Syria: It appears that Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, have failed the Constitution and the American people

Unbelievable: John McCain surrenders the Constitution to Progressive Socialist Democrats

Senator John McCain is not a Republican, he is not even a Republican In Name Only,” is is a progressive socialist democrat who does not appear to understand the Constitution of the United States …

“This is the same president that two years ago said that Bashar Assad must leave office and so where is America’s credibility? Where is our ability to influence events in the region?” ~ John McCain

Excuse me! Did I miss the part of the Constitution that allows the President of the United States to tell a foreign sovereign leader he needs to leave office – and to back that up with the United States military? Is John McCain that much of a progressive schmuck to not realize that America, under Barack Hussein Obama, has lost its credibility because Obama has no leadership skills, is afraid to take any action that would hold him responsible for the results of his action, and blames others for his ineptness. Probably because no speechwriter could ghost a coherent military policy and put it on Obama’s TelePrompTer.

And, McCain the military man – just barely according to all published accounts – should know that you do not use military might and American soldiers to bolster the President’s ego and his tattered reputation.

“[Those] who say we should stay out of Syria do not understand that this is now a regional conflict” that is increasingly “getting worse,” he said. “And what is the president’s policy? What is the president’s policy?”

What? McCain, the schmuck, believes that the United States should intervene in a civil war that has little or nothing to do with America and American citizens. Truth-be-told, both sides are corrupt Muslims willing to kill each other with impunity. And, if you look closely, Assad the bad guy was accepting of minorities and Coptic Christians, whereas the other side wants to ethnically cleanse the minorities and Coptic Christians – not to mention impose strict Sharia law. Oh, did I mention that the rebels are associated with al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood?

This is a no-win situation for America. Perhaps Obama and McCain have been purchased by the Saudis or the Emir of Qatar – because we sure don’t have a dog in this fight.

Bottom line …

Even the British Parliament told their leadership: No! Do not attack Syria. If President Obama attacks Syria without Congressional Approval, he should be impeached and tried for war crimes – because he surely will have committed an unauthorized act of war against a sovereign nation that does not threaten America or her interests. It’s almost as if Obama wants to repeat Clinton’s harmless bombing of an aspirin factory to divert attention from being sanctioned for sexual abuse of an intern in the Oval Office.

And, if Obama does not get the word – let us also hold Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and John Brennan equally culpable.

-- steve

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