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I am not a fan of unions. I believe them to be parasitic socialist/communist organizations that are operated for the sole benefit of the fat-cat union leaders who profit from managing billions of dollars in pension funds. Unions who reward seniority over merit, the status quo over innovation, and the imposition of onerous work rules that are costly and nonsensical.

With that said, on my way to my local Best Buy store, I saw this …


Curious, I asked about the labor dispute. The picketers were able to explain nothing and handed me a flyer …


Interesting -- the labor dispute is not really with the company being picketed …


Look at the facts:

  1. Ross Stores, Inc. is an S&P 500, Fortune 500 and Nasdaq 100 (ROST) company headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with fiscal 2012 revenues of $9.7 billion. <Source: Ross> Like most companies, they have no obligation to anyone but their shareholders to selected the best vendors and suppliers that provide value to the corporation and their shareholders.
  2. Ross Stores, Inc. has hired H&M Company, an out of state general contractor from Jackson, Tennessee for the construction of their new 1.7 million square foot distribution center in Shafter, California.
  3. The construction site is approximately 140 miles from the store that was picketed in Thousand Oaks, California.
  4. H&M Company in turn has hired Baymarr Constructors, Inc. to perform the concrete work for the project.
  5. Carpenters Local 743 and Local 803 have a labor dispute with Baymarr Constructors, Inc. Baymarr Constructors, Inc. does not meet the Area Wage Standards for their mostly Hispanic Immigrant Carpenter Craft employees.

So why is the union demonizing Ross Stores, causing potential corporate losses and loss of customers by dragging Ross into a situation not of their making and not under their direct control?

Of course the answer is simple: coercion – trying to force Ross to intervene and push a labor solution favorable to the union. Knowing full well that Ross will probably suffer “reputational” damage and find it easier to roll over and push the union position on independent companies.

Why else would these union asswipes try to demonize the CEO of Ross and resort to class warfare to make their point?

Ross Stores, Inc. MADE 9.7 BILLION DOLLARS in 2012. Wouldn't you think Ross Stores, Inc. would want a contractor who pays their Carpenter Craft Workers the Area Wage Standard, and who is not a burden on the Community to perform the concrete work on their new project?

Ross Stores, Inc. PAID CEO Michael Balmuth $11 MILLION DOLLARS in 2012. Would Michael Balmuth work for less? We are pretty sure that Michael Balmuth would say that he is worth every penny that he earns.

Does Michael Balmuth shop at Ross for all his Clothes?

MAYBE it's just that Ross Stores, Inc. & Michael Balmuth just DON'T CARE· THEY GOT THEIRS!

Consider the difference between Michael Balmuth, who is providing significant value to his corporation and his shareholders and is rewarded by these shareholders through the Board of Directors for his efforts, and the unions that contribute nothing to Ross. By what morality does Ross need to employ union workers or, in reality, employ contractors who employ union workers? Who is to say that any wage is fair – because historically the unions have always pushed for more and more wages and benefits without providing a corresponding increase in profits, productivity or enterprise competitiveness. They are a parasite feasting on the host.

Who is getting ripped off?

Ross Stores, Inc. is allowing Our Communities to be RIPPED-OFF:

• Ross Stores, Inc. Vice Chairman/CEO Michael Balmuth and the Board of Directors have an "OBLIGATION" to our communities to see that Area Wage Standards are met for the  construction work on their new project.

• Ross Stores, Inc. should not be able to insulate themselves behind "independent" contractors, and for this reason, we have a labor dispute with these entities.

• Ross Stores, Inc. should not burden Our Communities- in our opinion the communities end up paying the tab for employee healthcare and low wages tend to lower general community
standards, thereby encouraging crime and other social ills.

There is no proof any community is being ripped off or that Ross has an obligation to anyone except its shareholders. If you do not like what Ross offers, buy elsewhere. But, do not hold Ross responsible for a third-party relationship that they do not directly control. Ross benefits the community by providing goods and services at an attractive price. They are not the city government doling out entitlements. They are not a labor oversight group. They are doing what they are doing with a clear moral conscience.

As for a burden to “our communities,” look what the unions have done to disadvantage their own workers. First, they ignore the political makeup of the membership to constantly vote democrat. Second, they supported Obamacare that disadvantages every citizen and worker in this nation. Third, when they determined Obamacare was unworkable and a boondoggle, most unions asked for waivers so they were not required to participate in plans created by the legislation they overwhelmingly sponsored.

As for contributing to crime and other ills, I have yet to see a union stand up against gangs or infiltration by organized crime. As for social ills, how many illegal aliens have been accepted by the unions to the disadvantage of their card-carrying rank-and-file?

And, speaking of card-carrying, what with the unions marching hand-in-hand with socialist and communist organization that use trained goons and “organizers” to agitate and disrupt our communities in order to increase their political control and access to entitlements.

Weasel words …

At the very bottom of the flyer are the weasel words that keep this from being an official labor action: “We are not urging any workers to refuse to work nor are we urging any suppliers to refuse to deliver any goods.”

Bottom line …

I have no problem with the union putting forth its information and opinion … but I demand the same right. If people feel strongly about the labor situation, they need not shop at Ross. Or, alternatively, if they believe as I do, they should visit and show support for the store and its corporate leadership.

The unions don’t give a rat’s ass about the companies they prey upon. Their total goal is to increase their membership and the amount of money they manage (some say mismanage) – and the salaries they pay their leadership and the special interests they support. Most unions are deeply rooted in international socialism and their attempt to control the labor force in order to place their corrupt and greasy thumbprint on the Constitution of the United States.

And, by the way – what is this bullshit about an “immigrant labor force?” Are they speaking of legal immigrants – also known as citizens – or those with a legal work permit – or are they speaking of the illegal aliens they might represent? It’s unclear at this point.

I have never been in a Ross store and suddenly I have the urge to visit one.

-- steve

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