should Iran obtain a nuclear weapon. Appearing to allow Iran to continue its regional power plays in return for an specious arms agreement that can be touted at home as a foreign policy victory in spite of the fact that Israel is still under an existential risk. The fact that it might take Iran 3-6 months longer to produce a bomb is insignificant when measured against the potential risk to the region and United States interests.

First, because Iran is not going to announce a single weapon, they will announce when they reach ten or more.

Second, because Iran has promised to destroy Israel and perpetrate the next holocaust; and there is no reason not to take them at their word.

And third, because Iran could disperse weapon among various terrorist groups to perpetrate a multi-prong attack on America, America’s allies, and other European targets.

Should Iran go nuclear on Barack Obama’s watch, it would be the duty of Congress to impeach, try, and convict him – as well as strip him of all presidential payments, perks, and privileges.

Here is a President who thinks, incorrectly, that if he parses his words and divides the Islamic world into factions  nobody will notice that Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, Yemen, Syria and Iran are all part and parcel of the radical Islamist existential threat facing Western civilization in the same manner as Nazism posed an existential threat leading to WWII.

-- steve

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