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This is not an exigent event that demands immediate action by the Commander-in-Chief. Therefore, the President of the United States must seek Congressional approval before committing an act of war on a foreign sovereign nation. According to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, he is providing President Obama with the ability to move quickly if he decides to use a cruise missile strike against Syrian government forces.

In addition, there is the possibility of a charge of “crimes against humanity” should President Obama give arms, aid, and comfort to the Syrian rebels – most of whom represent al Qaeda and promise to slaughter the remaining minorities in Syria, including the Alawites, Coptic Christians, and others while turning Syria into a theocratic state governed by Sharia law.

If this is to be a symbolic gesture ... in what crazy world does the President of the United States commit an act of war to register his personal outrage?

Even worse, why isn't the President doing his duty and stop those chemical weapons from falling into the hands of al Qaeda to be used against Americans or American allies.

Has anyone noticed that President Obama has done nothing to stop Iran from going nuclear and becoming relatively untouchable -- even as they spread state terrorism?

And, who is stopping President Obama from arming the al Qaeda rebels to further the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood? Other than Senator Ted Cruz, who is even speaking out on the issues?

-- steve

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