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My friend sent me an e-mail that was quite disturbing …

It appears that the State of Michigan might be pandering to a radicalized Muslim audience when it comes to welfare assistance.

Unlike many people who need additional assistance to overcome contemporary circumstances, many Muslims believe that they are owed money from the government as payment from the infidels to the faithful. During the Boston Marathon Bombing, it became painfully obvious that a number of Muslims were on welfare and believed that it was right and proper for infidels to pay devout Muslims.

Prominent Muslim Cleric: Collect Gov’t Welfare as a ‘Jihad Seeker’s Allowance’

A prominent Muslim cleric in the United Kingdom reportedly urged a group of fellow Muslims to collect government benefits as a “jihad seeker’s allowance,” saying non-Muslims who work 9-5 jobs will end up “committing suicide” at the end of their lives when they realize it wasn’t worth anything.

Sun News secretly filmed the man’s remarks at three different meetings where he said, among other things, that it is natural for Muslims to take money from the kuffar (derogatory term for non-believer), that Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama are the devil, and that Islam is taking over Europe. <Source>

A angry Black Christian talks about Dearborn, Michigan and Welfare …

(Common Sense TV -- The Doctor of Common Sense -- E.T. Williams)  

Assistance in all flavors ...


Assistance Application (DHS-1171)

Check Eligibility ButtonFind out if you're eligible and apply for assistance online using MI Bridges.

Once you've created your MI Bridges account, you can view your case information, upcoming appointments, and make changes to your case. No waiting in line, no traveling to your local DHS office - it's all online from the convenience of your own home or public computer!

If you do not have computer access or prefer to complete a paper application and take it in to your local DHS office, use the link below to get started.

The DHS-1171 is a packet containing an application for assistance, an information booklet and a filing form. The entire assistance application must be completed. The application may be filled out online but you must print it before taking the completed application to the DHS office closest to your area.

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Bottom line …

There are three major points to be made.

  1. The government bureaucrats look upon entitlement programs as a way to gain political power, so they continue to use the taxpayer’s funds to purchase support and votes.
  2. The government bureaucrats know that any new entitlement program will mean more unionized workers to serve the expanding entitlement “customers” and enlarge the size of government.
  3. The progressive socialist democrats who control most inner cities know that demanding assimilation and functioning in American societies keeps minorities separated and suppressed in American society to the point of creating a permanent underclass – or as they say, a coalition of the disaffected who believe that their real or imagined grievances can be solved by government instead of their own hard work, motivation, and education.

It is one thing to provide welfare to recipients who require temporary assistance to survive, it is quite another to see the system bilked out of billions.  Assistance should be given to citizens – thus motivating non-citizens to either survive or self-deport. There should be no more credit cards handed out to anyone who holds their hand out. Especially for those who could be working at cleaning up the inner cities if it were not for the public employee unions demanding that ONLY their people can perform clean-up activities. In fact, why not outlaw public employee unions in the first place and save the world from the scourge of international socialism.

And, since Muslims are fundamentally intolerant of the human rights of others, why not restrict immigration from these countries and return to the old-time program of sponsors being responsible for those they sponsor.

So much to be done – and few willing to stand up to make the hard choices. And, before you send me e-mails about racism, consider the exploitation of people for political purposes and tell me we do not all live on the man’s plantation under a progressive socialist democrat government.

-- steve

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