Trayvon Martin -- New Theory is Credible

Zimmerman -- Martin case: Steve, why are you continuing to cover the Zimmerman case?

I was asked why I continued to cover the Zimmerman case …

Because I believe that the black progressive racists have aligned against George Zimmerman to make a very dangerous, toxic, and untruthful point: that an innocent black youngster was wantonly, willfully, and illegally shot by a racist looking to shoot somebody.

Consider the forces arrayed against this single man,George Zimmerman, including the black progressive President of the United States, the black progressive Attorney General of the United States, the black progressive Congressional Black Caucus, and the even more powerful progressive media. Almost to a progressive, convicting Zimmerman on a false narrative.

What really pisses me off, is that George Zimmerman was the hero here – a man voluntarily seeking to protect his community from trouble. He did nothing wrong. But, due to circumstances and a fundamental error of the progressive media – that George Zimmerman was white – this man suffered and will continue to suffer the slings and arrows of a false accusation that he was and is a racist. Even when it was discovered that George Zimmerman was Hispanic, they characterized him as a “white Hispanic” or more pejoratively, a self-described Hispanic. They needed to continue the lie that fit their false narrative.

And, even more hurtful, is the fact that Trayvon Martin was neither an innocent nor a child. He was a mature, well-developed, physically-capable man who, by his own words, was a wannabe gangsta; thug. A person in trouble and most likely to have either committed a residential burglary or received stolen goods from that burglary. It is almost certain that had Trayvon killed an unarmed Zimmerman, he would have been tried as an adult.

Bottom line …

Asswipe race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson continue to demonize George Zimmerman as a murdering racist and canonize Trayvon Martin as if he were worthy of sainthood. Justice was served by the jury, but the personal injustice to George Zimmerman continues. All to pursue a progressive socialist agenda and further divide America along racial lines as radical communist agitators are taught to do.

Do we want an America ruled, not governed, by racists and progressives who ignore facts, subvert the Constitution, and place every American at risk from continuing violence? Do we want an America where the truth is ignored – that the corrupt politicians have created a permanent underclass for the purpose of diverting taxpayer funds and growing government to serve this growing segment of the population?

Do we, as Americans – not hyphenated-Americans, but melting pot Americans – want to flush our country down the drain and become a corrupt European socialist country, destined to fail if not for the handouts from their more generous neighbors?

What say you? I am listening!

-- steve 

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