Syria: President Obama votes "Present" by engaging Congress

Just like in the bad old days in the Illinois Legislature, where Barack Hussein Obama was so afraid of taking a public stance on a political issue lest it damage his budding career as a politician, Obama once again votes “present” on a controversial issue.

Syria, is extremely problematical to Obama. The “evidence” of the use of chemical weapons is dodgy as there is no clear and undisputable proof that they were used by either side. And, even more controversial is that the Obama would need to risk calls for his impeachment related to committing an act of war against a foreign sovereign nation without a direct attack on the United States or its assets, or even the claim that such an attack was imminent. As for enforcing international laws relating to the use of chemical weapons against a civilian population, the United States does not have the unilateral power to address or remediate international crimes that do not involve America or American citizens. Basically, the United States is not the policeman of the world.

So, with dodgy evidence and a growing personal risk, the cowardly Obama did what he has always done in the past: punted. By handing off the matter to Congress, Obama has found a way to essentially vote “present” without assuming personal responsibility for his actions. If Congress authorized the use of military force in Syria, Obama is absolved of any responsibility for the outcome and any unintended consequences. If Congress does not authorize the use of military force in Syria, Obama points to Congress, most likely pointing at Congressional Republicans, and claims his hands were tied.

Hiding behind the skirts of his advisors …

Once again, the non-leader Obama is leading from behind – probably hiding behind the skirts of Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice. Which should come as no surprise to those who just found out that President Obama preferred to play cards with Reggie Love rather than watch the bin Laden raid unfold.

Somehow, Obama has become the perfect puppet of those who pull his strings, his only goal is to take credit for good accomplishments and blame any failure on someone else. But, what can you expect of a man who “accepted” a Nobel Peace Prize based on no accomplishments. A  real man would have handed back the prize and claimed that awarding such a prize for non-achievement only cheapened the prize and disgraced the Nobel Peace Prize committee. Unfortunately, that is not how things work in progressive socialist democrat circles.

-- steve

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