DISASTROUS ROLL-OUT FOR FIRST DAYS IN OBAMACARE: The numbers -- 6, 100, 248 enrollments are pathetic!

With the caveat that these may not be the final numbers, it appears that only 6 people enrolled the first day, followed by 100 enrollments the next day, and 248 enrollments the next … an abysmal showing for a large-program roll out that had at least three years to prepare for the initial roll-out.

The real issue is that, while the IT experts knew what was happening and provided sufficient details and warning to the HHS Administrators and the White House, someone, for purely political reasons and “optics” decided to proceed rather than be criticized for missing a critical deadline. Possibly because they thought that a biased mainstream media might downplay the magnitude of the disaster and hold President Barack Obama from blame. Perhaps, Obama using the same lines he used with Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, and all the others. – I know only what I read in the papers, just like you – and I am outraged and promise to fix the problem. As if daily classified executive briefings never happened.

A word of sympathy for the IT people and supporting staff in the war room and on the front lines … They are doing the best they can and the pressure to perform miracles is intense. Hope they are handling the stress well.

Here is an excerpt from the jargon-filled Obamacare War Room status reports. [My comments in blue] …  

CCIIO [Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight] -Wide War Room Notes 10.2.13 AM

Action Items
-  Share QSSI [Quality Software Services, Inc.] dashboard with Alissa and Mike.
-  Share group contacts for the cross-functional teams with all who are on this meeting invite. 

On-going issues: High capacity on the website, direct enrollment not working, VA system not
connecting, Experian creating confusion with credit check information, residency issue has a script
being developed for the 900 issues that occurred, and many agent-brokers have not signed up on
EIDM. [Enterprise ID Management]

Resolved issues: Residency issue is fixed going forward, new account management process
developed to handle workload created by furloughs, OH Navigators are now available, and
privacy/security process for state reporting has been validated through its first use by RI. 

Cross-functional teams have been organized to address different buckets of issues, such as Premium Discrepancies, and this meeting will be one way that current issues are directed to those teams. The teams will also be expected to report back to the War Room about the resolution of issues they have been provided.

Agent-broker help desk, lists of agent-brokers for states, and registration of agent-brokers in
EIDM  are discussed.

6 enrollments have occurred so far with 5 different issuers.

CIRT [Computer Incident Response Team]

Capacity- Still high capacity on the website and having EIDM issues, They added more servers overnight. OIS [Office of Information Services] is working on it.

Direct enrollment- (signing up directly on au issuer website) is not working for any issuers, so OIS is diagnosing the problem and looking at short and long-term solutions.

VA- VA system is down, but looking to connect it back up. Important for APTC [Advanced Premium Tax Credit] verifications- when the FFM [Federally-Facilitated Marketplace] can't get an electronic verification, it asks for a self-attestation. The data sent over right now is always correct, but it is not always sent over (no incorrect data is being submitted).

Experian- It is still being worked on- RI was cross-validating credit checks. Experian has a slow helpdesk we are helping them with.

PM (standing item) [Program Manager]

HIOS [Health Insurance Oversight System] notice re data changes - Went out yesterday.

HIOS call today - It is on for today. 3 announcements for issuers, and Carlos will be joining.

Account management - Account managers largely furloughed, so LMI [Logistics Management Institute] is setting up a dedicated line to take calls and triage information.  

LMI 0000337

Process: Data/IT questions will go to XOC, and policy questions will go to ROs if they have answers to take on a collection of issuers, and if it is an issue that does not have a JIRA ticket/ has not been answered, it will go to a CCIIO SME to answer it.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Residency Fix - Residency issue will be fixed going forward. Problem ID: There were 6 servers, and 4 of them didn't have the right production data. 

Notices Issue - The notice you would get wouldn't save, so it would be different later on in your sign-up process. Still being fixed.  '

CHIP- Need more data to determine if CHIP determinations are happening correctly. Will keep
reviewing the data today. 

MIDAS - Should be getting report-outs from MIDAS soon. Talking to OIS to learn more about them. The data transfer went fine; it didn't go fine when matching up with Cognos. The data surprised Cognos (null fields where they didn't expect it), so dashboards didn't populate. CACI is working on fixing it. SMEs being pulled in to look at the data and help advise CACI on fixes. As of midnight last night, they did pull HUB data in.

Statistics coming in- QSSI has a daily dashboard created every night. First one last night 6 enrollments/834s spread across 5 issuers. No failures. TAls (functional group acknowledgement) and positive 999s back on all 6 enrollments. Issuers include BCBS NC, BCBS Kansas City, and CareSource. Healthcare Service Corporation had the 2 enrollments. 

HUB activity doesn't get into the substance of the enrollment, so we don't know if any of them would be getting subsidies.

Submitted applications increasing (about 300) and CHIP applications are occurring. A bunch of
QHP eligible people as well.

It would be worth tracking the first SADP successful enrollment as well. The dashboard can be shared; they do have not only the name of the issuer but also the Issuer ID on the spreadsheet. If someone can review dashboard for specifics, that would be helpful.

Action Item: Share QSSI dashboard with Alissa and Mike.

Agent-Brokers - The agent-broker helpdesk, list of agent-brokers for states, and registration of
agent-brokers in EIDM are discussed. 

Remedy Access - Working on Remedy access for Agent-broker helpdesk- may be up by end of
day. Booz Allen Hamilton is helping us to expand this helpdesk because we did not plan on
having a large one. 

LMI 0000338

Excerpts ….

CCIIO Wide War Room 10.2.13 PM

Consumer access issues are occurring; some estimates show 40,000 people in the waiting room.
Direct enrollment is still not working.
The paper application is available on marketplace.gov, the partner website, but not
healthcare.gov, the consumer website.
Approximately 100 enrollments have happened as of this meeting.

CCIIO-Wide War Room 10.3.13 AM

As of yesterday, there were 248 enrollments.

Bottom line …

Obamacare is beyond belief. HHS Secretary Sebelius was a cold, calculating shrew when testifying before Congress – saying little of real value. The whole cadre of progressive socialist democrats need to be tossed out of office. And some need to go to prison for a massive bait-and-switch fraud/Ponzi scheme that will eventually destroy the healthcare we knew and loved.

Obama and his fellow travelers are now attempting to blame the insurers; hoping that people hate insurance companies more than politicians. It won’t fly, the insurers, many of whom are warned by someone in the White House to be silent, will mount their own lobbying activities against the democrats who have perpetrated this travesty on America and Americans.

-- steve 

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