Elizabeth Warren: A challenge to a Hillary Clinton Presidency or a ploy to make her look moderate?

There is no doubt in my mind that the former progressive socialist democrat from Massachusetts, Elizabeth “Tonto” Warren is younger, more telegenic, more articulate, and has less political baggage than Hillary Clinton. Unless you consider lying about being an American Indian to game the affirmative action system or have been associated with dodgy academic scholarship in the past. There is also no doubt in my mind that Elizabeth Warren is a radical progressive socialist democrat.

So is the progressive press pointing to Elizabeth Warren as someone who could effectively challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016, or is Warren just a stalking horse to make Hillary Clinton look more moderate?

From the New Republic, characterized as “more progressive than the mainstream of the Democratic Party establishment” …

Hillary's Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren

We’re three years from the next presidential election, and Hillary Clinton is, once again, the inevitable Democratic nominee.

With the Clintons’ penchant for melodrama and their checkered cast of hangers-on—one shudders to consider the embarrassments that will attend the Terry McAuliffe administration in Virginia—Clinton-era nostalgia is always a news cycle away from curdling into Clinton fatigue. Sometimes, all it takes is a single issue and a fresh face to bring the bad memories flooding back.

Which brings us to the probable face of the insurgency. In addition to being strongly identified with the party’s populist wing, any candidate who challenged Clinton would need several key assets. The candidate would almost certainly have to be a woman, given Democrats’ desire to make history again. She would have to amass huge piles of money with relatively little effort. Above all, she would have to awaken in Democratic voters an almost evangelical passion. As it happens, there is precisely such a person. Her name is Elizabeth Warren. A Harvard law professor and best-selling author who led the congressional task force overseeing the bank bailout, Warren was already a liberal icon before she set foot in the Senate last January. Read more at the New Republic.

Look at the similarities …

Both are women, and their election to this nation’s highest office would be a historic event. But, the last historic event, the election of a semi-Black Barack Obama, has divided and damaged the nation greatly. Both are professional and accomplished liars.

Hillary’s lies about Benghazi and various other events in her past are certainly more odious than Elizabeth Warren’s claims to be an American Indian when it suited her personal, professional, and political interests. But, do the American people want another “liar-in-chief” that is willing to stand before the American people and lie to their faces?

Both pretend to be populists, fighting the evil Wall Street Wizards on behalf of “the little people,” but appear to have no inner sense of morality when it comes to entertaining and sucking up the big bucks for their respective political campaigns from the very people the demonize on a daily basis. A form of “wink-wink,” “nod-nod,” cronyism that is both self-serving and disingenuous.

Both are progressive socialist democrats, believing they are the chosen ones to set the world straight on all manner of matters; from finances to food, to the way you live your life.

Bottom line …

The choice is not between two scumbag progressive socialist democrats, the choice is between socialism and capitalism – and whether this nation can survive a continued assault from the fifth column that is attempting to defeat the United States from within.

Whether of not the American people will allow corrupt ideologues to destroy America with their nonsense – a belief in population control, a belief in global warming, a belief in the necessity of a ruling elite to control unexceptional population units (people) for their own good, a belief that all rights are granted by the government and sometimes the government must impose draconian public policies for the good of the people, and, of course, the belief that progressive socialist democrats are better people because they feel more and care more about the poor and downtrodden. All the while stealing from them with both hands as evidenced in inner city areas like Detroit, Chicago, Oakland and elsewhere, governed by progressive socialist democrats and not one iota of improvement in these decaying cesspools of crime, disease, poverty, and illiteracy – in spite of billions being pumped into unionized government activities.

Make up your mind! The fall of the United States to another unexceptional member state of the United Nations would also be an historic event. One that will be forever tagged to Barack Hussein Obama and the progressive socialist democrats.

We don’t need Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, or any other progressive socialist democrat – we need honest conservatives to tell the truth and take actions to drain the cesspool that is Washington.

-- steve

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