Gun Control: Disgusting -- President Obama uses Trayvon Martin's corpse as a political platform


Here is the picture presented by that mainstream media and used in all of the advertising …


Here is Trayvon Martin as he really was, an angry gansta’ wannabe …



And about George Zimmerman’s observations that Trayvon Martin was acting suspiciously, walking slowly between homes, in the dark and the rain …

It appears that Trayvon Martin is alleged to have been found with stolen property, but never brought to the attention of the Miami-Dade Police Department due to a School Police  policy of reducing the number of crime reports involving black youngsters. The Miami-Dade School System maintains their own police department independent of the Miami-Dade Police Department.

On October 21st 2011 a burglary took place a few blocks from Krop Senior High School where Trayvon Martin attended. The stolen property outlined in the Miami-Dade Police Report (PD111021-422483) matches the descriptive presented by SRO [School Resource Officer] Dunn in his School Police report 2011-11477.

However, there was ONE big issue. SRO Dunn never filed a criminal report, nor opened a criminal investigation, surrounding the stolen jewelry. Instead, and as a result of pressure from M-DSPD Chief Hurley to avoid criminal reports for black male students, Dunn wrote up the jewelry as “found items”, and transferred them, along with the burglary tool, to the Miami-Dade Police property room where they sat on a shelf unassigned to anyone for investigation.

A separate report of “criminal Mischief” (T-08809) was filed for the additional issue of writing “WTF” on a school locker. [It was the search for the marker used to write the graffiti that led to the backpack search].

Sworn Statement of Sergeant William D. Tagle of the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department in an Internal Affairs investigation relating to police confidential documents released to the public.



Portrait of a gangsta’ …

As reported in the progressive New York Times …

In a series of text messages from November 2011 to February 2012, Mr. Martin wrote that he had been suspended from school for cutting classes. In the messages, he said his mother had “kicked” him out of the house and told him to move in with his father. In one message, Mr. Martin described himself as “gangsta.” Other text messages refer to his involvement in fights and reveal an interest in guns, including an exchange about possibly buying one, referring to it as a .380.

Mr. Martin, 17, also texted that he smoked marijuana, which was revealed in toxicology reports. At one point, he mentioned that he had it wrapped up for the bus ride from Miami, where he lived, to Orlando, where he was going to stay with his father for a while during his suspension from school in February 2012. <Source>

Definitely not racial profiling …

In an interview last year with two FBI agents, Chris Serino, the Sanford Police Department detective who headed the shooting probe, said that he believed that “Zimmerman’s actions were not based on Martin’s skin color.” Rather, Serino told the agents, the deadly confrontation was triggered by the 17-year-old Martin’s “attire, the total circumstances of the encounter and the previous burglary suspects in the community.” <Source>

Bottom line …

This is not a picture of your “normal” teenage high-school student, but a wannabe gangsta’.  I am not saying he deserved to die, as nobody deserves to die while walking the streets, but I am saying that he presented a credible suspicious threat to the neighborhood that bore further investigation. It is unfortunate that the police arrived later rather than sooner. But, I believe that George Zimmerman should have been commended for his actions as a member of Neighborhood Watch. I also believe that Zimmerman’s show trial was motivated by a progressive ideology and a need to portray the black man as an oppressed class needing political redress to solve historical and current grievances.

Rather than forcing minorities to conform to the law of the land, and the American culture, it seems the racist progressives are hell-bent on keeping them part of a permanent underclass for political purposes. If all way right in the world, minorities would need to conform to the same standards that affect us all.

The picture painted of Trayvon Martin by the mainstream media and all of the progressive activists appears to be a false one. While Trayvon Martin was certainly innocent of committing a crime at the time of his death, he was acting suspiciously – triggering the deadly physical confrontation, which from all appearances, was initiated by a belligerent Martin confronting George Zimmerman instead of continuing home.

As for the circumstances leading up to Martin’s death, it appears that self-serving political correctness prevented Martin from being investigated for a domestic burglary and possibly other related actions.

While it appears to be unfair and impolite to say anything about Martin’s grieving mother, it should be noted that it was she who kicked Martin out of her house and placed Martin in the gated community.

Apparently, there is enough blame to go around, with the biggest portion reserved for Trayvon Martin himself – had he not confronted George Zimmerman and walked directly home – he would not be dead, and Zimmerman would not have faced life-altering prosecution in the media and in the courts.

As for the media and political notoriety, had George Zimmerman’s first name been Jorge or had he assumed his mother’s Hispanic name, the Trayvon Martin issue would have been buried in the sands of time. Something that speaks deeply of progressive hypocrisy.

-- steve

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