It seems to me that no other American company supported Barack Obama like General Electric, headed by Jeffrey Immelt …

It was almost as NBC/MSNBC, a General Electric subsidiary headquartered in the GE Building in New York City's Rockefeller Center and sold to Comcast in March, 2013, was the progressive propaganda arm of the Obama campaign and Administration. While it appeared that GE’s support of the Obama Administration was a strategic move to protect its numerous government contracts and financing of foreign and domestic purchases through GE Capital, the apparent damage that was done to the stockholders – and the nation – cannot be easily calculated.

Ever a cheerleader, GE announced through the Wall Street Journal that is would purchase 12, 000 Chevrolet Volts made by “Government Motors” and the United Autoworkers Union. Who else would buy a so called over-priced  “fleet” vehicle that would travel 30 miles on a charge, with a full charge taking more than 12 hours; and, severely degraded battery performance in cold weather? General Motors used to be a car company that dealt with its unions, but appears to have become a union financing vehicle that incidentally makes cars.

GE to Buy 25,000 Electric Vehicles -- Purchases, Through 2015, Will Convert Much of Company's Fleet to Green Cars

The company will initially buy 12,000 Chevrolet Volts, made by General Motors Co., starting in 2011. GE said it will then add other electric vehicles to its fleet as other car makers expand their offerings. The company said it is in a "strong position to help its 65,000 global fleet customers convert and manage their fleets."

GE plans to buy 1,000 Volts next year and 2,000 to 3,000 per year after that through 2015, GM said. The purchases will comprise a significant portion of GM's early Volt production. The car maker has said it plans to build 10,000 Volts in 2011. GM has said it will start delivering the Volt to retail customers by year's end. It is designed to travel 25 to 50 miles on an initial charge before a gasoline-powered generator kicks in and makes electricity to drive the wheels. The car has a total range of about 300 miles.<Source>

And, the damage is continuing … 

General Electric to investors: Obamacare is hurting our medical business

General Electric is telling its investors that Obamacare is to blame for recent losses in the company’s healthcare division, The Daily Caller has learned. “Hospitals and clinics appear to be delaying purchases and responses to the ACA [Affordable Care Act],” stated GE senior vice president and CFO Jeffrey S. Bornstein in the company’s first-quarter earnings call.

General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, an outside economic adviser to President Obama, confirmed at a shareholder meeting Wednesday that the health sector is experiencing uncertainty. Asked at the meeting about Obamacare’s impact on the company’s earnings, Immelt responded, “I think there’s still a lot of uncertainty in health care and we’ll just have to see that over time.”

The company’s health care unit, which produces medical and biopharmaceutical technologies and which grew in 2013, showed losses in revenues, segment profits, margins and orders in the first quarter of 2014.

The Daily Caller has reported extensively on Obamacare’s damage to the medical device and technology industry. By February, the health-care law had already cost 33,000 jobs in the industry and 132,000 more were expected, according to a report from an industry trade group. Source: GE to investors: Obamacare to blame for losses | The Daily Caller

GE Chairman Jeffrey Immelt – An Obama tool …



The President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness (Jobs Council) was created to provide non-partisan advice to the President on continuing to strengthen the Nation's economy and ensure the competitiveness of the United States and on ways to create jobs, opportunity, and prosperity for the American people.

The Jobs Council is made up of members appointed by the President from among distinguished citizens outside the Federal Government, including citizens chosen to serve as representatives of the various sectors of the economy to offer the diverse perspectives of the private sector, employers, and workers on how the Federal Government can best foster growth, competitiveness, innovation, and job creation.

President Obama has named Jeffrey Immelt as the chair of The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Immelt is the ninth chairman of GE, a post he has held since September 7, 2001. 

Why would Jeffrey Immelt accept the leadership of a board that includes mostly rich, self-serving progressive socialist/communist democrats?


Richard Trumka, no stranger to corruption and violence

This is the same council that failed to create jobs and turn around the country – if that is what they actually wanted. A council stocked by progressive socialist democrats and Richard L. Trumka, the thuggish union leader who sounds like a communist. In 1994, Trumka was honored at the annual Eugene Debs Award Banquet in Terre Haute, Indiana; The award was named after the man who founded the Socialist Party of America and ran for U.S. President five times on the Socialist Party ticket.

During the 2008 U.S. presidential election, Trumka said: “There’s not a single good reason for any worker, especially any union member, to vote against Barack Obama.” By Trumka’s telling, whatever anti-Obama sentiment existed among American voters could be attributed largely to the racism of “right-wing race-haters” who “just can’t get past the idea that there’s something wrong with voting for a black man.” <Source>

Bottom line …

We are living in a time when corrupt progressive socialist democrats have taken over much of our government, our financial institutions, our labor force, and our means of production. To the detriment of America and Americans. These are the politicians who operate and profit from undisclosed insider information and the special interests who support the progressive socialist democrats to maintain their place at the public treasury’s feeding trough.

There is only one way to turn America back to a safe and sane society, eliminate the progressive socialist democrats from high office and the burgeoning bureaucracy. Eliminate the corrupt and socialist unions from representing public employees and forming a corrupt power bond with politicians. Investigate and prosecute politicians and others who have engaged in corrupt practices and insider deals to disadvantage America and Americans. And, restore freedom to the press corps that often acts as the propaganda arm of the progressive socialist democrats.

Remember what these progressive socialist democrats and their RINO (Republican In Name Only) cohorts have done to America and Americans when you stand in the voting box – possibly next to a number of dead Americans and illegal aliens who are encouraged to cast their votes in a progressive system that claims there is no voter fraud and that photo identification is a racist plot to disenfranchise minorities. Out country is sinking fast and there are few opportunities to right the foundering ship of state.

Consider what Barack Hussein Obama and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats have wrought and vote accordingly. And, as for Jeffrey Immelt, it looks like his bet on Obama is going South and he needs to jump ship before he is swamped by a tidal wave of change.

-- steve

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