There is little doubt that America is experiencing a crisis, that their top elected official, President Barack Obama, is either totally narcissistic and cares only about his own personal and political agenda, totally apathetic when it comes to the needs of the American citizens, incompetent, corrupt, or malevolently working to weaken the United States from within to benefit the international socialist/communist movement. Or perhaps, all of the above.

How else can you explain the stunning failures in both domestic and foreign policies? The appointment of arrogant, socialist/communist ideologues who believe in enlightened elites governing the masses for the benefit of the collective – individuals be damned? A healthcare infrastructure populated by medical doctors who practice politics before medicine.

Is Obama trying to kill Americans to prove his theory of “world equality?”

Yes, Barack Obama has refused to temporarily suspend visas and travels from infected regions of the world to the United States. It sure didn’t stop the Obama’s FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) from halting all flights into Israel’s Tel Aviv airport when a rocket hit approximately one-mile from the airport. The President and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats do not want to hear that the they are violating the first rule of the science of epidemiology – quarantine. You simply to not allow people to travel from dangerously infected areas into uninfected areas where the disease has never existed.

The bad news …

Aside from the political clowns who are pretending they know what is occurring and can manage adverse events, the likelihood of a politician, like Barack Obama, interfering in the delivery of healthcare to promote a political agenda is more likely to get you killed than actual exposure to Ebola.

From a scientific standpoint, the Ebola virus has been known to mutate quickly, and the truth is that the CDC does not know the exact incubation time of each strain. It is possible that the current incubation period is too short at 21-days. And, then there is the problem of transmissibility through animals to consider. Best practices dictate cutting off travel from the infected areas into the United States for all non-citizens and unessential personnel. And, to quarantine those people who have gone there to render humanitarian aid – preferably in medically-supervised facilities overseas. It may not be politically correct – but then again, neither is a mass die-off of American citizens.

Just say NO! Hell NO! NO EFFIN WAY!

There is no vaccine … and we need to start quarantine procedures NOW. We need to plan for the worst case scenario now.


When will the lies stop?

Yes, Obama has put forth public officials, most notably former United Nations Ambassador, and now National Security Advisor to the President, Susan Rice who apparently has no problem lying to the American public about matters affecting our national security.

Or, CDC’s Director Dr. Tom Frieden, the Administration's front man and a medical doctor who seems to have little or no facts regarding the spread and management of Ebola. His relatively uninformed ramblings and assurances seem to turn into lies the day after they are spoken.

He claims that any hospital with isolation facilities can adequately treat Ebola – and yet we find two infected caregivers who took routine precautions.

He claims that there must have been a breach of medical treatment or management protocol, and yet we find that the doctors were making it up as they went along. He claims that the disease isn’t easy to spread – yet there are workers in hazmet suits cleaning the sidewalks in and around areas used by Ebola victims.

Here is the CDC’ high-tech tracking mechanism …


Apparently the 2nd Ebola victim – a second nurse that treated the so-called “index patient,” apparently was allowed to get on a plane and instead of using the airline’ manifest, the CDC chose to scare the crap out of the population by tweeting a “notice.”

2nd nurse with Ebola called CDC before boarding flight

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that Vinson called the agency several times before flying, saying that she had a fever with a temperature of 99.5 degrees. But because her fever wasn't 100.4 degrees or higher, she didn't officially fall into the group of "high risk" and was allowed to fly. <Source>

I guess Dr. Frieden may “inaccurate” when he first said that you couldn’t get it on a plane unless you came in direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. Like sneezing doesn’t really spread bodily fluids and Ebola cannot attack from the lung side of an organism?

CDC: You Can Give—But Can’t Get—Ebola on a Bus

Dr. Tom Frieden, director for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said during a telephone press briefing Wednesday that you cannot get Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus, but that infected or exposed persons should not ride public transportation because they could transmit the disease to someone else.

Dr. Frieden also reported that a Dallas health-care worker who has been diagnosed with Ebola had a temperature of 99.5 when she flew from Cleveland to Dallas on Monday. <Source>

WTF: This is pure Orwellian Obama-speak. If the infected person can give it to someone else – why wouldn’t it be someone in close proximity. This is the reason that Frieden needs to get himself a professional liar like presidential spokesmen Jay Carney or Josh Earnest, or even Marie Harf at the State Department.

Purdue expert showed Ebola can enter cells that line the trachea and lungs; says airborne transmission is not an impossibility

The idea of the Ebola virus becoming airborne is not far-fetched and its ability to enter cells that line the trachea and lungs has been shown under controlled laboratory conditions, a Purdue University virus expert says.

David Sanders, an associate professor of biological sciences who has studied the Zaire strain of Ebola virus that is responsible for the current outbreak in West Africa, says the possibility of the virus becoming airborne should not be discounted.

"It is not unprecedented for a virus to change its mode of transmission," he says. "Ebola does share some of the characteristics of airborne viruses like influenza, and we should not disregard the possibility of it evolving into something that could be transmitted in this way."

A research team led by Sanders and collaborators from the University of Iowa established that the Zaire strain of Ebola virus could enter the epithelial cells that line the human airway in a paper published in the Journal of Virology in 2003.  <Source>

One wonders if the commonsense containment protocol would require healthcare workers to advise of travel plans or impose limited restrictions to keep a disease from spreading. Every time I hear the phrase, “out of the abundance of caution,” I think to myself, these people really do not have all of the answers and may be playing the odds – gambling with the lives of innocent bystanders.

Along with commonsense protocols, we should be processing “convalescent serum” – plasma containing Ebola anti-bodies that is taken from recovered Ebola victims -- to be stockpiled for use in the United States.

Is Dr. Frieden a political activist and has he ceded his position as a protector of America and Americans?

Frieden appears to be supporting President Obama’s avoidance of a travel ban on incoming flights from Ebola-infected areas with such nonsense as it would only spread the disease further. Huh? Frieden man makes little or no sense with his argument.

But, then we learn from Representative Tim Murphy (R-PA), appearing on the O’Reilly Factor,  that he had a conversation with Dr. Frieden and he was concerned about the effect a travel ban would have on “fledgling democracies.” And, if we put a travel ban, that may affect their economy and harm them. O’Reilly was outraged that Frieden was concerned about the effects of a travel ban on other countries and not looking out for our country. O’Reilly reiterated that Frieden has to go. I totally agree because it appears likely that you don’t get promoted at CDC by telling the hard truths and Dr. Frieden appears to be playing Obama-politic. Murphy is chairing a Congressional hearing on Ebola later today.

Like all political theatre … the preliminary testimony is already written and in the can. It is the questions and answers that are the interesting part. If you wish to examine what Dr. Frieden and others will testify to – and look at their credentials, here are the links.

Examining the U.S. Public Health Response to the Ebola Outbreak

Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 12:00pm -- Oversight and Investigations -- 2123 Rayburn House Office Building

Background Documents and Information: 

To read a related press release, click here


Dr. Thomas R. Frieden

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Luciana Borio

Dr. Robin Robinson

  • Director
  • Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority
  • Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV

Mr. John P. Wagner

Dr. Daniel Varga

You will notice that Dr. Nicole Lurie, the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response of the Public Health Service (mentioned below) is nowhere to be found on the list of those testifying – unusual because her office is the official disaster response for health emergencies. In her place, we will see Dr. Robin Robinson, a research director – and not a person you would question about response planning activities. Perhaps like President Obama’s ISIS situation – there is no real plan that would satisfy Obama’s political agenda – but, one that would seem draconian and harsh given a major outbreak of Ebola.

Where is the CDC on Obama’s Disease – Progressivism?

But, the real communicable and potentially deadly disease Dr. Frieden is not speaking about is Enterovirus D-68, a rare influenza-like disease that hasn’t been seen in America for 40 years, but is endemic in Central American nations like Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Why is the progressive mainstream media not asking the CDC if this “mystery illness” that infects children is being spread by the Obama Administration’ secret distribution of unaccompanied minors throughout the United States without adequate medical screening.

Now, in addition to measles, more than 1,000 children in 10 states -- Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Georgia -- have suddenly become infected with a rare respiratory virus, not seen in the U.S. since the 1960s, called human Enterovirus EV-D68. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that the rare strain is related to the same rhinovirus responsible for causing the common cold.

The dire prediction is that in the coming weeks and months, Enterovirus EV-D68, origin unknown, is due to spread to all 50 states and afflict great numbers of otherwise healthy children.

What more potent a formula for disaster than “unaccompanied minors” with all sorts of contagious diseases coming across the border into our communities, and more specifically into our schools, where American children are now falling ill. <Source>

Where is the “real” doctor who is supposed to be leading the response team?

Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR)  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Nicole Lurie, M.D., M.S.P.H.
Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR)
RADM, U.S. Public Health Service

Dr. Lurie is the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) at the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The mission of her office is to lead the nation in preventing, responding to and recovering from the adverse health effects of public health emergencies and disasters, ranging from hurricanes to bioterrorism.

Dr. Lurie was previously Senior Natural Scientist and the Paul O’ Neill Alcoa Professor of Health Policy at the RAND Corporation. There she directed RAND’s public health and preparedness work as well as RAND’s Center for Population Health and Health Disparities.

She also served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health in the US Department of Health and Human Services; in state government, as Medical Advisor to the Commissioner at the Minnesota Department of Health; and in academia, as Professor in the University of Minnesota Schools of Medicine and Public Health.

Dr. Lurie has a long history in the health services research field, primarily in the areas of access to and quality of care, mental health, prevention, public health infrastructure and preparedness and health disparities.

Dr. Lurie attended college and medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, and completed her residency and MSPH at UCLA, where she was also a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar. She is the recipient of numerous awards, and is a member of the Institute of Medicine.

Finally, Dr. Lurie continues to practice clinical medicine in the health care safety net in Washington, DC. She has three sons. <Source: HHS>

Where are the progressives who loudly claim “it’s for the children” and “if only one life is saved?”

Perhaps we should demand that Obama’s redistribution of illegal alien children include private schools where the elite progressives send their children. After all, shouldn’t these disadvantaged children who are dragging down the public schools, have an equal opportunity for a “quality” education. Isn’t that Obama’s mantra on equality.

Thousands of children are disadvantaged in inner city schools governed mostly by the progressive socialist democrats in areas that have seen little real improvement – in spite of billions of dollars in taxpayer funding. And, now Obama is importing more poverty, illiteracy, disease, and crime into these areas. Creating and perpetuating a permanent underclass that votes democrat – even though the democrats have done little or nothing to return the favor.

Bottom line …

I guess the Ebola situation is so important, that Obama needs to re-schedule a fundraising trip and call a photo-op meeting of his cabinet lest we think he is an apathetic slacker.

Political correctness is going to get us killed. The authorities now say that Americans who have been exposed to Ebola can no longer fly ... but the government is unwilling to do anything about infected people who might fly into the United States. Craziness or malevolent intent -- either way you might be the one of the Americans to die.

President Obama appears to be deliberately attacking America and Americans from within the White House. Putting forth people and policies that are causing the collapse of the existing healthcare system. And, perhaps that is the real goal of Obama and his cadre of progressive socialist acolytes.

It is urgent that the GOP retain a majority in the House of Representatives and secure a majority in the Senate. To break Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’ gridlock hold on all legislation that does not favor the progressive socialist democrats and to prevent even more whack-job progressive judges who value small unimportant fish and insects over humans. To prevent the ratification of treaties that disadvantage America and convey aid and comfort to our enemies.

We need your help. It’s a matter of life and death – that health and welfare of you, your children, your relatives, and your community is at stake. Wake up or live with the consequences of “more of the same” politics.

And if you are really concerned about your life – get the flu shot and the 10-year pneumonia shot – because most people die of pneumonia as a side-effect of a nasty flu.

-- steve

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