The progressive socialist democrats did this to America – and 5,000,000+ Americans are worried sick over their insurance coverage on January 1, 2014 – some who are sick and dying …


The progressive socialist democrats crafted the Obamacare legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, in secret with help from progressive socialist foundations and industry lobbyists from special interest groups such as the pharmaceutical and durable medical equipment industries. No Republican input allowed.

The progressive socialist democrats passed the legislation en mass without one Republican vote, some say unconstitutionally using a Senate rules trick that never saw the revised Senate version given a full House vote. No Republican amendments were allowed and special concessions for swing-vote members of Congress were built into the law.

The progressive socialist democrats were advised in 2010 that the law was deeply flawed and that millions of Americans would lose their coverage and doctors when the legislation was implemented and people forced to purchase insurance through exchanges. Of course, this was the plan as they needed millions of Americans to abandon their current plans and accept higher-priced plans that would subsidize premium payments for those who could not afford insurance. The democrats voted en mass to kill a Senate initiative that would hold Obama to his promise of allowing people to keep their insurance and doctor if they were satisfied with their current plans. Nowhere did the President or democrat members of Congress explain that the new regulations forced insurance companies to cancel their existing insurance offerings because they did not meet Obamacare standards.

Now the not so unintended consequences have come home to roost. Obamacare is a failure of epic proportions. Billions of taxpayer dollars spent recklessly and millions of American citizens forced to suffer, not knowing if their continuing treatments would be covered come January 1, 2014. Not that they could even get on the website to see their insurance options.

And, all through this debacle, the President of the United States lied to the American people, repeatedly telling them they could keep their current insurance plan and doctors.

With the 2014 congressional election cycle looming large, the progressive socialist democrats are scrambling for cover lest they be turned out of office in response to the wanton, callous, and unconstitutional way they treated Americans – with many suffering real pain and anxiety as they sought to keep life-saving insurance plans in effect while they were undergoing treatment. 

Dozens of House Democrats back Republican healthcare bill

Dealing a blow to President Obama’s effort to fix problems with his healthcare law, more than three dozen House Democrats voted Friday to support a Republican-sponsored bill to address the crisis, brushing aside White House warnings that the legislation would only make matters worse.

Thirty-nine Democrats joined Republicans in a 261-157 vote  to approve the legislation, offered by Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), which would allow insurers to continue selling individual policies that do not meet new federal standards.  Read more at: Dozens of House Democrats back Republican healthcare bill - latimes.com

Bottom line …

I say FU*K the progressive socialist democrats who have brought pain and suffering to five million of our fellow citizens and wasted billions of dollars in a legislative program that nationalized one-sixth of the nation’s economy and ensured that Americans would be bled dry in order to implement socialist wealth redistribution in the guise of “health justice.”

Throw these rat bastards out of office before they can further screw over America with immigration reform and global warming reforms that also feature wealth redistribution and socialist ideology.

Too little, too late should be the mantra you take into the voting booth. Regardless of the promises democrats continue to make. The President lied on Obamacare, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS and NSA scandals – so what makes you think you can trust the liar-in-chief and his cadre of progressive socialist democrats now. Likewise, the mainstream media and Hollywood crowd who acted as cheerleaders because they voted black instead of voting competent.

-- steve

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