The necessity of creating panic …

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that chaos, confusion, and panic is good for the multi-billion dollar business known as climate change. For many institutions, researchers, and the special interests feeding off the taxpayer’s money, there is no greater business. Especially when one considers that the results will not be definitively known for hundreds or maybe thousands of years – when every greedy and dishonest politician and private sector freebooter will be long dead. Of course, having enjoyed their ill-gotten gains in the meantime while the citizenry suffers under a more tyrannical regime that seeks to downsize their standard of living and increase their contribution for the so-called “public good.” In fact, a system designed by socialists and communists to allow a small cadre of the enlightened ruling elite to control the means of production, the labor force, and the financial sector in the name of the “greater good.”

During periods of chaos, confusion, and panic, people tend to believe those who are shouting the loudest and seemingly pointing in a safe direction. A period when common sense and logical thought give way to emotions and the thought of future survival. Only by capitalizing on panic, can draconian, self-serving public policies be implemented without a significant public backlash or even a revolutionary movement.

Why is this angry hypocritical blowhard so upset?


Pretty much Al Gore appears to be upset because he lost the presidency of the United States in what he believes was a rigged election. Something that the progressive socialist democrats have been doing for years, and mostly succeeding. Most of Gore’s bloviating does not stand up to critical challenge, but that is not readily apparent since the progressive mainstream media sides with the progressive socialist democrats and Al Gore manages his media appearances in such a manner as to prevent open confrontation and debate. Much in the same manner that President Barack Obama controls media access and stage-manages so-called press conferences. How many people realize that Al Gore’s testimony before Congress was not only unsworn, and the powers that be altered the room’s temperature upward for effect. The only person to potentially challenge Al Gore on the panel was move to another session so that there would be no conflicting testimony. And, if that were not bad enough, Gores is raking in the big bucks with his climate investments; sure to ease the pain in his mega-mansion while he continues to fly about in his private jet – allegedly buying carbon credits from an affiliated company to mitigate the so-called climate impact of his actions. In my mind, Gore is nothing more than a corrupt hypocrite and a tool that enables progressive socialist democrats and their communist friends.

The Climate Fix: What Scientists and Politicians Won’t Tell You About Global Warming

In the summer of 1988, global warming first captured the imagination of the American public. In early June of that summer Senator Al Gore (D-TN) organized a congressional hearing to bring attention to the subject, one that he had been focusing on in Congress for more than a decade. The hearing that day was carefully stage-managed to present a bit of political theater, as was later explained by Senator Tim Wirth (D-CO), who served alongside Gore in the Senate and, like Gore, was also interested in the topic of global warming. “We called the Weather Bureau and found out what historically was the hottest day of the summer. Well, it was June 6th or June 9th or whatever it was. So we scheduled the hearing that day, and bingo, it was the hottest day on record in Washington, or close to it. What we did is that we went in the night before and opened all the windows, I will admit, right, so that the air conditioning wasn't working inside the room.” <Source: The Center for Science and Technology Policy Research (CSTPR) within the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at the University of Colorado-Boulder>

Al Gore lies to Congress: Part 2 — Goldman who?

It’s a good thing Al Gore didn’t have to raise his right hand and take an oath to tell the truth before he testified on April 24 to the House Energy and Environment Subcommittee about the Waxman-Markey climate bill.  … Al Gore lied to the Subcommittee about his personal finances during questioning by Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn. It turns out that Gore also lied to Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, who had asked Gore about his connections with the Wall Street firm of Goldman Sachs.  <Source>

How bad is the climate trend\?

According to the latest scientific research based on remote sensing (satellite) observations coordinated by the University of Alabama at Huntsville, the global climate trend since November 16, 1978 was +0.14 oC Per Decade (Ten Years). Assuming the trend holds and is not somewhat reversed by a cooling trend, that means that in 100 years, the temperature will have potentially risen by 1.4 oC! Hardly something that justifies chaos, confusion, and panic. Especially since there are no proven methods of global climate mitigation that are practical or can (or will) be applied across the globe.  It should be noted that climate scientists do not report temperatures directly, but only report deviations (anomalies) from an artificial baseline – a baseline that is both ludicrous and meaningless in nature’s geological time frame.

Global Climate Trend Since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.14 C Per Decade

Global Temperature Report: March 2014

Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.14 C per decade (All temperature anomalies are based on a 30-year average (1981-2010) for the month reported.)

The satellite-based instruments measure the temperature of the atmosphere from the surface up to an altitude of about eight kilometers above sea level. Once the monthly temperature data is collected and processed, it is placed in a "public" computer file for immediate access by atmospheric scientists in the U.S. and abroad.

Neither [Dr. John] Christy nor Dr. Roy] Spencer receives any research support or funding from oil, coal or industrial companies or organizations, or from any private or special interest groups. All of their climate research funding comes from federal and state grants or contracts.


<Source: Global Climate Trend Since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.14 C Per Decade>

Regression to the mean …

Pretty much our global temperatures move up and down according to the significant forces of nature such as the Sun’s energy output and other factors that tend to bury man’s climate change input signal . in the noise of climate’s natural variability. Unlike the projections of flawed computer models that show an upward trend with little or no allowances for the type of cooling trend we have experienced for the last decade.

Science is not performed by consensus and flawed computer models are not representative of reality and/or equate to scientific fact.


If the guess doesn’t match the observations, then it’s wrong”. Chart source: www.drroyspencer.com.

Bottom line …

Through a not so accidental confluence of political corruption, governmental funding of research, special interest greed, and the abdication of journalistic ethics, it appears that American citizens are being deluded into allowing a very small group of vocal socialist/communist activists to infect American government, educational institutions, and critical infrastructure to promote the decay and destruction of America from within.

It is time to right a foundering ship of state by removing the progressive socialist democrats and their RINO counterparts from the House and the Senate. The choice is up to you, the voter. Do you want to sit idly by and let these cretins, charlatans, and corrupt bastards destroy our nation – or are you willing to vote the bastards out of office. Tell your friends. Unfortunately, under Obamacare, your life now depends on your vote.

-- steve

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