How many of you have met your neighbors and traded phone numbers?


This is unbelievably stupid …

Are the progressive socialist democrats so freaking stupid as to believe a criminal deciding to rob a store will look at the “No Guns sign” and not enter?

It is a fact that a criminal looking for an attractive target will choose the one that offers the greatest chance of walking away with the loot without facing armed opposition. 


They know it is an empty symbolic gesture …

“We’re making a statement as a community” said Washington CeaseFire Director Ralph Faciatelli. “We know this won’t stop someone determined to cause violence, but we hope that standing together and giving businesses a tool to say no to guns will change the conversation around gun violence. Maybe our message will even make it to Olympia - we need better tools now to stop gun violence in our community.”

Gun violence claims more than 31,000 lives every year in our country. In King County alone, more people die every year from gun violence than from motor vehicle collisions. This violence takes an enormous emotional and financial toll on victims and their families. Between 2007 and 2011, the estimated annual cost of firearms deaths and hospitalizations in King County was $177 million.


“We are here to support businesses that do not wish to have guns on their premises” said McGinn. “The police department regularly enforces trespass laws when a visitor to a business violates that business’s rules. We will continue to do so, and I thank these businesses for standing up for the safety of their customers.”  <Source>

What the progressive socialist democrats rarely say is that most gun-related deaths are the result of police-involved shooting, criminal activities, and suicides. And, when you look deeper, it is usually a certain subset of the minority gang community involved in the majority of criminal activities.

Now, remind me again … wasn’t Seattle the city that feted Marijuana smokers – and isn’t it likely that drug-related gun violence might escalate as growers protect their pot farms, dealers attempt to eliminate the competition, and druggies rob law-abiding citizens for drug money?

If Seattle really wanted to be effective …

No Armed Gang Members
Allowed Inside

And if they wanted to cover all statistical bases …

No Armed, Drug-Using Minority Gang Members Allowed Inside

Bottom line …

Not only should law-abiding gun owners avoid these establishments, perhaps their insurance underwriters should raise their premiums as being an attractive nuisance for armed criminals. And, if anyone should be shot or killed in the establishment, they should be sued for failing to protect their patrons and encouraging criminal activity.

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