It appears that the progressive socialist democrats who tend to blame society rather than individuals for shortcomings and criminal activities may just have found a way to spin the Bergdahl desertion story in such a manner as Bergdahl escapes the charge of desertion and President Obama becomes not guilty of retrieving a deserter by exchanging five of the most dangerous enemy combatants in U.S. custody.


The spin …

Bergdahl’s writings reveal a fragile young man

Before he became a Taliban prisoner, before he wrote in his journal “I am the lone wolf of deadly nothingness,” before he ever joined the Army, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard for psychological reasons, said close friends who were worried about his emotional health at the time.

The 2006 discharge and a trove of Bergdahl’s writing — the handwritten journal along with other essays, stories and e-mails provided to The Washington Post — paint a portrait of a deeply complicated and fragile young man who was by his own account struggling to maintain his mental stability from the start of basic training until the moment he walked off his post in eastern Afghanistan.

“I’m worried,” he wrote in one journal entry before he deployed. “The closer I get to ship day, the calmer the voices are. I’m reverting. I’m getting colder. My feelings are being flushed with the frozen logic and the training, all the unfeeling cold judgment of the darkness.” “I will not lose this mind, this world I have deep inside,” he wrote a few pages later. “I will not lose this passion of beauty.”

Trying to keep my self togeather,” he wrote at another point, using his often un­or­tho­dox spelling. “I’m so tired of the blackness, but what will happen to me without it. Bloody hell why do I keep thinking of this over and over.”

[Close friend Kim] Harrison and others close to Bergdahl said his writing and the events surrounding the Coast Guard discharge raise questions about his mental fitness for military service and how he was accepted into the Army in 2008. Typically, a discharge for psychological reasons would disqualify a potential recruit.

According to Coast Guard records, Bergdahl left the service with an “uncharacterized discharge” after 26 days of basic training in early 2006. The term applies to people discharged before completing 180 days of service. No reason is specified in such discharges, and a Coast Guard representative said no further information was available.

A senior Army official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the Army was aware of a prior “administrative discharge” when Bergdahl enlisted. A separate Army official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said that Bergdahl would have required a waiver to enlist under such circumstances. The official could not immediately confirm that Bergdahl received one.

With two wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2008, the Army was meeting recruitment goals by issuing waivers that allowed people with criminal records, health conditions and other problems to enlist. According to a 2008 Army War College study on the subject, the Army was issuing waivers at a rate of one for every five recruits at the time.

Whatever the exact circumstances of Bergdahl’s enlistment, the Coast Guard discharge came as no surprise to Harrison and other friends of Bergdahl’s who grew up with him in Ketchum, Idaho, who said he was a poor fit for military service.

Source:Bergdahl’s writings reveal a fragile young man - The Washington Post

There you have it. It’s the Army’s fault for trying to meet quotas by accepting psychologically unfit people who can not be trusted to maintain their composure when faced with the grueling conditions of battle.The perfect out. Obama did not retrieve a deserter, but a confused young man who went over the edge before enlistment. And, that pesky military is culpable for his desertion and/or mental breakdown. A public relations win for everyone.

Bottom line …

It is a great story, but then again, there are any number of reluctant, disturbed, and disaffected serving in our military in combat roles and in hostile places. And yet, only one soldier deserted to the Taliban or was captured while he was seeking enlightenment. We are speaking about a volunteer … not a drafted civilian.

I will grant you that Bergdahl seemed “off” if you can believe all of the published accounts. But, he still deserted his post in a time of war. Obama still released five of the most dangerous enemy combatants in U.S. custody – and provided material aid and comfort to our enemies in a time of war – all for political purposes.

President Obama and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats need to be thrown out of office in the very next election. It is time that “We the People”  took our nation back from from the progressive socialist democrats and their RINO cohorts and got on with the business of protecting America and Americans from our enemies, both foreign and domestic – and rebuilding our shattered economy.

Tossing Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s sorry ass out of office after 12 terms is a start. It is time to sanction those who speak out of both sides of their mouths to get elected and then forget their campaign promises, oath of office, and their duty to the Constitution of the United States of America.

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