Update: 10/30/13 -- It was suggested to me that the GOP's first duty is to work for the incumbent as the idea of an incumbent's party working against them is abhorrent to current office holders.

While this makes sense on some level, it would appear that this strategy is extremely flawed when it comes to access to resources like mailing lists that should be available to all sanctioned party members.

Otherwise, there would be no significant primary challenges to replace a RINO or out-of-touch legislator.

Original Post ...

I have strongly objected to the growing gulf between what the GOP says in their fundraising pitches and what the GOP apparently does in the party’s back rooms. If you are not a Northeastern Liberal Elite from the Rockefeller “Cronyism, Spend, and Spend” wing of the party, like George Bush, or a dyed-in-the-wool democrat like RINO John McCain, you are regarded as a second-class republican. All this talk of inclusiveness and diversity is just that – talk.

I put forth the suggestion that nothing has changed with the old farts in the GOP and the back-room boys like Karl Rove are pushing the idea of Jeb Bush as their idea of diversity and inclusiveness.

With the permission of Doug, I am reposting his article as proof that there seems to be a wide gulf between what the party hacks say and what they do.

RNC refuses to stand-up for black woman running for Congress

When the Republican National Committee (“RNC”) needed to demonstrate some diversity on-stage at the 2004 Republican National Convention, Erika Harold was happy to help. But now when Erika Harold needs a little help, the RNC apparently can’t be bothered.

Yesterday we told you about the Illinois Republican Party denying multiple requests by Erika Harold’s campaign for access to the GOP Data Center.

Keep in mind, Erika Harold’s campaign has never asked for special treatment. Not even close. Instead she’s simply calling on the Illinois Republican Party to perform one of its most basic jobs, and to help ensure a level playing field in a Republican Primary. There is absolutely no legitimate reason to deny Ms. Harold access to a valuable campaign resource which is supposed to be available to all Republican candidates.

Yesterday Republican News Watch contacted the RNC for comment on our story since the GOP Data Center is in fact its property. The RNC merely relies on the 50 state parties to put the tool into use in the field.

We received the following official response back from the RNC via Raffi Williams, Deputy Press Secretary: “State parties determine access to Data Center.”

So in other words, not only is the RNC abandoning an outstanding Republican woman, it is in fact abandoning its own rules which dictate the national party staying neutral in all contested primaries. By washing its hands of responsibility over what happens with its own property, the RNC is clearly taking a position on the side of first term incumbent Rodney Davis. It’s also worth remembering that Davis has never been chosen by Republican voters in a Primary Election. Instead he was slated for the November ballot in May of 2012 by a committee composed of 14 mid-level party officials after long time Congressman Tim Johnson announced his retirement shortly after last year’s March Primary.

One might assume the RNC would be a little smarter on this matter, especially since even RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was forced to weigh-in back in June after a local party official leveled an incredibly nasty racist/sexist attack on Ms. Harold.

Priebus also surely doesn’t agree with some Illinois GOP bosses who say that Erika Harold should be shunned for challenging an incumbent Republican. Priebus after all is only RNC Chair today because he challenged and prevailed against incumbent RNC Chair Micheal Steele back in January 2011. And unlike Ms. Harold who is running nothing but a highly professional, above-board campaign, Priebus aggressively undermined Steele from within. At the time, Priebus was not only a member of the RNC – he also served as Steele’s General Counsel.

If you didn’t know better, you might easily get the impression the RNC is deliberately trying to sink our party’s favorability rating below its current record low level.

It’s disappointing the RNC won’t lift a finger for a phenomenal candidate who if elected next year would become the first black female Republican Congressman in American history. (There have been black male Republicans in Congress, but never a black woman on the GOP side.)

The good news is that at least everyone now knows there’s no reason to waste time taking the RNC’s pretend game of “minority outreach” seriously in the future.

It’s clear that Reince Priebus and the RNC desperately want minority candidates like Erika Harold on the GOP bus. They’re just supposed to stay in the back of the bus until the bosses say otherwise.

Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.  Source: RNC refuses to stand-up for black woman running for Congress | Republican News Watch

Bottom line …

With the track record of the GOP in picking winners and losers, they have a piss-poor record with their backroom machinations and questionable ethics that often results in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory with great regularity.

If the GOP really wants diversity, let them walk the walk.

Unlike here in California where the GOP actively conspires with the progressive socialist democrats to impose higher taxes and increased spending, I used to think better of middle America. Now I am not so sure that the political corruption that is destroying our nation has not become an epidemic.

The GOP dickwads gave us George Bush who is the proximate cause of King Obama I – and who, to this very day, refused to take a hard stand against the man who is slowly destroying America. These are the same dickwads that gave us a RINO like John McCain, a man who like George Bush refused to engage the enemy and bring the fight to the democrats. Ditto for Romney, another gentlemen who couldn’t fight for America in the face of blatant democrat lies. 

The party who believes in a fair political and economic marketplace certainly doesn’t act like they believe their own brand of bullshit.

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