DISASTROUS ROLL-OUT FOR FIRST DAYS IN OBAMACARE: The numbers -- 6, 100, 248 enrollments are pathetic!
Is it really about "Blackface" or is it about socialists thwarting the First Amendment and creating more victims?


Many claim President Obama is brilliant and the epitome of “cool” as manages world affairs from the White House Oval Office. Unfortunately, like the wizard behind the curtain, a different reality is beginning to emerge.

It appears that the President is neither brilliant nor cool. He is a manufactured puppet, manipulated by Valarie Jarrett, Michele Obama, and a cadre of progressive socialist democrats who appear corrupt, self-serving, and ideologically twisted toward European-style socialism.

Look at the allegations …

  • Here is a man without a significant history, like the backstory, friends, writings, and anecdotes that define most Americans. His personal records are sealed and probably destroyed.
  • Even though there are significant questions about his birth certificate, eligibility for office, travel record to foreign lands, draft record, social security number, no satisfactory explanations are forthcoming. Although we do know that millions of dollars in legal fees have been spent keeping these records hidden. Even though he self-identifies as black, most of his actions mark him as an elite white liberal.
  • Here is a man who served as the Editor of the Harvard Law Review, yet there is no record of any scholarly articles or other work that would indicate that he was a proactive editor or even a major participant in the process.
  • Here is a man who is touted as a brilliant orator, but who can barely speak coherently about any subject without a prepared speech and a TelePrompTer.
  • Here is a man quick to anger, and unable to accept the blame for any of the scandals that apparently originated with his crew; preferring to appear “shocked, shocked I tell you” about such matters, as if he is above it all. Curious and troubling because these are things done by his people, in his name, and for his benefit. On a number of occasions when the fateful question, “what did you know and when did you know it” was asked, he claimed that he read about it in the papers like ordinary Americans. What? The President of the United States does not get a national security and press briefing each and every day? If this is literally true, either President Obama is incompetent and out-of-touch or, alternatively, he is culpable and responsible for impeachable crimes, the least of which is flouting the law and violating the Constitution.
  • Here is a man who shamelessly lies to Americans. Big lies. Provable lies. Lies about Obamacare, Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, and the claims of “executive privilege” to thwart legitimate constitutional congressional oversight into various Administration activities.

A liberal news media is just noticing that there is propaganda coming from the White House …

AP editors: Obama relies on staged propaganda photos

Editors of The Associated Press condemned the White House’s refusal to give photojournalists real access to President Obama, who prefers to circulate press release-style pictures taken by his own paid photographers.

These official photographs are little more than propaganda, according to AP director of photography Santiago Lyon.

The AP has only been permitted to photograph the president alone in the Oval Office on two occasions–both in his first term–and has never been allowed to photograph the president with his staff in the office. The AP generally receives access when foreign leaders are visiting, but at other times the White House relies on its own photographers to take pictures and distribute them to the press.

“[The Obama White House] is limiting press access in ways that past administrations wouldn’t have dared, and the president is answering to the public in more controlled settings than his predecessors,” wrote the AP. “It’s raising new questions about what’s lost when the White House tries to make an end run around the media, functioning, in effect, as its own news agency.”

The article quoted Mike McCurry, press secretary to former President Bill Clinton, as saying that Obama exercises a level of control over the media far beyond previous presidents. What gets lost are those revealing moments when the president’s held accountable by the representatives of the public who are there in the form of the media,” said McCurry.

Source: AP editors: Obama relies on staged propaganda photos | The Daily Caller

Funny, the progressive mainstream media continues to push the meme that they are actually representatives of the public and are able to “speak truth to power.” A pure, unadulterated, mistruth that is self-serving. A convenient lie that can be revealed by listening to three of the four major broadcast outlets. With the fourth apparently tacking leftward.,

Rats deserting a sinking ship?

So why is the liberal Associates Press complaining now about lack of access? Could it be that the mainstream media, seeing the fateful handwriting on the wall, is deserting the Obama camp like the proverbial rats on a sinking ship? Have they noticed that Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about the level of White House manipulation and outright lying about scandals that all point to White House involvement? Many scandals yet to be uncovered, like why Valerie Jarrett, with no known military or foreign affairs experience, was able to thwart missions to capture America’s number one enemy, Osama bin Laden, for political purposes – ostensibly to protect Obama from adverse publicity should the mission have failed.

Bottom line …

There is little or no doubt in my mind that something bad is happening in America. Obamacare and the various other scandals like Fast and Furious, the NSA Spying, the IRS interference in a Presidential election, Benghazi, etc. All containing elements of criminal and impeachable offenses. There is also little or no doubt that the progressive mainstream media has a vested interest in maintaining the Obama fiction lest their own credibility be so irrevocably shattered as to destroy all trust with their primary audience. One corporate media entity going so far as to support President Obama and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats as a business model.

The garbage can lid has been cracked open a hair and an evil smell is emanating. More to come, I am afraid, a great deal more. Hopefully there will come a time when President Barack Hussein Obama and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats will be held accountable for their actions. And, presumably that time will be Tuesday, November 4, 2014 – the day of the congressional election cycle when ALL members of the House and one-third of the Senate are up for review by the American people.

-- steve

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