Hamas is a humanitarian organization: Pelosi is either stupid, corrupt, anti-Israel or perhaps all three!


We have all seen the conspiracy theories regarding FEMA camps, ammunition purchases, and the executive orders that convey extraordinary unilateral powers to the President in case of a national emergency …

We have all seen the concentration camps used to temporarily house illegal aliens before they are transported by our government and released into the wild with a piece of paper commanding them to appear at sometime in the future. Of course, with the speeches of President Obama and others, it is unlikely that the majority will keep their appearance date and simply wait for the amnesty they believe is coming. Meanwhile, these illegal aliens are spreading disease throughout the United States.

Is there a national emergency approaching?


Unfortunately we cannot rely on the corrupt and incompetent progressive socialist democrats to pursue matters of national security or keep this nation safe from a biological attack. Here is what the Obama Administration is saying …

CDC Sees Low Ebola Risk to United States Via International Flights

In what seems to be an increasingly dangerous world, another threat that international travelers can ponder is the largest Ebola outbreak in history.

Stephan Monroe, the deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control’s National Center for Emerging Zoonotic and Infectious Diseases, told reporters Monday that “it’s possible that someone could become infected with the Ebola virus in Africa and then get on a plane to the United States.”

He said “people do travel between West Africa and the U.S.” and therefore the CDC “needs to be prepared for the very remote possibility that one of those travelers could get Ebola and return to the U.S. while sick.”

Delta Airlines has nonstop flights from Atlanta to Lagos, Nigeria and from Lagos to Atlanta. United has nonstop flights from Houston to Lagos.

Asked Monday whether the Ebola outbreak would affect the planning for next week’s summit of African leaders in the White House and State Department, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said “we’re taking every precaution, but at this point we don’t believe it will.”

Source: CDC Sees Low Ebola Risk to United States Via International Flights | The Container

How close could it come?

Liberians in US worry about Ebola outbreak

Nigerian health officials reported Friday that Liberian government official Patrick Sawyer died from the disease after traveling from Liberia to Nigeria. The World Health Organization has not yet confirmed the cause. Sawyer was a former Minnesota resident and naturalized American whose wife and children still live in suburban Minneapolis.

His wife, Decontee Sawyer, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he had planned to come home for two of his three daughters' birthdays next month. "He came close to coming here," she said. "For us here in the U.S. to think it's on that side of the world ... Ebola can come here. I don't want that to happen." Source: MINNEAPOLIS: Liberians in US worry about Ebola outbreak - Nation Wires - MiamiHerald.com

Explain why the Obama Administration could shut down flights to Israel when a rocket struck near the airport and refuses to impose travel restrictions on aircraft flying in and out of known Ebola virus zones? Explain why we are not placing travelers in quarantine? Or, for that matter, not screening sick people sneaking over our border. When is the Obama Administration going to take proactive actions – especially since the virus seems to have escaped a hospital quarantine zone before?

Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone escaped patient dies

A Sierra Leone woman who fled hospital after testing positive for the Ebola virus has died after turning herself in, health officials have told the BBC. Her family had forcibly removed her from a public hospital on Thursday.

Nigeria has put all its entry points on red alert after confirming the death there of a Liberian man who was carrying the highly contagious virus. The man died after arriving at Lagos airport on Tuesday, in the first Ebola case in Africa's most populous country. The outbreak began in southern Guinea and spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Source:  BBC New: Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone escaped patient dies

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly decries the financial and social services magnet that attracts illegal aliens, but features a doctor who says most people with Ebola die because of primitive medical care and that, given proper care, your chances of survival increase. What does this say to someone who believes they have contracted Ebola and there is superior medical care in the United States?

Bottom line …

Don’t look for the government to tell you about the first American incident involving Ebola – as they would be afraid of starting a panic or inviting questions relating to their activities and actions.

All it would take is one sick passenger or an illegal alien crossing our border to start a local outbreak in the United States. Many claim that the mortgage meltdown and subsequent spread into the broader economy was an unpredictable “black swan” event … unfortunately, many see the Ebola virus in the same light. A small probability – if you know what you are looking for and take prudent measures to meet the threat head-on. Something that the government would be reluctant to do because of the “optics” – how it would look to the media and the international community.

So it would be prudent of the Obama Administration to impose travel restrictions on flights from and to the stricken area – unless they were humanitarian flights and closely monitored. But, it is unlikely without further urging from his “trusted” advisors. Of course, if anything adverse should happen, Obama will feign outrage, tell us he has read it in the paper, demand that it be investigated vigorously and people held accountable – then slink off for another round of golf or to attend another fundraiser.

Since Barack Obama and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats has given us sufficient reason not to trust our government, it is now time to act. Remove all of the progressive socialist democrats in the House, the Senate, the Presidency, and the bureacracy and restore trust in our government.

-- steve

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