Giving minorities a pass?

During the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin case, I was struck by the commentary surrounding the testimony of the prosecution’s so-called “star witness.” A nineteen year-old relatively unsophisticated girl  unable to read and speaking in the common vernacular of the “black community.” As I watched commentators, pundits, and talking heads explain away her seemingly lack of education and polish, in essence giving a pass to her substandard behavior, I noticed an even greater truth emerging. The need to acknowledge that there is a fundamental difference between blacks and whites that needs to be respected. We should forgive their rough language, lack of reading ability and poor academic performance; remedying the situation with affirmative action. Promoting blacks into a position where their failure is almost guaranteed – such as providing entrance into highly competitive schools for which they are unprepared – or government positions that disadvantage all they they may exert power over. Widening the gulf between the races and breeding more racial animosity.

Among the worst promoters of voluntary black separatism appear to be those whose self-interests and self-promotion is deeply entwined with acting as spokespeople for those who cannot speak for themselves. It is this group of useful idiots that is disadvantaging their own community with their self-serving nonsense. What these bozos never seem to realize is that nobody is holding blacks to the same standards that are prevalent in the larger community. In effect, isolating them using culture: language, dress, speech, and behavior, so that they form an identifiable sub-class that requires politicians to redress the grievances that come from being unable to compete with others.

It is as if the tyranny of the ignorant mocks any achievement or above-average performance as “selling out,” “trying to be white,” or somehow “disrespecting your people.” Of course, this is the self-serving bullshit promoted by those who cannot compete or who corruptly impact their own people for their self-interests.

I come from the scientific/technological world that respects achievement regardless of any other factor, especially race. You are judged by your ability to deliver a product, a project, and to serve as a productive team member. There is an old saying, with reference to the boss in Scott Adams’ Dilbert cartoons, if you don’t have pointy hair, you are all slaves on the tech plantation. Perhaps why Adams’ work resonates among the managers and techies is because he was one of us, experiencing and observing the absurdities of life in the tech world. The incompetent and non-performing are ignored and eventually replaced or promoted. But, it has nothing to do with color – until the government gets involved and demands artificial quotas in the hopes that the ratio of minorities in the tech world will somehow mirror the ratio of minorities in the real world. Something that is an impossibility given techies march to their own drummer and are essentially self-motivating; especially in the entrepreneurial world.


Why does the greater community allow black entertainers to openly sell works containing the words nigga, bitch, ho, and gangsta? Simple to answer – there is money to be made. It has nothing to do with achieving a civil, more tolerant society, it is about the money. When I hear black multi-millionaires spouting this nonsense, I am reminded that, they too, are the promoters of tyranny. Holding their own people down by setting the wrong example. Where shooting someone, dealing dope, walking around with bling – instead of being able to read, write, and speak well – is of the utmost importance to obtaining respect.

And, don’t blame it on the lack of opportunity or institutional oppression. This has been the same complaint of all minorities, especially the immigrants who arrived without a penny or being able to speak English. How do you account for their rise to middle America and beyond? Personally, I see the connection between certain minorities and the politicians who exploit them. Only the Blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians appear to have dismal records of achievement – the very same groups who are being exploited for political purposes.

Bottom line …

So why are the loud-mouthed activists not jumping up and down about the institutional bullying that occurs in the minority community? Where do they complain about young minority thugs bullying other young minorities when they excel in school?

The sad fact is that those who purport to redress racial grievances are among some of the most virulent racists on the planet. Especially the faux ministers and reverends who are promiscuous, anti-white, anti-Jew, and anti-America. Someone should show these idiots to the door instead of putting them before the media to spout their damaging rhetoric.

-- steve

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