Even to the dumbest of the dumb, when it comes to foreign policy, Joe Biden for instance, it is apparent to all that you cannot blame Israel for the Muslim Brotherhood’s ethnic cleansing of the Coptic Christians or Assad’s apparent gassing of his own people. These are Muslims fighting Muslims. And, if you look closely, there are no moderate or good Muslims to be found. Only dictators trying to protect their fiefdoms from al Qaeda-like terrorists. Hard to blame any of this on Israel. Israel did not create the intolerable conditions within these Muslim countries. Israel did not send “freedom fighters” to expand Sharia law and combine Islamic countries into a new Caliphate. And Israel, like Saudi Arabia is not funding both sides and hoping to walk away hand-in-hand with the winner in order to protect their corrupt Kingdom.

Certainly we can see the behind-the-scenes influence of both Saudi Arabia and Iran in the struggle – funding terrorist shock troops in the hopes that their own Kingdoms will not be overthrown.

Here in America, where is CAIR and the Moderate Minnesota Muslims decrying the violence as Coptic Christians are being ethnically cleansed? Not one damn word about anything from anyone.

It appears that the Palestinians are upset. They have that gasbag, John Kerry, talking about peace and the creation of a Palestinian state while chaos rains down on Muslim countries. Imagine that, Muslims fighting Muslims – and not a Jew to be found. Even the most corrupt Muslim sympathizer can’t point to Israel and say, once again, that it must be the Jews behind all of this fighting.

Does anyone else notice that whereas Israel took great precautions not to kill innocent civilians and to limit collateral damage, the radical Muslims simply don’t give a damn? Destroying men, women, and children with impunity. Attacking hospitals and Mosques if they support the opposition.

Where the hell is the progressive mainstream media. The best information is coming from the social media and the foreign press. Nothing but the stale old sound bites from ossified politicians. Perhaps someone should ask Kissinger or Madeline Albright how to resolve the problem. Surely these progressive academics know how to stop bloodthirsty Muslims engaged in Jihad.

So where is Obama? Leading from behind, or in reality – reading memos from Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and John Brennan – all apparently telling him to support the friends of Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood that reaches into former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s staff and allegedly has ties to his own Brother’s charity. Oh my! Oh my!  Obama must take action or look like the complete, incompetent fool he appears to be. Time to pull out a page out of the Clinton play book and lob some Cruise Missiles at Syria.

Better yet, where is the corrupt and impotent United Nations? Surely they are up to the task of protecting Coptic Christians from ethnic cleansing. Like they did in Rwanda and the Sudan – whoops, forgot – they didn’t do a damn thing there either!

Bottom line …

With all of the Islamic chaos swirling about – who do they threaten if the United States attacks Syria – Israel. Only this time, the United States will not be able to push Israel into responding with a proportional response as they have done in the past. If these Islamic Jihadists attempt to attack Israel with chemical weapons, it may  be that Israel will destroy their chemical stockpiles with nuclear weapons – the right way, incinerating the chemicals to keep them from being further dispersed. Not such a good deal in the blast radius for man or beast.

We are living in dangerous times. Where the Muslims can no longer point to Israel as the source of discord in the Middle East. They now own the conflagration they created and there is no third-party to blame. And, if the United States were smart, they would let these Jihadists kill each other until the fight spills over to something where America really has an interest. Then, drawing a really bright red line in blood if anyone dares step across it. Unfortunately, Barack Obama’s balls are in Valerie Jarrett’s pocket and the tough generals he fired are off doing something else.

That leaves only low level employees to blame when it all goes South on Obama’s watch.

-- steve

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