Obama is talking to Tehran: Will this be a repeat of North Korea negotiating in bad faith while they perfect their nuclear weapon capability and make fools of the progressive socialist democrats?
WTF: John McCain Hires Elizabeth O'Bagy, Disgraced Lobbyist with ties to Militant Syrian Terrorists Pushing For U.S. Funding and Intervention?

Obamacare: Here are the twenty-five Republicans who voted with the progressive socialist democrats to screw the average American citizen and move us further down the road to international socialism!

As you feel the pain from Obamacare implementation, remember these twenty-five Senators, RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) stood with progressive socialist democrats to implement a socialist takeover of one-sixth of the nation’s economy and to build the most comprehensive government tracking database that keeps a dossier on every America. All of which is unconstitutional and being enforced at the point of a gun by the Internal Revenue Service.

When given a chance to stand up for America, these turncoats and democrat ass-lickers turned tail and ran …


  1. Alexander (TN)
  2. Ayotte (NH)
  3. Barrasso (WY)
  4. Blunt (MO)
  5. Boozman (AR)
  6. Burr (NC)
  7. Chambliss (GA)
  8. Chiesa (NJ)
  9. Coats (IA)
  10. Coburn (OK)
  11. Cochran (MS)
  12. Collins (ME)
  13. Corker (TN),
  14. Cornyn (TX)
  15. Graham (SC)
  16. Hoeven (ND)
  17. Isakson (GA)
  18. Johanns (NE)
  19. Johnson (WI)
  20. Kirk (IL)
  21. McCain (AZ)
  22. McConnell (KY)
  23. Murkowski (AK)
  24. Thune (SD)
  25. Wicker (MS)

Bottom line …

Never forget that these men and women form the fifth column that has destroyed the Republican Party and American ideals. Led by John McCain, a man who collaborated with the enemy in Vietnam and continues to be a fictional “war hero” in the eyes of the media.

We have been sold out by a group that is working hard to secure a democrat victory in the next congressional and presidential election. And, to think John McCain was the Republican candidate for the Presidency makes me sick.

-- steve

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