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Progressives and racists appear to be invested in the outcome …

There is little or no doubt in my mind that the great majority of progressives and racists are invested in a negative court outcome for George Zimmerman; hoping that the jury will find Zimmerman guilty of 2ns degree murder or a lesser included charge. All to pursue the progressive media meme that America is racist and that blacks are unduly disadvantaged by the system.

Unfortunately, the public’s perception of the evidence may be severely warped by the endless hours of Hollywood-produced crime shows, especially CSI, where the evidence is compelling and the crime in solved within the allotted format time.

Consider …

1.   A court-qualified DNA expert declared that Trayvon Martin’s DNA was not found on the grip of George Zimmerman’s gun and George Zimmerman’s DNA was not found under Trayvon Martin’s fingernails.

So what? The implication of a negative finding is irrelevant. Zimmerman has said that Martin was apparently reaching for the weapon, there was never any statement or evidence that he managed to touch the gun or gain control over the weapon. So the DNA findings prove nothing. Likewise, no evidence has been produced that Trayvon Martin scratched George Zimmerman when he was allegedly striking him, so a negative finding of fingernail DNA proves nothing.

2.   The prosecution provided testimony that George Zimmerman received training about self-defense and Florida’s gun laws.

So what? One would expect that Zimmerman would be fully aware of Florida’s gun laws as a condition of his concealed carry permit. The fact that you have academic knowledge of a subject does not override the total loss of such knowledge in extreme situations where you are be assaulted. The survival instinct trumps rationality under these circumstances.

3.   The prosecution provided testimony that Zimmerman was not hired by a law enforcement agency due to less than a less than perfect credit rating.

Again, to be expected as law enforcement agencies try to weed out people who may be motivated to use their position to alleviate some of their debt load.

4.   The prosecution provided testimony that the weapon was pressed against Trayvon’s clothing when fired.

Big whoop! What would you expect when two parties are grappling or are in intimate contact when a gun is fired?

Even though DNA found on Martin’s garment would mean nothing, there was also a question of the improper handling of DNA evidence with respect to a wet garment that was improperly stored in a plastic bag where they allegedly became moldy. Proper storage would have been in a paper bag that would allow the garment to dry out. The collection of DNA under these conditions is difficult, if not impossible, due to the level of DNA degradation.

Look at how the story is being portrayed … 

DNA Expert Testifies in Zimmerman Murder Trial – Does the Evidence Hurt or Help the Defense?

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — Trayvon Martin’s DNA was not found on the grip of George Zimmerman’s gun, and Zimmerman’s DNA was not found under the unarmed teen’s fingernails, a law enforcement expert said Wednesday in testimony that prosecutors hope will refute the neighborhood watch volunteer’s self-defense claim.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and says he shot the 17-year-old in the chest to protect himself as Martin reached for his firearm during a fight.

Prosecutors called Florida Department of Law Enforcement DNA expert Anthony Gorgone’s testimony came on the same day prosecutors presented evidence about Zimmerman’s work in a college criminal justice course, which they say shows the neighborhood watch volunteer knew about Florida’s self-defense law and had aspirations of becoming a police officer.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement analyst Amy Siewert also testified that tearing and residue on Martin’s clothing showed the gun was directly against him when it fired.

Prosecutors have sought to portray Zimmerman as a vigilante who profiled Martin as the teen walked home on a rainy night.

Lt. Scott Kearns of the Prince William County Police Department in Virginia testified that Zimmerman wasn’t initially hired because of a less-than-stellar credit history. Source: DNA Expert Testifies in Zimmerman Murder Trial – Does the Evidence Hurt or Help the Defense?

Bottom line …

We hope justice will prevail and that politics and peer pressure will not produce an unfair verdict. I also find it deplorable that there are those in the activist and progressive community (aka racists and provocateurs) that are suggesting a not guilty verdict will result in civil disturbances. Personally, anyone rioting under these conditions should be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed. There is a fine point between protected civil protest and assaulting individuals and the destruction of property.

-- steve

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