California Plastic Bag Ban: Union Pressures Safeway and Legislators to screw the public on fake environmental issue?



California’s progressive socialist democrats believe that they have the right and duty to take command and control over private property, natural resources, and your life so that an enlightened few can “scientifically” manage opportunities and outcomes to benefit collective society.

And, for the most part, they fail to address that those enlightened few are governed by human nature and susceptible to the self-serving corruption which is fast turning our formerly golden state into a third-world cesspool – complete with politicians on the take and special interests becoming immune from long-standing consumer protection laws.

Who owns the rain? Who owns your private property? Who owns the water under your land?

These were questions that were laughable just decades ago. You were mostly free to use the water under your land for your own purposes without being molested by the state’s petty tyrants who demanded political contributions in return for leaving you unmolested. Now everything is up for grabs – with the special interests directing their paid-for representatives. Special interests like the socialist public employee unions. And, the communist-infiltrated environmental movement. Not to mention all of the “non-profit” foundations and charities who are earning big money for their leadership while purporting to serve the public good.

Now we see California’s progressive socialist democrats attempting to steal the water rights of farmers …

Assembly Bill 1739 (Dickinson) and Senate Bill 1168 (Pavley) both seek to overturn at least 100-plus years of water rights law without public discussion or input to legislatively screw small California farmers. Creating a new bureaucracy to manage groundwater; complete with administrative rules and regulations, enforcement powers, fines, and the criminalization of violations. There is no way to estimate the costs of these new policies and procedures.

Given the progressive socialist democrat views on environmental matters, one can only wonder if the groundwater might be pumped out of private property and used for some endangered species rather than life-supporting agriculture that drives both jobs and our economy. Don’t think it could happen? One can plainly see water is being diverted to “cool fish” rather than support agriculture in California’s Central Valley.

Bottom line …

Progressive socialist democrats in California cannot be trusted.

These are the very same people who are diverting billions of gallons of water into the ocean to benefit a small worthless fish while major swaths of California’s Central Valley lie fallow – farmers, farm hands, and the vendors that support them idled by progressive idiots who value animal and plant life over human life.

These are the very same people that are bankrupting our state by welcoming illegal aliens – in essence, importing poverty, illiteracy, disease, crime, and low-skilled workers that place a strain on state finances and social programs.

These are the very same people that are building a trillion-dollar train to nowhere for the purposes of paying off special interests and the unions. The proposed train sold as “high speed rail” will not be “high speed,” nor will it ever pay for itself.

These are the same people that rape the California taxpayer to create a unionized bureaucracy – totally immune from adverse consequences during an economic downturn. Lifeguards that earn $200,000. Public safety people who retire at near full salary with full healthcare and cost of living at 51 years of age. People claiming disability and moving out of state to perform the same work they couldn’t perform while in California.

It is time to throw the progressive socialist democrats out of California.

-- steve

Reference links …

Assembly Bill 1739 (Dickinson)

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