Navy Yard Massacre: Is the government willing to protect you or are they trying for a higher body count for propaganda use? Why isn’t the Admiral in charge not being relieved of command?


Once again, the progressive socialist democrats in the California Legislature want to disarm law-abiding citizens and create a new class of government-dependent victims that will be at the mercy of vicious street gangs, criminals, and thugs. This not only violates your right to self-protection using weapons capable of neutralizing the threat of multiple shooters, but your right to protect yoursel and your family when the authorities cannot arrive in time to save your life. Especially in times of widespread emergencies.

This is government tyranny to insure that "We the People" will always be dependent on government for our safety and security, and to protect those who want to tyrannize the population for their own self-benefit.

This single issue alone should be enough to convince you to throw out all of the progressive socialist democrats in local, state, and federal jurisdictions before the disarm the all of America and install themselves as a perpetual political party.

It’s time to act right now and continue until October 14th.  We need to generate enough noise to be heard by our state government. The following bills passed the California Legislature and are sitting on the Governor’s desk that must be vetoed to preserve your 2nd Amendment right in California.


You could even find yourself a criminal if you fail to act!

 *AB-48 Nancy Skinner, Berkeley, (D) Firearms: MAGAZINE BAN * Bans all firearms magazines and magazine kits or rebuild kits and parts, over 10 rounds, no grandfathering existing purchased magazines. Criminalizes private sales, lending or giving away any magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

 *AB-169 Roger Dickinson, Sacramento, (D)  UNSAFE HANDGUNS * Will limit private party transfers, selling/consignments used handguns to a maximum of two used handguns per calendar year.

 *AB-180 Rob Bonta, Alameda, Oakland, (D) Ammunition.*Allows Oakland to preempt state law with respect to firearms laws and set up their own laws. Therefore to fight Oakland city violence you could pay an ammo tax, or ban all firearms within a city. This dangerous precedent could then be used all over the state; It creates an opportunity to inadvertently trap and prosecute any firearms enthusiast by just the mere passing through any city with such preempted draconian firearms laws.

*AB-231 Phillip Ting, Sunset District San Francisco (D) * GUN-OWNER CRIMINAL LIABILITY will make you criminal if a ‘child’ less than 21 years old accesses that loaded firearm that includes anyone under 21. No exceptions.

*AB 711 Anthony Rendon, Lakewood, (D) Non-lead ammunition. This bill bans all lead containing ammunition in CA for the taking of ANY wildlife (even snakes and jackrabbits) in California, despite no scientific evidence whatsoever that lead ammunition is or ever has been a problem in CA  animals or environment. Will make shooting unaffordable in CA and outlaw all existing ammo. Most shotguns won’t fire new shot w/o damage.

*SB-299 Mark DeSaulnier, Walnut Creek, (D) * REPORTING LOST/STOLEN HANDGUNS It’s back, Requires every person, w/ few exceptions, to report the theft or loss of a firearm he or she owns or possesses to law enforcement within 7 days of the time he or she actually knew, or reasonably should have known that the firearm had been stolen or lost. Issue? You could find yourself a criminal by reporting a stolen gun 7 days or more later after it was stolen. Example, while on vacation your home was burglarized, guns stolen, a week later you return, learn of the crime, report it, and because of the time periods specified in the law, you are a criminal for responsible theft reporting & can no longer own firearms, nor legally vote.

*SB-374 Darrell Steinberg, (D), Loni Hancock (D), Leland Yee (D) * SEMI-AUTO RIFLE BAN. Bans sale of all centerfire semi-automatic rifles, and Re-Classifies the same rifles with fixed, tube, or detachable magazines with a capacity of 10 rounds or less, as an ASSAULT WEAPON. You then must re-register each qualifying firearm as an assault weapon w/ hefty fee each, fingerprinting card for each & paperwork for each, or remove them from CA, or hand them in to police, or face felony charges. Once registered, they can’t ever be willed, sold, lent, or given to anyone including family members. This is their centerpiece anti-2nd Amendment legislation and it’s a big one. This bill outlaws a whole class of rifles including rifles that have been legal for over 100 years.

*SB-475 Mark Leno, Daly City (D) Gun Shows. * Allows San Mateo County and city of San Francisco to ban gun shows on public property. Sets the stage for banning all gun shows in California.

*SB 567 Hannah Beth-Jackson, Santa Barbara, (D) Shotguns. * Revises the definition of a shotgun.  Deletes requirement that it be intended to be fired from the shoulder, and would clarify that the projectile may be fired through either a rifled bore or a smooth bore. The intent here is to ban revolving cylinder .410/ .45 shotguns such as the Circuit Judge & currently legal, short barreled handheld shot type guns.

*SB 683 Marty Block, San Diego, (D)  Used firearms: * Requires any firearms user or purchaser to have a new of  CA state valid firearms safety certificate of some kind (yet to be defined by CA DOJ) and ads additional cost to purchase or use any type of firearm. It is not known if the existing handgun safety certificates will be valid. Non-gun owners will be required to get certificate to use a firearm. Can you imagine taking a novice shooter to the range for their first time and they have to get a certificate first.

*SB-755 Lois Wolk, Martinez, (D) Prohibited persons. Greatly expands the list of misdemeanor convictions that result in prohibiting firearms possession including alcohol related convictions. This is in direct contravention to many court rulings of late. Imagine, a misdemeanor could result in losing a constitutional right.

You must ACT, & Act Now  


Take action now and please contact Governor Jerry Brown at (916) 445-2841  or Fax (916) 558-3160,   or contact him through his website.

Important Note: On the Governor’s email page; be sure to scroll down and select the appropriate bill number under the “Please Choose Your Subject” tab. After you press continue you will be able to write your email. At the top of this page will be a Pro or Con stance, be sure to mark you stance! As well, some of these bills may not yet have been added to the Governor’s website, so please keep up the phone calls on these until they appear.

Mailing address:
Governor Jerry Brown,
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173,
Sacramento, CA 95814

We need you, You are the future of the 2nd Amendment in CA.  You need to get involved!  If you don’t this year, when will you?   When it’s too late?  Look at these bills, we are almost there. This Incremental-ism at its worst This is the last straw, the last opportunity.  Call, write, fax, and email the Governor. Do all 3, please! Let him know you don’t enjoy them criminalizing law-abiding Californians like you. Stand and Fight for your rights,

DO IT NOW or lose your rights forever!

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