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Global Warming: Wealth Redistribution and Carbon Credits Created out of thin air!

Carbon credits are a socialist’s dream: created out of thin air by assigning an artificial value to an existing forest, these credits are nothing more than a wealth re-distribution scheme to transfer money from the industrialized nations to the third-world nations where the money is used for shoring up the regime in power and purchasing additional influence.

Carbon Credits can kill you. Gross polluters can purchase government-approved carbon credits to offset existing pollution that puts local individuals at risk from pollution-related diseases. It is a win-win for everyone except the citizens are risk from pollution and the ratepayers who are forced to pay for higher energy prices to allow companies to earn record profits from continuing their polluting ways. Not to mention the Wall Street Wizards who are creating, purchasing, trading, and banking pollution credits like any other commodity transaction.

Another scam …

Massive Carbon Credit Sale Announced in Madagascar -- Madagascar Puts First-Ever Government-Backed Carbon Credits On Open Market

WCS and Government of Madagascar create the Makira REDD+ Project to prevent the release of 32.5 million tons of carbon -- Carbon credit sale will protect Madagascar’s most wildlife-rich forest, support local communities, and fight climate change

The Government of Madagascar and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced today that 705,588 carbon credits are certified for sale from the Makira Forest REDD+ Project. WCS estimates that it will prevent the release of more than 32 million tons of CO2 over the next thirty years.

The Makira REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation "plus" conservation) Project is the first sale of government-owned, government-led REDD+ credits in Africa.

Through carbon credit sales from avoided deforestation, the Makira REDD+ Project will finance the long-term conservation of one of Madagascar’s most pristine remaining rainforest ecosystems harboring rare and threatened plants and animals while improving community land stewardship and governance along with supporting the livelihoods of the local people.

This sale is a major step forward for the Government of Madagascar in advancing the use of carbon credits to fight climate change while protecting biodiversity and human livelihoods,” said WCS president and CEO Cristián Samper. “WCS congratulates Madagascar and is proud to partner with them on the Makira REDD+ project.”

REDD+ is an international framework that assigns a financial value to the carbon stored in forests, offering compensation to developing countries for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation while investing in low-carbon paths to sustainable development. REDD+ additionally includes the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.   Read more at: Massive Carbon Credit Sale Announced in Madagascar

To believe that these carbon credits help reduce global warming is to believe man can dial-back the Sun’s energy output, change the Earth’s position relative to the Sun, or affect the Earth’s rotational dynamics, volcanoes, deep ocean currents, and cloud formation.

Bottom line …

Global warming is a historic scam put forth by the international socialists and the special interests that would profit from the billions of dollars of transactions. Open your eyes and ears – learn the truth. This is pure political corruption – put forth by the progressive socialist democrats who should be thrown out of office or jailed for helping to destroy America from within.

-- steve

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