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Perhaps some one should ask the racist agitator, Al Sharpton – the man with the big gold watch – how one can have justice without an investigation? How he can stand next to someone wearing a shirt that claims “No Justice, No Peace” as a threat of violence if the wisdom of the inflamed mob does not prevail?

Truth-be-told, Treyvon Martin was a wannabe gansta thug – an actual criminal found in possession of stolen property from a nearby residential burglary and a burglar tool. Of course, it was not reported to the police because the school police had a policy of ignoring black criminal activity reports because too many black students were interacting with the criminal justice system. But, racist agitators like Al Sharpton made Trayvon Martin into a civil rights hero – creating a false narrative that slimed George Zimmerman who was original thought to be white. Had the media not mistaken Zimmerman for white, this event would have been ignored – as are the countless black-on-black murders in Chicago.

Now we find that, without any official findings, Michael Brown is being elevated to the pantheon of “civil rights victims” by that same racist agitator, Al Sharpton. Will this be another case where the political exigencies demand a victim and the sacrifice of a manufactured racist at the alter of political correctness. Will the “authorities” bend over backwards to manufacture another Treyvon Martin moment that saw an innocent community watch participant’s live ruined for all time?

Look at what we are seeing in the progressive media … 

10 Ways Racism Killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner

A police officer in Ferguson, MO aimed his gun at Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager and shot him multiple times while he reportedly pleaded, “I don't have a gun. Stop shooting!”

Michael Brown lay dead in the street for hours. The police treated his body like common street refuse.

While the police ended the lives of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, it was white racism that actually killed them.

American society is organized around the maintenance and protection of white privilege. Racism is not an opinion. Racism is a fact. 

The reality of the color line, how whiteness is a type of material and psychological privilege, and that people of color are disadvantaged in American society, are among the most repeated findings in all of the Social Sciences.

Critics of white supremacy and white racism work from the reasonable and informed belief—given the mountains of empirical data in support of the claim—that racism is one of the most powerful social forces in the United States. White racism deniers, and those others who have perverted the notion of “colorblindness” in order to advance and protect white supremacy as one of the United States' dominant ideologies, proceed from the opposite assumption.

Gravity is a fact. It does not need an extraordinary proof. Likewise, the fact of how racism continues to structure life chances in the post civil rights era should be a given for any fair-minded and intelligent person. 

Read more at: 10 Ways Racism Killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner

First, the author has it wrong – at this present time, there are few facts other than Michael Brown fatally interacted with a police officer under circumstances that are now being investigated. The rest is speculation and supposition, driven forward by the self-interests of racial agitators like Al Sharpton and the New Black Panther Party.

Second, if anything, it is not racism, but the end result of decades of progressive socialist democrat policies that have kept blacks and other minorities as a permanent underclass to be exploited for political advantage. We have seen the enlargement of the size and scope of the government in the pursuit of Orwellian social constructs of fairness and equality. Constructs that saw billions of dollars have been siphoned-off by corrupt politicians and their special interests.

Why are there no jobs in the ‘hood? – let’s ask the socialist unions why they continue to fight against the non-union big-box stores and deny the poorest among us both employment and cheaper food and products?

Why are minorities inadequately educated? – let’s ask the teachers’ unions whose members are pushing a socialist and communist agenda of victimhood and revolution rather than teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. Why are minorities being taught to dress different, speak different, behave different in the name of “respecting their cultural identity?” Especially when so-called African-Americans have little or nothing in common with Africa? And, when such activities move them outside of the mainstream and prevent assimilation into a productive society?

Why are minority gangs allowed to act as domestic terrorists as they kill, pillage, and loot the inner cities? Poisoning new generations with drugs that divert their attention from the illiteracy, poverty, sickness, and crime swirling about them?

And, third, why is the corrupt progressive media allowing a serious matter to be turned into entertainment – to attract an audience for profit? Why are they giving these agitators air-time to spout their venomous and self-serving political agenda?

It was said that the family of the slain teenager invited Al Sharpton to Ferguson, Missouri. To accomplish what – start a race riot? To form a money-spinning non-profit foundation? To seek a million-dollar payday to feather their own nests? Because if they truly wanted “answers” and justice for their son, Al Sharpton would be the last thing on their mind.

Have you ever wondered who pays the true cost for Sharpton’s nonsense? It is “We the People.” In terms of public safety funds that could be spent elsewhere. In terms of politically-perverted and manufactured justice that erodes confidence in our government officials and public authorities. And, in continuing the racial wars that bring about socialist revolutions and the destruction of America from within. There are no winners. Only losers.

Bottom line ….

How can this happen in America? How can the inner cities and the self-segregation of minorities be allowed to continue to exist?

The answer is simple: CORRUPTION! Where corrupt progressive socialist democrats promote decline and decay to protect their political fiefdoms and the looting of our common treasury. Where corrupt socialist unions, especially the public employee unions, are hell-bent on destroying America from within. Where crime and the government’s management (or should I say mismanagement) of minority entitlements have become “big business” that must be protected at all costs.

Why are the community leaders pushing segregation instead of assimilation? Could it be that, without a definable class of victims that need political redress, politicians would simply be political clerks – administering the trivia of life, rather than profiting from death, discomfort, disease, and decay.You bet!

If the police officer acted inappropriately, he should be punished. If not, exonerated and returned to active duty. America is a land of laws, not of manufactured civil disobedience. How the hell do you justify rioting, looting, and the destruction of private and public property as civil disobedience? This is not civil disobedience, but further criminal activity. Activity that brings with it the increasing downward spiral of police action to suppress the lawless and protect the innocent. And unfortunately, increased police activity that breeds even more rhetoric from the racist agitators.

Yes, gravity is an undeniable fact. It is a force that affects everyone, but not equally. Some individuals with larger body masses feel gravity differently from others – in the form of weight. You cannot legislate against gravity, so the politicians do the very next thing – try to manage an individual’s body mass through diet and exercise. Claiming that they have the “right” and “duty” to tell others how to behave and to live their lives for benefit of the individual and the “common good.” Pure socialism and communism pursued by those seeking to use the issue to advance their own power and political agendas.

America is a place where equality means equality of opportunity, not the equality of outcome sold by those racial agitators who are telling people who can’t swim that some affirmative action program is going to make them an Olympic contender.

Time to demand Justice for “We the People” … throw the progressive socialist democrats out of the House, the Senate, the Presidency, and the bureaucracy where they parasitically feed off the host until the host is weakened or killed.

-- steve

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