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California's Governor: Jerry Brown vs. Neel Kashkari: What difference does it make?

What difference does it make?

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Don’t get me wrong, there is no way in hell that I would support a radical progressive socialist democrat, Jerry Brown, over a reasonably moderate Neel Kashkari …

Truth-be-told, the Governor of California is merely a figurehead and manifestation of his politial party.  A leader whose sole veto power can speed up or slow down the political agenda created in California's legislature.

And, the sad truth is that what ails California is political corruption that is mostly driven by the progressive public employee unions and the moneyed special interests seeking to make or increase their fortunes at the taxpayer’s expense.

To illustrate why California is in such a bad state only requires an examination of California’s formerly great freeway system where massive amounts of public money provided massive benefits for a mobile population in a geographically diverse state.

Under Jerry Brown, we saw funds designated for the repair and replacement of our aging freeway infrastructure frittered away on such non-productive features as decorative sound walls – which confine and concentrate the heat, noise, and fumes of an automobile-culture back on itself as traffic backs up. We saw financial chicanery used to divert funds meant for highway construction and repair to social programs to aid illegal aliens who were openly welcomed to this state by Jerry Brown and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats. And, in my neighborhood, we see millions used to widen a freeway overpass bridge to accommodate a bike path for the relatively few bikers in the area, and forcing them to navigate through a freeway on-ramp. Just waiting for the first lawsuit over a biker vs. car encounter that will point to design issues.

Under Jerry Brown, we see re-tread and termed-out politicians appointed to commissions, boards, and panels – some of which pay six figure salaries and per diem perks in return for a few days of service of a highly dubious value.

And, we see massive amounts of state money siphoned-off to backfill un-funded or under-funded state employee pension funds and to build additional infrastructure built under union workrules that guarantee that the project will be completed late and massively over budget.

Bottom line …

The real problem in California is the corruption of politics by the public employee unions and special interest lobbying. Something beyond the ability of a governor to control. One solution is to remove the progressive socialist democrats from both the California Assembly and the Senate and make their jobs a part-time affair. Enacting term policies that keep professional politicians from simply changing venues and legislature chambers – and off paying boards, commissions, and panels. Slamming the revolving door in state regulatory agencies and reducing the influence of lobbyists. Starting with killing those lobbyist-funded non-profit foundations that pick up the travel, lodging, and entertainment costs for legislators – knowing that the taxpayer gets screwed in the end when the lobbyists secure lucrative contracts for their clients and treat their non-profit donations as the cost of doing business.

But, the real solution is to reprioritize projects in California so that all California residents benefit from the expenditure of funds. Such as new dam and waterway construction to eliminate or mitigate future droughts and to insure a vibrant agriculture industry in California. No more water diversion to keep migrating fish cool or placing the delta smelt over the needs of Californians. We need to expand our electrical grid to insure that outages can not cascade or be manipulated by Enron-type evildoers. And, as every Californian knows, we need to increase the state’s gas refinery production to the point where the summer/winter blend changeover does not give rise to outrageous profits driven by real or artificial scarcity.

We need more money flowing into the state – not from the taxpayers who are already burdened by some of the nations highest tax rates, but from income from off-shore oil and other natural resources.

And, we need to prosecute those who have stolen assets belonging to California taxpayers through financial or political chicanery.

This requires a Kashkari not a socialist Jerry Brown. This requires Californians to look out for Californians, and not import poverty, illiteracy, disease, and crime to satisfy the Mexican activists and special interests.

I am not telling you how to vote, but to look at what the progressive socialist democrats have done to our state and decide whether or not you can continue to live here in our formerly golden state; a state where productive individuals and companies are leaving in record numbers – dooming the remaining taxpayers, you and me, to pay more of the “fair share” taxes that keep the progressive socialist democrat nightmare alive.

Think carefully and vote.

-- steve

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