Send race-hustler Jesse Jackson back to the ghetto and keep him out of the tech ‘hood!

jeb Few things annoy me more than race-baiters who suggest that the government needs to intervene in the tech industry to bring about “diversity.” With a 40+ year career in tech, I can tell you that it is mostly a meritocracy – where affirmative action and government intervention produces nothing but chaos, confusion, and disaster. One need only look at government-run tech projects to see the level of dysfunction, waste, fraud, and abuse of the system that comes with “diversity.”

Once again Jesse Jackson appears to be race-hustling and pursuing and chasing the dollars … 

It appears that the end game is not to hire more blacks and minorities, but to hire Jesse Jackson’s advocacy group, the Rainbow Push Coalition, to consult, advise, and monitor on issues of race and diversity to avoid reputational damages that “might happen” with minority marches, protests, and press releases.

But this time, it appears that Jesse may be jumping on the “disparate impact” bandwagon where the “statistical appearance” of wrongdoing is prosecuted and the accused must prove themselves innocent. Turning our “innocent until proven guilty” legal system upside down. In most cases, the legal costs and reputational damage is not worth a fast settlement “without  admitting or denying the allegations.” And, in the background, a portion of the money flowing to the organization that joined the government in the lawsuit or a settlement that demands “diversity awareness training, monitoring, or consulting.” 

Jesse Jackson: Tech diversity is next civil rights step

The government has a role to play,” Jackson told a USA Today editorial meeting Monday, about what he sees as a dearth of women and minorities in Silicon Valley.

The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition founder suggested that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission should also investigate employment contracts at tech firms. He plans to file freedom of information act requests with the agency to obtain employment records for tech firms that have yet to supply it.

Jackson cited internal figures released by Twitter, which showed that its employees are only 3 percent Hispanic and 5 percent black — while making up 41 percent of tech consumers when Asians are included.

Closing that gap is “the next step in the civil rights movement,” Jackson told the editorial meeting. ”The struggle for emancipation is my life. It’s my calling.”

Source: Jesse Jackson Pushes For Diversity In Tech | The Daily Caller

Send Jesse Jackson back to the ‘hood …

Perhaps Jesse Jackson should work more with “his coalition people” to bring about a radical cultural change in his community. One that seeks to keep high-achieving minority children from being mocked and bullied as “white” when they excel at their studies. One that seeks to improve the level of educational excellence in disadvantaged areas – primarily by “fighting” against the real root cause of underachievement – the progressive socialist democrats who divert funds from the children to their own special interests, and especially the progressive socialist democrat unions – and those who are so busy teaching “culture” that they ignore reading, writing, and arithmetic. One that seeks to reduce the violence and drugs in the neighborhoods. And, one that encourages increased parental involvement.

Unfortunately, these are things that are not easy to accomplish, lack adequate funding, and do not allow “community leaders” to jet around the country like media stars.

Bottom line …

If you want to bring about diversity in tech, prepare minority workers to be better than their peers. Let them compete on a fair and level playing field of performance. Affirmative action does not produce better systems, better code, or a better anything.

As for the race-hustlers, reverends, and so-called “community leaders” who continue to stoke the fires of racism in America for their own corrupt and self-serving purposes, let them make their community better, not make the broader community worse by promoting incompetent and anti-social people into positions of power using affirmative action. Without the race-hustlers – especially the ones that seem attached like parasites to the progressive socialist democrats – our nation, our people, our schools, and our children would be in a far better place.

It is people like Jesse Jackson and his progressive socialist democrats who have created, manipulated, and exploited a permanent underclass in America. By concentrating on racial issues rather than assimilation, they have disadvantaged decades of men, women, and children – and if you buy the progressive socialist democrat line, gays, transgenders, and different others.

Time for America to wake up and remove the progressive socialist democrats from the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Time to demand an accounting for the billions of dollars that have gone missing in the inner cities governed by progressive socialist democrats. And, above all, shun those who concentrate on racial issues while the world is crumbling around us.

-- steve

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