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The Solution to the NSA Information Collection Problem

It appears that the FISA court has decided to allow the NSA (National Security Agency) to collect an unlimited number of electronic records, both metadata (telephone numbers, date, time, etc.) as well as the actual conversations; to be kept in a secure “lockbox” until they are needed – by a showing of probable cause to a court of competent jurisdiction.

This presents a fundamental violation of your constitutional rights regarding search and seizure. That in addition to being able to mine the data for out-of-context snippets of electronic messages and conversations to prove one element of a crime: intent. Or, alternatively, to allow the law enforcement authorities to use these prohibited materials to develop “alternative” ways of developing similar incriminating information. And, not beyond the realm of possibility, inserting false information into these archived data banks to allow the government to coerce selected citizens into performing actions against the best interests or destroy their lives and careers with false and misleading information. It would not be the first time that “secret” government information has been leaked to the courts or the news media for in the pursuit of a political agenda.

Here is what the Court did … 

NSA: Surveillance court says no upper limit on phone records collection

A U.S. surveillance court has given the National Security Agency no limit on the number of U.S. telephone records it collects in the name of fighting terrorism, the NSA director said Thursday.

The NSA intends to collect all U.S. telephone records and put them in a searchable “lock box” in the interest of national security, General Keith Alexander, the NSA’s director, told U.S. senators. “There is no upper limit” on NSA telephone-records collection, Alexander said. “I believe it is in the nation’s best interest to put all the phone records into a lock box that we can search when the nation needs to do it.”

The NSA would need to notify the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and Congress before collecting some other types of U.S. communications, including mobile-phone location information, Alexander told senators. The NSA doesn't currently have plans to collect mobile-phone location information, he said. Source: NSA: Surveillance court says no upper limit on phone records collection | PCWorld

This is a clear and present danger to all American citizens … 

There is little or no doubt that corrupt politicians, organized crime, and a self-serving, self-perpetuating political bureaucracy has now begun to nibble at the edges of tyrannical behavior to create a permanent political class, protected at all cost, from the will of the people. There is also little or no doubt that corrupt law enforcement officials and prosecutors have falsified or withheld exculpatory evidence that has sent innocent men to jail or, even worse, to their executions. Pretty much why I no longer sanction the death penalty except in the most clear-cut of cases. Even the courts have been complicit in thwarting justice by refusing to hear new evidence or reconsider old evidence using newer forensic techniques. Some publically-elected police, sheriffs, prosecutors, and judges are no longer about justice, but the prolongation or elevation of their own careers.

The solution …

One, NSA or other covert surveillance can ONLY be used for national security purposes and cannot be used in criminal trials or to prepare for criminal trials. We have seen where the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) grew from a tool to be used against organized crime to a tool freely used to threaten individuals into admitting (sometimes falsely) a crime by enhancing the penalties or involving their families in the prosecution. It is only a matter of time until federal, state, and local law enforcement will be given access to this treasure trove of information as they have solid ties with the corrupt politicians who can legislatively or administratively grand access.

Two, any government employee, contractor, agent, informant, or third-party that accesses covert information and uses that information for personal, professional, commercial, political, or other non-sanctioned use will be guilty of a class-A felony and will be subject to a jail term without the possibility of a plea bargain, parole or a reduction in time and sentence for period no less than five years to life, depending on the outcome of the data breach. Should an innocent man be convicted, the penalty enhancement would be to serve the same sentence in addition to the original sentence.

Three, any politician improperly disclosing or using information would be treated like any other government employee.

Bottom line …

Our government appears to be turning against the people in a move towards a permanent political party and a government similar to Mexico, the oligarchs controlling corrupt politicians. All set against a background of socialism that sanctions the cronyism of the ruling elite and their special interests and the re-distribution of wealth and entitlements to purchase the votes required to remain in power. A very, very dangerous step down a slippery slope.

Already the government has developed a more massive and intrusive spying operation than the covert NSA activities. It is known as Obamacare and you are being forced – by the Internal Revenue Service – to participate or face criminal and/or civil sanctions.

Ask yourself, can we throw the progressive socialist democrats and their republican sycophants out of office during the 2014 congressional election cycle? You bet. But you must start now. First, by demanding candidates with decency and core values – not politically correct and corrupt lickspittles that are either the best of the worst or the worst of the best. It’s all up to you, because it is now a matter of life and death. Don’t believe me, check out your health insurance coverage for Obamacare when it comes to the one experimental procedure or drug that can save your life or your child’s life. Enough said!

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