California Corruption: Want to see how the California's progressive socialist democrats really do business behind closed doors?

Progressive Socialist Democrat Frank Pallone tells Obamacare hearing: It's a monkey court

If you ever wanted to see a dysfunctional government in action, look no further than the hearing chamber of any congressional committee. Not only are stupid and incompetent members of congress speechifying for the cameras, they are asking nonsensical questions that they themselves do not even understand. And, when they receive a coherent, cogent answer, they rarely follow-up and reply with more speechifying and another inane question.

Remember this is not a court of law – although you can be held in contempt, if such a thing is even possible in this circus, or prosecuted for perjury – so do not expect any rules of evidence or even any semblance of order or sanity.

See progressive socialist democrat Frank Pallone make a mockery out of partisan proceedings that will never arrive at the truth – even by accident …

What is the truth …

As he former Chief Technologist of Interactive Computer Corporation, I can tell you that the reason for the system failure stems from the selection of vendors on political grounds, a design influenced by stakeholders that have little comprehension of their own jobs, let alone a digital system – in many cases simply trying to automate a paperwork model, specifications and change orders that change hour-by-hour, inadequate time for the development, phasing, integration, and testing of key code components, a reliance on integration partners might not be able to deliver on their portion of the project, and a management that wants to hide the truth from their superiors. Short answer: a clusterfuck not managed by a competent manager with the overall authority and decision-making power to say “no” to the political hacks and asshats who are trying to gain recognition by claiming membership in the design team.

Can it be fixed?

Most certainly. If these asswipes simply went to and asked them to build-out an existing shopping cart mechanism that would allow the purchase of insurance products based on a front-end selection module, all would be well with the world. All of the security and other backend infrastructure would exist and the integration using APIs (application programming interfaces) would be relatively easy. After all – a procedural call to a credit card company for verification is similar to a call to the social security administration for verification of a social security number, or a procedure call to the IRS to verify tax return data.

The biggest design flaw was an overly ambitious shopping experience that demanded the user first create an account and provide personal information to simply look at sample plans. Not exactly a wise decision considering that all of the complexity could have been integrated into the back-end when the user decided to purchase insurance. In the case that the verifications were done “after the fact,” the transaction could have been placed in “suspended” mode and correct information solicited from the user before retrying the transaction.

Bottom line …

Hundreds of millions of dollars siphoned off into the ether with little or nothing to show for the expenditure seems to be the signature move of most large government projects. Especially under the incompetent and inept leadership of the Obama Administration.

-- steve

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