POLITICALLY CORRECT THOUGHT POLICE DANGER: NBA Suspends Clippers’ Owner Donald Sterling For Life, Imposes $2.5 Million Fine


I was astounded that the oh so politically correct UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) would reject a $3 million medical research gift from the disgraced NBA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, based on nothing more than political correctness  …



UCLA rejects Donald Sterling gift

Mr. Sterling’s divisive and hurtful comments demonstrate that he does not share UCLA’s core values as a public university that fosters diversity, inclusion and respect.

For those reasons, UCLA has decided to return Mr. Sterling’s initial payment of $425,000 and reject the remainder of a $3 million pledge he recently made to support basic kidney research by the UCLA Division of Nephrology.

UCLA has received numerous inquiries about an advertisement in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times falsely suggesting that it was UCLA publicly thanking him for the gift. The ad was placed by Mr. Sterling, not the university.


This is not the first time wealthy miscreants have purchased favorable publicity to sway public opinion. In Sterling's case, just look at the black-eye given to the Los Angeles Chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) who was about to bestow a lifetime acheivement award on a person whose racist rant against black people -- as well as his previous court-adjudicated racist actions -- caused the present public outrage. Of course, the award was canceled ... but they refused to strip him of their previous awards. Money talks, bullshit walks.

I strongly suggest that it wasn’t the tainted money that bothered the hypocrites at UCLA, but the public advertisement placed by Sterling’s people. It is not uncommon among big donors to dictate how the recipient must respond to a donation, specifying contractual obligations concerning naming rights to buildings, programs, scholarships, etc. and to specify the type and amount of publicity – including the granting of honorary degrees, titles, and awards.

While UCLA has a problem taking research money from a man who has committed no crime, they do not seem to have problems taking money from real criminals and murderers … 

After livers, cash to UCLA

A powerful Japanese gang boss who received a liver transplant at UCLA Medical Center donated $100,000 to the Westwood hospital shortly after the surgery, The Times has learned.

A plaque dated November 2001 at the entryway to a seventh-floor surgery office reads, "In grateful recognition of the Goto Research Fund established through the generosity of Mr. Tadamasa Goto."

UCLA confirmed the amount of the donation Friday. Law enforcement sources say Goto, 65, is the leader of the ruthless Goto-gumi gang. He received a transplant at UCLA in July 2001, The Times reported Thursday. He made his donation less than three months later.

UCLA also acknowledged that it received a separate $100,000 donation from another man who figured in Thursday's story. He donated in 2002, the year of his transplant.

The man was identified by a law enforcement official as one of four Japanese men now barred from entering the United States because of their suspected gang affiliations, criminal records, or both. All four received new livers at UCLA between 2000 and 2004,


Of course, this raised serious ethical questions of how foreign-born criminals may have managed to bypass the UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) guidelines to disadvantage American citizens waiting desperately for a liver. Not to mention how criminals managed to enter the United States through a VISA program that should have flagged members of organized crime. I could not find any mention where UCLA returned the “tainted” donations or removed the plaque.

Bottom line …

If your organization is more worried about appearances and socialist political correctness, I guess it is unacceptable to take money from a self-aggrandizing racist asshole who has committed no crime, when contributions from real criminals are no problem. But, then again, I believe that entire University of California system has been tainted by appointing Janet Napolitano, who with no academic background and a history of managerial failure at the Department of Homeland Defense, as their President. In the final analysis, with progressive socialist democrats, it is more about the perception than the reality – even when the money could save innumerable lives should a cure be found for kidney disease.

-- steve

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