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Hillary Clinton is the HILDEBEEST


It appears that the United States of America is exploring the abyss with the idea of Hillary Clinton as a viable presidential candidate …

I have a problem with the progressive socialist democrats who propose to nominate Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate for 2016. From her time in the Arkansas Governor’s mansion to her tenure as the First Lady, we have seen an unflattering involvement with corruption, cronyism, and criminality. Hillary Clinton appears incapable of telling the truth to America, be it the whereabouts of subpoenaed documents from her law firm that mysteriously appeared years later in the White House to the lies about a protest over a video tape being the proximate cause of a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on the anniversary of 9/11.

  • She asserts there is a vast right wing conspiracy … but mentions nothing about the overwhelming bias of the progressive mainstream media, with some well-known media outlets serving almost as the propaganda arm of the progressive socialist democrats.
  • She asserts that there is a right wing “war on women” … but is the pioneer of the “politics of personal destruction” that saw private detectives and surrogates smearing and destroying anyone who had a credible allegation about Bill Clinton and his overactive sex life. To openly fete a man who soiled the Oval Office with an intern and whose legacy on both domestic and foreign affairs is a stage-crafted media story, is a demonstration of the corruption of the democratic party.
  • She asserts that she was “dead broke” when they left the White House … failing to mention all of those “friendly” loan guarantees, lucrative job offers, and a tax-exempt foundation whose finances were as impenetrable as a black hole.
  • She asserts that she is pro-America, yet worships Marxism and the community organizer, Saul Alinsky, who was the father of political agitation to support socialist and communist actions in America.
  • According to published reports, Hillary Clinton knew the truth about Benghazi and decided to lie to the American people -- possibly at the direct order of Barack Obama -- rather than resign her position. Since she lacks integrity, this would have been no problem had the matter faded over time. Now trapped in her own web of lies, she must distance herself from Obama and hope that the scandal blows over before 2016.

Perhaps Michelle Obama and puppet-master Valarie Jarrett got it right when they nicknamed Hillary Clinton the “Hildebeeste.”

The real Hillary Clinton …

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Bottom line …

We have seen what a progressive socialist democrat in the White House can do to the nation and the world as they attempt to manage foreign and domestic policy to insure that they and their friends will be well-rewarded for their efforts while they try to transform America into the socialist paradise that is envisioned in fairy tales.

It is truly a case of the emperor has no clothes … a benevolent Hillary Clinton is a media creation that bears little resemblance to the malevolent paragon of corruption, cronyism, and lying Hillary Clinton appears to be.


It is time to throw these progressive socialist democrats under the bus and restore the Constitutional checks and balances envisioned by our founding fathers. There is so much wrong with America that the next President of the United States must be a strong advocate for America not for themselves, their corrupt party, or the special interests funding their campaign. An advocate for “We the People” – the legal citizens of America.

Throw the Hildebeest out with the rest of the progressive socialist democrat trash.


I am hoping that Hillary Clinton will not run for the presidency in 2016. But, hope is not a plan and the GOP must proceed accordingly.

-- steve

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