Wealth Redistribution: You didn't earn that -- it should belong to the"people" and allocated by progressive socialist democrats ...


Once again, and to nobody’s surprise, we find the progressive media engaging in the rhetoric of socialist class warfare and excoriating those who have more than the poorest among us. As if the concept of “social justice” demands that private property and wealth be controlled by the state and re-distributed on a fair and equitable base by the progressive politicians that seek to gain or maintain their political power, prestige, perks, and profits.

Wealth in America Is Getting Increasingly Dynastic — We Should Be Ashamed of That

For more than 30 years, Forbes magazine has been publishing a list of the 400 richest Americans. These annual celebrations of wealth are often accompanied by text emphasizing entrepreneurship. Readers are supposed to come away with the conclusion that these tycoons earned their treasure.

Now, in a move that says a great deal about where American society is headed, Forbes has published its first ranking of America’s Richest Families. No longer is the individual striver being venerated; now we are supposed to marvel at the compilation of 185 families with accumulated wealth of at least $1 billion. Forbes, unselfconsciously using a phrase that could have been penned by ruling class analyst William Domhoff, headlines the feature “Dominant Dynasties.”

Aside from the questions relating to the perpetuation of class structure, there is the issue of where the fortunes came from in the first place. That subject cannot be avoided when the family at the very top of the list, the Waltons, enjoys wealth estimated at $152 billion thanks to their affiliation with a retail empire built on cheap labor, union-busting and a variety of other sins.

The Kochs, number two with $89 billion, have grown rich through the exploitation of fossil fuel-based industries that are threatening the planet, as did the Rockefellers and many others on the list. The du Pont fortune was originally based on gunpowder and was later enhanced by inventions that included dangerous chemicals such as perfluorinated compounds (used in Teflon) linked to serious health and environmental problems.

Balzac is credited with the statement that “behind every great fortune is a great crime.” Further research will be required to know if that is true of all the entries on the Forbes list, but there are no doubt plenty of examples. And along with any specific crimes is the offense against democracy generated by the unbridled accumulation of intergenerational wealth.  Source: Wealth in America Is Getting Increasingly Dynastic — We Should Be Ashamed of That

Notice the demonization of those who have inherited wealth. Notice the progressive socialist democrat memes relating to socialistic unions and their current darling known as a “living wage.” Payment not for performance, for innovation, or for greater productivity – but providing burger-flippers and bed-changers with more money to support their families. Excuse me! These jobs were meant as entry-level or transitional positions for low-skilled people who would normally be seeking to improve their education and skillset to move upward in the employment food chain. It was not meant for illegal aliens and others to be a “career” position to support a family.

But, what really rankles is the suggestion that “behind every great fortune is a great crime.” With respect to Balzac, perhaps that should be amended and rephrased … behind every politician there is an ongoing tidal wave of criminal activity – aided and abetted by their lack of ethics, patriotism, and personal honor.

Let’s investigate the wealth accumulated by the Clintons …

From the earliest days when Hillary Clinton was involved in dodgy stock deals that produced unbelievable returns to the claim that the Clinton’s were dead broke when they left the White House – never mentioning the multi-million dollar book advance for a work penned by others, never mentioning the purchase of multi-million dollar properties (that’s property plural), and certainly not mentioning Clinton, Inc. or the Bill, Hillary, and now Chelsea Clinton Foundation – a tax exempt organization that is about as transparent as the Obama Administration.

Yes, we should look closer at those political foundations that accept lobbyist money and then pay for the expenses of politicians – all while claiming that those private jets, fancy hotels, and sumptuous meals did not cost the taxpayer a dime. Perhaps we should look at Michelle Obama’s trip to California – ostensibly for “official purposes” but appeared to be little more than a visit to her daughter – the unpaid Steven Spielberg intern.

It appears that many politicians are now attempting to build their own family dynasties. And, unlike the family dynasties that are being excoriated, most of the political wealth is being hidden – probably in overseas bank accounts or behind the trusts so common to the wealthy families they suggest are un-American.

Bottom line …

Most of our nation’s financial problems can be linked to the fact that politicians, on both sides of the aisle, have absolutely no concept of the value of the taxpayer’s money they are using to purchase and maintain their political position, as well as feathering their nests for the future.

A million dollars seems like chump change when we speak of billions or even trillions of dollars.

  • Who is going to perform due diligence on $350 million on a poorly designed, insecure website ( when many secure, high-volume commercial sites have been built for under $20 million?
  • Who is going to account for billions of dollars that have been siphoned off by foreign politicians – possibly with the potential of kickbacks being returned to the politicians and/or their special interest friends? Even to the extent of illegally influencing elections – remember the Clintons and all that Chinese money floating through the system. By design, the progressive socialist democrats did not bother to screen their credit card donations to weed out foreign contributions.

It appears while the progressive socialist democrats are pointing their corrupt fingers at other people and yelling fire, they are hiding their own ongoing criminal activities – from subverting elections, purchasing votes, and doing special quid pro quo deals.

It is time to look more closely at those who are so quick to confiscate the wealth of others and use it for their own nefarious purposes. We need to curtail lobbying and/or make the process more transparent. We need to stop the waste, fraud, and abuse that is built-in to the political process. We need to stop the relationship between organized crime and organized labor.

But most of all, we need to throw the corrupt progressive socialist democrats and their RINO (Republican In Name Only) cohorts out of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Remember that when you vote.

-- steve

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