It annoys me no end to listen to the politically correct men and women speak about diversity and the need for your company, your police department, your school board, and every other organization to look percentagewise like its surrounding population. Or even worse, claim that there is a “glass ceiling” that is keeping women from rising into the ranks of political and corporate leaders. Blaming racism and bigotry on institutions rather than individuals – the actual racists, bigots, and criminals.

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Those who push this brand of bullshit usually have degrees in strange disciplines like social justice and gender equality. Mostly progressive socialist democrats who earn their living selling their own brand of bullshit to create definable cadres of victims that can be exploited politically. And, then offering these sacrificial lambs up to the system in exchange for personal position, power, prestige and profits. Mostly by creating tax-exempt foundations that do little other than attract media attention with their outrageous comments or demands, collect donations and grants, and then instead of producing tangible results, engage in “awareness” activities that are based on style over substance.

Unfortunately, too many people are polite enough or politically correct enough not to notice that the emperor is not wearing clothes and refrain from saying that their “awareness” video produced with self-absorbed celebrities does little or nothing to solve real-world problems. And, in the case of one charity, lest they be thought of as a scam to pay the salary, travel, accommodations, and publicist of its vainglorious leader – actually donated less than 25% of their contributions to another charity that also purported to “do good works.”

But there is a real ceiling and it affects not the 1% of the world’s top political and corporate leaders, it affects mostly middle-class white men and women. It’s the diversity ceiling that denies them promotion until the ranks proportionately resemble the surrounding community or population at large. Qualified police officers and firemen denied positions as women and minorities are shuttled ahead – many times by relaxing recruiting, training, and performance standards.

And we have seen what color over competence has wrought. The man that promised to be a uniter rather than a divider managed to make a muddle of domestic and foreign policy – driving race relations to it lowest point ever in the modern era. A man who is a racist and views everything through the prism of race and politics.

Has anyone noticed that affirmative action is not only unconstitutional, but illegal under the law? Because all people are not treated as being equal under the law – often to redress some historical grievance for which the nation, as a whole, paid a price in blood and treasure. How many men and women were lost fighting in the civil war? How many billions of dollars has been spent on shoring up decaying inner cities? How many municipalities and corporations have been destroyed by excessive taxation so that corrupt politicians can continue to create classes of victims – promising to redress their real or imagined grievances in return for their vote and campaign funds. All while hiding a secret: that these very same politicians and special interests are lining their pockets while the inner cities continue to fester in poverty, illiteracy, ill-health, crime, and a lack of opportunity to better oneself.

Not that we should turn our backs on the elderly, the infirm, or those who lack the ability to fend for themselves. But that we should reject those politicians and groups that are busy selling divisiveness to promote their own self-interests and malignant agenda. Look at the inner cities of Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, New York and elsewhere and you see politicians who pander to those who choose to self-segregate and blame others for their misfortune. These people are held to a different – and much lower standard. Of course, they can’t get a decent education – their unionized teachers are teaching negativity and divisiveness per their politicized masters. Of course, they can’t get jobs – the community organizers agitate against companies who want to relocate in the community because they aren’t unionized or have hired a political fixer. Everyone wants a piece of the pie – with little or no actual work. Selling their office or group as if it was a facilitation service. In the old days, this was known as paying “protection.” Of course they face poor living conditions, because they themselves do not demand that their public officials be honest and ensure that money earmarked for improvement is not stolen or squandered.

How many redevelopment efforts turned out to me little more than re-gentrification of the neighborhood, pushing out its existing residents and attracting yuppies? How many low-income housing projects were plagued with political-related fraud, were mismanaged, and fell into the hands of gangs? Why are the minorities claiming that they are being profiled, when the truth is they commit a disproportionate amount of crime. These are the very people who should be clamoring for more enforcement, more incarceration, and the right to bear arms to defend themselves in areas where gun laws apply only to law-abiding people. When are these communities going to notice that illegal aliens are destroying their neighborhoods and sucking up vital resources? When will they roundly condemn the race-baiters, race-hustlers, and poverty pimps as being useless in actually cleaning up their neighborhoods. Forget about global warming – how about clean neighborhoods? 

Bottom line …

Enough with this diversity bullshit. Demand high standards of all. Demand productivity. Provide consequences for those who choose to misbehave. Fairly and equitably with no free passes.

Today, I heard that the political chattering class was worried about the potential for a riot in Ferguson, Missouri should the Grand Jury fail to indict a white police offer who apparently was doing his duty when accosted by a 6’4”- 292-pound black thug who was killed in the process. If the police officer had been black – there would have been no national media driving the story and creating more of a problem by giving agitators and thugs notoriety and media air time. Color isn’t the issue. Communist agitators and race-hustlers are the problem. To be leveraged by criminals who now have a politically acceptable reason for looting and destroying private property.

Somehow, the police police response to a near riot only reinforced the idea that minorities who loot and the destroy private property are engaging in an act of civil disobedience.  Bullshit! These politicized public officials are idiots -- grossly stupid with their riot gear, up-armored vehicles, and SWAT tactics.

Want the solution – an easy, cost-effective solution? Use pressurized sprayers filled with indelible dye – spray the looters, videotape them,  and arrest them when they go through the perimeter. Tag them all. If there are legitimate people who were accidently tagged, then they can make their case in court. Round them all up – treat them equally – and make no exceptions. A community should demand no less. We are not talking about a peaceful rally to indicate displeasure – we are speaking about black communist agitators openly calling for the death of the policeman. Un-effing-acceptable. Track their cell-phones to geo-locate those in the vicinity and scoop them up. And, if they fire upon the first responders, return fire and have law enforcement stand their ground. Use the National Guard if necessary. Take back our neighborhoods. Take back our cities. Take back our states. Take back our nations.

It is time we remove the corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle and restore the United States Constitution that regards all as being equal under the law. Demanding that there should be equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. And, that there will be harsh consequences for those who engage in domestic terrorism via gang activity. Enforcing our borders – not importing poverty, illiteracy, disease, and crime for political purposes.

But, then again we need to recognize that the political, legal, and law enforcement professions have a vested interest in allowing criminal activity in order to keep their unionized jobs, healthcare, and pension benefits.

Either we change the culture of political corruption or the culture of corruption will change us … and not for the better. We are so screwed.

-- steve

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