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Amerika: Why not elect a communist to be Mayor of New York?

At least we found a progressive socialist democrat who is not afraid of the title that describes his beliefs …

Bill de Blasio Explains His ‘Liberation Theology’ | Politicker

“I thought the story clearly could have been more balanced and I thought the particular use of terminologies–I found it surprising, let’s just put it that way,” responded, Mr. de Blasio, likely referring to the paper’s mention that he had described himself back in 1990 as an advocate of “democratic socialism.”

“Yes, I did write that phrase on a piece of paper in 1990, but I always described my philosophy of being made up of a blend of influences and ideas,” explained Mr. de Blasio. “I was surprised in the year 2013 to see in that newspaper that particular approach.”

The candidate went on to provide a description of that blend, which was described in the story.

“I think that article didn’t fully represent what I feel except for one passage,” he said, “that very accurately noted that one part of me is a New Deal Democrat–just an updated version of it–one part of me is probably similar to a European Social Democrat, and I’m also very deeply influenced by liberation theology, which I learned a lot about in the years I worked on Latin America.”

Overall, he said, people should understand him as “a consistent progressive with a very strong activist worldview and someone who wants to make substantial change in this city.”

Mr. de Blasio also yet again defended his support for the Nicaraguan Sandinista party, which has been slammed repeatedly by his Republican rival, Joe Lhota. Source: Bill de Blasio Explains His ‘Liberation Theology’ | Politicker

Bottom line …

What the hell is happening to America when a candidate for one of the nation’s premier cities can openly proclaim himself to be a progressive socialist democrat interested in revolutionary-style change?

No pun intended, but there is something radically wrong in America when our politicians seem to espouse the values of our life-long enemies.

-- steve

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