Pattern of Behavior: Hillary: Was Hillary Clinton a liar and a thief before she ran for her first office?



Today’s legislation is dense and defective by design …

Consider the current status of our nation, where legislation may be labeled honestly or, most often, dishonestly with a misleading title that reduces to a cute acronym. Legislation written in a hyper-technical language that consists mainly of removing or replacing words, clauses, paragraphs, sections and subsections of other existing legislation. Incomprehensible to the average citizen, and even to the legislators who are given scant time to read, digest, and understand the legislation before voting on something that will affect the entire nation. In many cases, loopholes for special interests are knowingly included in the bill and are simply waiting to be exploited by both individuals or industry groups that have paid handsomely for these corrupt clauses.

In many cases, the majority of legislators may not even know that the legislation is defective by design …

I would be reluctant to say that the majority of legislators in Congress are stupid or incapable of reading and understanding the legislation upon which they vote, but that appears to be precisely the case. In many cases, there just isn’t time enough to read, understand, and react to legislation that is being pushed by the political leadership. In many cases, the rank-and-file legislator is not even privy to deals being struck by bi-partisan leaders unless they have the proverbial dog in the hunt.

Illustrated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi comments on a 2000+ page bill, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” Of course, Pelosi was referring to one of the most dishonest bills ever written, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; which neither protected patients nor provided affordable care. A bill crafted in secret, in the backrooms of the progressive socialist democrats, with only progressive organizations and industry lobbyists present; no republicans were allowed input, directly or in the form of Amendments. A bill so odious that no republican voted for the measure, bribes to remaining legislators had to be proffered by the party’s leadership, and the legislation was passed using a twisted Senate rule that still could be constitutionally challenged.

The voter’s problem, of course, is to identify the relatively honest legislator who acts on behalf of their understanding of the constitution, their constituents, and their conscience. Not an easy task as legislators may knuckle-under to their leadership simply to get office space, staff, and committee assignments.

The very presence of corrupt and dishonest legislators in Congress who are willing to sell out the nation, their constituents, and their very soul in return for special interest campaign contributions and voter support tends to drive more honest legislators out of the Congress, unable to raise funding in this “go along to get along” atmosphere of horse-trading votes in the best “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” practice.

Beyond corrupt politicians, corrupt political parties and the corruption of the entire system …

The real cost of this political corruption goes far beyond the amount to which the taxpayers are cheated, but must include the loss of citizen trust when honest legislators are driven from the political system.

Therefore, it is my conclusion that the progressive socialist democrats, people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, cannot be trusted to pursue the “people’s business” in an honest and ethical manner, and that the majority of their cadre of underlings are so odious as to represent a clear and present danger to America and all Americans as the continue to destroy our nation from within. Acting as a fifth column to confer benefits on our enemies with they disadvantage our friends.

Best practice dictates that we remove these progressive socialist democrats and their RINO (Republican In Name Only) cohorts from Congress and return to the constitutional checks and balances anticipated by our founding fathers. Unless “We the APATHETIC people” take action to restore our freedoms and to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution, we will slowly turn into a cross between Mexico, ruled by the uber-wealthy oligarchs and criminals, and socialist France, ruled by the unions and an underground of wealthy tax dodgers.

Even voting for progressive republicans is not the answer, because they only slow the slide to socialism with their crony capitalism. We must elect traditional conservatives and explain to the people – ALL THE PEOPLE – why we are different from progressive socialist democrats and will not knuckle-under to those who pander to illegal aliens as a source of future prosperity. A ludicrous assumption because most of the 12 million aliens living in the United States still have loyalty to a foreign sovereign nation, place their culture over American assimilation, and reproduce the crapistan they left on American shores. It is stupid to import poverty, illiteracy, disease, crime, and socialism.

Wake up people. Time is getting short to influence your neighbor and find a suitable candidate who is not willing to sell out their nation for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver.

-- steve

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