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It looks like science, but is it really the entire story?

Arin L. Madenci, MD, MPH, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI and Christopher B. Weldon, MD, PhD, Department of Surgery, Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Purpose: We conducted a cross-sectional analysis of household gun ownership and childhood gun-violence across the 50 United States to identify potential areas for policy intervention. We hypothesized that increasing household gun ownership is significantly associated with increasing proportion of childhood gunshot wounds (GSWs) occurring in the home.

Methods: From> 36 million pediatric hospitalizations in the Kids' Inpatient Database (KID; 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2009), we evaluated temporal trends using variance-weighted least squares (vWLS) regression. We estimated state gun ownership using the most recent data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS; 2004). vWLS regression assessed the relationship between %-households containing guns (BRFSS2004) and %-childhood GSWs occurring in the home (vs. other locations; KID2009). The β regression coefficient represents an increase (β>0) or decrease (β<0) in %-childhood home GSWs that can be expected for a 1% change in household gun ownership.

Results: Between 1997 and 2009, hospitalizations and in-hospital deaths for GSWs increased from 4270±591 to 7730±498 (P=0.04) and 317±48 to 503±42 (P=0.04), respectively. Over that time, proportion of assaults increased (68.0±3.0% to 78.6±1.0%, P=0.05) and proportion of accidents decreased (15.5±1.9% to 10.8±0.7%, P=0.03). The majority of GSWs occurred on the street (21.3±1.6%) or in a home (19.1±1.4%). Handguns inflicted the majority of GSWs (77.2±1.5%), followed by shotguns (18.5±1.4%) and hunting rifles (3.9±0.5%).

Compared to other emergent hospitalizations in 2009, GSWs incurred higher mortality (6.5±0.3% vs. 0.4±0.0%, P<0.01) and higher mean hospital charges per hospitalization ($70,508±2,835 vs. $23,027±705, P<0.01). Among homes with children, rates of any gun possession, loaded gun possession, and unlocked loaded gun possession ranged from 10-62% (New Jersey-Montana), 1-14% (Massachusetts-Arkansas), and <1%-7% (Massachusetts-Arkansas), respectively. There was a significant association between %-GSWs occurring in the home and %-households containing any firearm (β=0.7, 95% confidence interval [CI]=0.3–1.1, P<0.01), loaded firearms (β =1.7, 95% CI=0.3–3.2, P=0.02), and unlocked loaded firearms (β=2.9, 95% CI=0.6–5.2, P=0.01). Likewise, there was a significant association between %-GSWs occurring in the home and %-households with children containing any firearm (β=0.7, 95% CI=0.3–1.1, P<0.01), loaded firearms (β=2.1, 95% CI=0.1–4.0 P=0.04), and unlocked loaded firearms (β=4.8, 95% CI=1.1–8.5, P=0.01).

Conclusion: Hospitalizations and in-hospital deaths for children with GSWs are increasing. Currently, over 7,500 children are annually hospitalized for GSWs, including over 500 in-hospital deaths. While recent policy proposals to limit military-style semi-automatic assault weapons are important, handguns remain the leading injurious agent and may be a more efficacious target. Household gun ownership and safety practices vary widely by state. There was a significant relationship between %-household gun ownership and %-GSWs occurring in the home. The relationship was dose-dependent with safety measures (any<loaded<unlocked loaded firearm). Policies designed to reduce the number of household firearms, especially handguns, may reduce childhood GSWs.

Source: Abstract: United States Childhood Gun-Violence – Disturbing Trends (2013 AAP National Conference and Exhibition)

How the story is being spun by the liberals …

500 Children Die In Hospitals From Gunshot Wounds Every Year -- 8 of 10 of those gunshot wounds were caused by handguns.

Every year, 500 children and teenagers are killed from gunfire and another 7,500 kids are hospitalized from gun injuries, according to a new study from doctors who reviewed a decade’s worth of hospital pediatric records.

Highlighting how gun violence takes a large but invisible toll, the doctors found eight of 10 of those gunshot wounds were caused  by handguns. They found a “significant relationship” between a state’s household gun ownership rate and childhood gunshot wounds, suggesting that it has something to do with  the frequency of accidental shootings in the home. Arkansas leads the country with the highest rate of unlocked and loaded guns in households with children (7 percent).  Read more at www.alternet.com.

About the author: Rebecca Leber is a research assistant for the ThinkProgress war room. She graduated from the University of Rochester and holds a B.A. in political science and English with a minor in economics.

Excuse me, I call bullshit!

It appears that the researchers could have done us all a big favor and extended their analysis to highlight the number of children who were victims of assault by minority gang members or minorities reveling in the gangsta’/hip-hop/macho culture. Along with cross-tabulating the results with inner cities government by progressive socialist democrats with their strict gun control policies. How many people realize that gang membership and criminality is a problem of youth – and those who exploit youth to avoid heavy penalties when criminals are tried as adults?

The real conclusion that can often be drawn is that the progressive socialist democrats are looking to blame law-abiding citizens and the guns they own for the mayhem and death caused primarily by inner city gangs and criminals. Perhaps to avoid disturbing their core constituency in democrat-controlled areas. Look at Chicago, Detroit, and New York with their strict gun control laws – and tell me it makes sense to disarm law-abiding citizens to create an even larger pool of victims for criminals and crazies?

Bottom line …

The politicians want to criminalize the gun because they certainly don’t want to appear racist and criminalize the criminal, especially the minorities whose representation in criminality is far greater than their representation in the general population.

Corrupt politicians = corrupt thinking = more corruption.

-- steve 

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