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United States Senator and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Gives the Finger to the American Public …


Only one man to blame …

Progressive democrat socialist and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) refuses to delay  “individual mandate” for one year or make it voluntary – after President Barack Obama granted a similar exemption for American industry and a host of special interests like the unions.

Additionally, Harry Reid refused the “Continuing Resolution” that would have demanded that Congress participate in the very same manner as all American citizens – without subsidies unless they were entitled to them by virtue of their income.

The continuing resolution that Reid refused to consider also funded the majority of the government while holding the progressive socialist democrats responsible for an unworkable piece of legislation that is already experiencing major implementation problems. The House of Representatives has also passed a number of smaller Continuing Resolutions to insure that certain parts of the government will remain functioning and that the military and senior citizens will be paid as usual.

This is nothing more than a short-term stunt by the progressive socialist democrats as they know that the debate over the debt ceiling involving the full faith and credit of the United States is on the short-term horizon.

Not only is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act a lie because it provides no real patient protections and is not always affordable, it is basically unconstitutional. The President of the United States has illegally and seriously compromised the constitution by usurping Congressional power as the sole lawmaking body by modifying portions of the Act.

If anything the progressive socialist democrats should be charged with a crime for violating the Truth in Advertising Act.

All of the legislators had plenty of time to negotiate a settlement -- but they shirked their duties and engaged in brinksmanship for political purposes.

-- steve

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