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I can't help wondering how corrupt the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is to push for a flawed immigration reform bill?

I has always believed that the United States Chamber of Commerce was all about business, lower regulations, lower taxes, economic stability, and above all the promotion of a domestic business agenda. But, after reading this article, I believe I may be mistaken. It appears that the Chamber of Commerce is all about promoting an anti-business progressive socialist democrat agenda that is bad for our nation, bad for our citizens, and bad for business.

Do these people not see the damage and destruction they will cause by implementing a bill that will change the fundamental economic and social fabric of the United States and assist in the perpetuation of a corrupt single-party political system?

Do they understand that the democrat-proposed legislation will disadvantage legal low-income minorities in favor of low-income illegal aliens. And, in many cases force good workers to cede their jobs to formerly illegal aliens who do not cause their employer’s to be surcharged or penalized under Obamacare?

What the hell are these people thinking? 

Chamber pushes Boehner to pass immigration bill

Business and progressive groups rallied at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Oct. 29 to reassure Speaker of the House John Boehner that he’ll get their political support if he schedules a major vote on immigration.

“He’s said in the press that the House should take up immigration reform and he plans to do it,” said Randel Johnson, the chamber’s vice president for immigration.

“I think he want to get this done, but it is our job to show that there is support in the business community and the evangelical community and in other conservative Republican groups that they’ll be there to back him up when he makes his decisions,” he told The Daily Caller. Source: Chamber pushes Boehner to pass immigration bill | The Daily Caller

Checking out Randel Johnson …

Randel K. Johnson joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on December 1, 1997. As senior vice president, he is primarily responsible for labor, immigration, and employee benefits issues pending before Congress and the federal agencies.

Consulting with the Chamber’s member policy committees and his staff of 11, Johnson determines the Chamber’s position and sets strategy on a wide variety of issues that fall within the jurisdiction of his division. These include union-driven initiatives such as card check legislation, ergonomics, and blacklisting regulations; pension funding reform and health care; civil rights and wage and hour; and comprehensive immigration reform, including visa and border policy. Johnson regularly testifies before Congress and is widely quoted in the media on employment and immigration issues as a recognized expert in these fields.

Johnson serves on the board of directors of the National Immigration Forum and the Lutheran Immigration Refugee Services agency and on the Quality Alliance Steering Committee. Previously, he was a member of the Department of Homeland Security Data Management Improvement Act Task Force on border entry and exit issues, the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations Immigration Task Force, the 21st Century Workforce Commission, and the Carnegie U.S.-Mexico Migration Study Group.

His prior experience includes six years as an attorney with the U.S. Department of Labor where he was the special assistant to the Solicitor of Labor for Regulatory Affairs and the department’s liaison to the Office of Management and Budget, specializing in the areas of equal employment opportunity and occupational safety and health. He also served as a lobbyist in the labor relations, immigration, and job training areas with the National Association of Manufacturers; as an attorney with the Department of Labor’s Office of Administrative Law Judges; and as a law clerk to a Baltimore city trial judge immediately following law school. Between college and law school, Johnson worked for IBM in Bethesda, Maryland.

Another lawyer-lobbyist who looks awfully like a progressive socialist democrat? A man with an agenda that may not bode well for America and her citizens?

Bottom line …

Speaker Boehner should be tossed out of office like any other RINO that attempts to convey a permanent underclass to the progressive socialist democrats and their dream of an unassailable permanent majority in all areas of government – much like Mexico with its oligarchs and corrupt politicians.

The United States Chamber of Commerce should be calling for common-sense steps that should precede any call for immigration reform and which I have previously described.

Any honest, rational individual or politician would demand the following:

  1. A simple count of the number of illegal aliens existing within our borders. This can be accomplished by existing law which requires illegal aliens to register as illegal aliens. Illegal aliens would be given six months to register or forfeit their registration rights. Any person not registered as of a given date would never become eligible for any immigration reform program that contained a path to citizenship.
  2. An environmental impact study consisting of an examination of the impact of financial, social, and cultural implications of any immigration reform act.
  3. An improved identity card that would replace the millions of forged or stolen documents that currently exist. I have proposed a technical numbering scheme that would allow the current Social Security numbering system to co-exist with an improved system so that impact on existing citizens is minimized.
  4. A lockdown of our border, enforcement of existing laws, and the prosecution of anyone who circumvents those laws for political purposes.

Then, knowing the facts, we can begin to design a rational work, resident, study, and citizenship program. Perhaps even implementing international laws that provide that a child’s nationality is that of their parents.

 I get that the Chamber really represents the largest companies seeking cheap labor … the very same companies that may be influenced by union coercion and actually outsource more American jobs if the economic situation declines. I get that big business and big government wants to expand the labor force to pay into Obamacare and Social Security. I get that both parties appear to be equally corrupt when pushing their own agendas.

But isn’t it about time that we look out for America and her citizens before we authorize an invasion from a foreign sovereign nation whose former citizen’s loyalties remain outside the United States? People who have refused to assimilate and adopt the American culture?

Time to get real and look at the long term rather than the short term political advantage. Anyone who votes for immigration reform without taking the preliminary steps should be thrown out of office.

-- steve


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