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I’m sorry if I can’t be more forgiving of the progressive socialist democrats, race-baiters, race-hustlers, and the man who provoked his own death by physically challenging a police officer. Enough of this artificially-induced race tension. Enough of the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, and Benjamin Crumps. The men who appear to personally profit from racial tension and who appear to continue making inflammatory statements rather than simply staying home and issuing a statement calling for respecting the law. The time to protest is after the facts have been provided – not before!

Spinning the story of a criminal attack on a police officer into a racially-excusable crime [My comments in blue italic]

As Michael Brown Shows, To Be Young, Male And Black In America Can Be Fatal -- EUGENE ROBINSON, Investor's Business Daily

To be young, male and black in America means not being allowed to make mistakes. Forgetting this, as we've seen so many times, can be fatal.

[Mistakes: You mean like being electrocuted when you are stealing copper wire from a “live” power distribution transformer? You mean like physically challenging a police officer and reaching for his weapon? These are not “mistakes,” they are errors in judgement that lead to sometime fatal consequences. Or the “mistake” of committing a strong-arm robbery? Or the mistake of knowing that you committed a strong-arm robbery and stroll down the middle of a street with vehicular traffic? Whether or not you want to blame the idiocy of the individual or the systemic failure of society, it all comes down to a bad personal choices made on the day in question. Perhaps, and we need to wait for the toxicological results, artificially induced by drugs?]

The case of Michael Brown, who was laid to rest Monday, is anomalous only in that it is so extreme: an unarmed black teenager riddled with bullets by a white police officer in a community plagued by racial tension.

[Perhaps Eugene Robinson does not understand that “unarmed” is not synonymous with “innocent” or “incapable of causing great bodily injury or death.” Especially with a 6’4” 292-pound male who is physically and legally a man, capable of being charged for a crime as an adult, and who presents a clear and present threat to an officer’s life. Especially after having allegedly smashing his head with enough force to cause an orbital fracture of an eye socket. Something that could have affected his depth perception to the point where he fired four bullets into Brown’s arm and two into his head. If someone is that close and represents an existential threat of death – you are taught to keep firing until the suspect stops their aggressive behavior.

What difference does it make if a community is plagued with racial tension and you are stopped by a white police officer, black police officer, brown police officer, red police officer, or a paisley police officer? Your job as a citizen and a resident of your community is to obey the lawful orders of a police officer. In this specific instance, get out of the street and up on the curb. To physically challenge a much smaller police officer is not a “mistake” it is and was a fatal error in individual judgement.]

African-Americans make up 67% of the population of Ferguson, Mo., but there are just four black officers on the 53-member police forcewhich responded to peaceful demonstrations by rolling out military-surplus armored vehicles and firing tear gas.

[Excuse me, Mr. Robinson – you racist – are you viewing everything through the prism of race. As if that gives an individual a pass to avoid compliance with police orders or the laws of the land? Had this been a black police officer shooting a black suspect, nothing would have happened. But, add the self-interested race-hustlers, race-baiters, poverty-pimps, the socialist/communist agitators in whose self-interest, and a media looking for confrontation – and you have an explosion that has little or nothing to do with the fact that a police officer lawfully interacted with a citizen, possibly a criminal, with fatal consequences.

As for the military-surplus vehicles and arms, there is nothing in the Constitution or the law that says that a police officer need risk their life needlessly dealing with armed, amped-up, gang-bangers and such. Peaceful demonstrators do cause the police to fire tear gas – but thrown rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, and the firing of shots does provoke the use of non-lethal tear gas. An unruly crowd that refuses to disperse when given a lawful order does provoke the use of tear gas. The presence of looters does provoke the use of tear gas. And an unruly mob lead by agitators does provoke the use of tear gas.] 

It is easy to understand how Brown and his peers might see the police not as public servants but as troops in an army of occupation.

[Army of occupation – you mean like the socialist meme used in Gaza, the West Bank, and Fallujah? This town had every opportunity to register to vote, to vote-in city officials that reflected their sensibilities. To hire an effective and appropriate police chief. That would have been the peaceful way. The American way. But, not the way of socialists and communists that continue to foment revolution – especially along class and racial lines – to fundamentally transform America into a worker’s paradise like Cuba, North Korea, Red China, Russia, and elsewhere.]

And yes, Brown made mistakes. He was walking in the middle of the street rather than on the sidewalk, according to witnesses, and he was carrying a box of cigars that he apparently took from a convenience store. Neither is a capital offense.

[You are absolutely right. Neither of these activities rises to a capital offense. Until Michael Brown made that fateful “mistake” of attacking a police officer and posing an existential threat to his life. And, while we are talking about threats, did you somehow forget that Brown was accompanied by an accomplice that multiplied the threat into two potential attack vectors?

We can both agree that Michael Brown did not deserve to die for minor transgressions of the law – but, in essence, committed suicide by cop the moment he struck the officer and reached for his weapon. Ask yourself, as an intellectual and a pundit, what would he have done with that weapon had he gotten possession away from the officer? It is not likely that he would have simply walked away – he would have most likely used the weapon to kill the officer or to use the weapon to commit another crime – becoming an even bigger danger to the “racist” society around him.]

When Officer Darren Wilson stopped him, did Brown respond with puffed-up attitude? For a young black man, that is a transgression punishable by death.

[There have been historic instances when a bad attitude on one or both sides of the badge resulted in injurious or fatal consequences. But, this does not appear to be one of them. To confuse and conflate the issue of a crime being committed against a police officer with attitude, race, or society’s failure is to be intellectually dishonest – manifested with a racist viewpoint that says the police officer is guilty until proven innocent.]

Read more bullshit at: As Michael Brown Shows, To Be Young, Male And Black In America Can Be Fatal -

And, then there is the fine, upstanding black man responsible for much of what passes for “black culture” among young black men – and who was just shot in an upscale, trendy nightclub …

Suge Knight’s family posts health update following pre-VMA shooting

Suge Knight‘s family released a statement on Monday about his current condition after he was shot at 1OAK nightclub in Los Angeles on Sunday morning.

“The family of Suge Knight asks that you keep Suge in your prayers and to stray away from the negativity portrayed by the media,” the statement, which was released via Facebook, read. “Suge is currently resting and has lost a lot of blood, he’s human. He’s done a lot of things for the community and the culture as a whole so we ask that you respect that.”

The co-founder of Death Row Records, 49, was shot six times at a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday. Knight was rushed to the hospital where he is recovering from the shooting. This isn’t the first time Knight was shot at a VMA party. In 2005 Knight was shot in the leg at a Miami event hosted by Kanye West.

Source: Suge Knight’s family posts health update following pre-VMA shooting | Page Six

Here is a man who represents the black “hip-hop” gangsta culture that has done more to incite racial tension, glorify violence, portray the police as killers, and degrade women … and his shooting is accepted without a hint of social commentary by the progressive socialist democrats who are so fast to call racism in the Michael Brown shooting.

Could it be that this is the type of man whose cultural influences have deeply impacted the thoughts of young black men who see themselves in a particular. way.

Knight, like Michael Brown, is a physically imposing man – once playing two games for the then Los Angeles Rams. He is also not a stranger to racial issues, coming from Compton, California where he was associated a less than sterling crowd. Nor is he a stranger to crime, violence, and death.  Check out his history. Perhaps this would have been Michael Brown’ future if his life were not cut short by a policeman’s bullets?

Perhaps, we should turn to Booker T. Washington for the ultimate explanation …

AA - booker-t-washington

Bottom line …

There comes a time when we, as a society, must look at those among us trying to stir up racial tensions for their own benefit and say sit down and STFU!

It is time to throw the progressive socialist democrats out of the House, the Senate, the Presidency, and our broader society lest they actually accomplish their goal of destroying America from within, benefiting our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

-- steve

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