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There is little doubt in my mind that the progressive socialist democrats will do everything in their power to legalize marijuana while giving the appearance of social rectitude and reluctance on the subject …


  1. We are a consumer economy driven by the desire to have the newest and shiniest toys in the toy box. How else can you explain successive seasons of fashion that simply serves the purpose of covering the body? How else can you explain new generations of phones that do little or nothing to improve the actual speed and/or quality of communications? But, there comes a time when the credit runs out and people cannot pay their bills.
  2. We have tolerated progressive employee unions that have destroyed public K-12 education as surely as they have destroyed the automotive industry in Detroit and the clothing industry in the Carolinas. We have devolved to the point where high school graduates cannot do simple math or write a simple paper without the expert assistance built into computer programs. Students who lack historical perspectives and can hardly tell the difference between right and wrong.
  3. We have allowed our nation to become so highly polarized that a small cadre of progressive socialist democrats have taken over the nation and imposed political correctness, multi-culturalism, and moral equivalency that is every bit as bad as the republican’s laissez-faire policies.
  4. The President of the United States has sworn to implement transformative policies in America that would increase the size and scope of government and central planning; while simultaneously downsizing our nation and reducing our standard of living.
  5. We are militarizing our local and state law enforcement agencies as if they were preparing to combat civil insurrection – perhaps as a consequence of the government’s failed policies, both foreign and domestic, as well as their disregard for the United States Constitution as the continue to abuse the power of their offices.


So the only rational methodology available to the progressive socialist democrat to implement demonstrably damaging policies is to produce an apathetic citizenry; to alter expectations by failing to teach history, civics, and the difference between right and wrong. Accepting that the radical Islamic jihadists have every right to treat their people any way they wish. Accepting corruption and cronyism as an endemic condition of politics. And,  other than prosecuting the most egregious cases of political corruption in show trials, claiming nothing can or should be done to remedy the situation that favors politicians who pander to the special interests.

To this end, we see that the progressive socialist democrats have removed a number of men from the educational process, treating boys as criminals, to be isolated, incarcerated, or drugged if they do not behave as polite little girls.

Today’s students can hardly tell you who the Vice President of the United States might be, let alone the surface area of a cone. All  measued against those politicians and educators who prattle on about producing competitive students who can compete in a global economy – a sad, sick joke at best.

But, the only thing that is guaranteed to produce apathetic, unproductive, and uncaring citizens is marijuana. Sit back and enjoy that sitcom instead of creating the next big thing. Sit back and accept the pronouncements of the ruling elite as they tell you how to live your life while they bask in power, privilege, perks, and profits.

Bottom line …

Drugs surely are the next big thing in the progressive socialist agenda. And, it matters little if they are connected to organized crime. After all, aren’t most of the largest unions affiliated in some way with criminal activities?

But, nothing compares to the organized crime that is progressive socialist democrat politics.

We need to remove progressive socialist democrats from all levels of government: local, state, and federal. Starting with the House and the Senate.

-- steve

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