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Progressives continue to spin Obamacare: Ask "If Republicans Love Competition, Why Do the Still Hate Obamacare?"

Starting with a dishonest question based on a false premise is about par for the progressive democrat socialists …

Let us get one thing absolutely straight. The progressive socialist democrats created Obamacare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act, behind closed doors, with lobbyists, special interests, and progressive foundations contributing to a majority of the drafting, either directly or through staffers. The big lie is that the “Affordable Care Act” is not affordable for the United States as it mandates increasing deficits, nor the consumer, as it mandates the purchase of insurance at the point of an IRS gun. It matters little whether or not you call it a tax or a penalty, it comes out of your pocket – or if you are poor, out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

As for the headline referring to competition, there is nothing in the legislation that would provide competition in the medical marketplace. The entire bill was dishonest from the start – from the structured deals with the medical unions, big drug makers, and other special interests. Funding from the bill was similarly dishonest as the bill was apportioned in such a manner as to hold down apparent costs, even though adding the parts back together presented a far different and more costly venture. This is the type of government dishonesty that results in zero competition as government managed care dictates reimbursement rates and medical procedures to be covered. Sort of like the government touting competition in the mortgage marketplace with the government’s regulatory agencies and control over 95% of the secondary mortgage market through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the FHA.

This bill was born of corruption and even required bribing certain key legislators with promises of state exemption from the act. Not to mention the unions, big businesses, and others who were provided exemption by waiver. Even AARP was dishonest about the promotion of Obamacare when it chopped $500 billion from the senior’s Medicare Advantage program to fund Obamacare.

So why the hell should we believe what the progressives are saying?

Good Question: If Republicans Love Competition, Why Do They Still Hate Obamacare?

When asked what makes the world work, any self-respecting right-wing Republican knows the politically correct answer: competition! (With at least one exclamation point.) It is the paramount principle and universal solvent perennially touted by the right to cure whatever ails us—in the abstract.

What they don’t seem to like so much, in reality, is the competitive impact of the Affordable Care Act, which is forcing health insurance companies into a contested marketplace—and seems to be driving down rates, state by state. The latest data arrived this week from New York, where insurance regulators announced that the new rates approved for 2014 will be 50 percent lower, on average, than current rates.

If insurance companies are allowed to freely compete, why are they still restricted by state laws that should have been superseded by federal law? Why do you need to purchase a policy from a company in your state? As for the latest data from insurance regulators, the data should be suspect as they pick classifications and use averages to report results.  In almost every state, both companies and individuals are bemoaning substantial increases in the medical insurance premiums – so what the hell are they speaking about?

That stunning report follows similar news from California, where rates may drop by as much as 29 percent, as well as Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and several other states where the early indications show rates declining. Based on data compiled from 10 states and the District of Columbia, the Department of Health and Human Services says that 2014 premiums for mid-range (or “silver”) health care plans in those states will be nearly 20 percent lower on average than its own earlier estimates.

First, you cannot trust any of the reporting from the dishonest agency that administers Obamacare any more than you can trust President Obama and his fellow travelers in Congress to tell you the truth. Believe your own eyes and pocketbook … not averages and cherry-picked statistics.

The reason is simple, as anyone familiar with the American health care marketplace knows. Most states until now have had no meaningful competition among insurance companies—and certainly nothing like the health insurance “exchanges” created by Obamacare to guide consumer choices.

Another lie! Yes, there were no health insurance exchanges, because they called them “brokerages.” Most non-Medicare, Medicaid people were covered under medical plans offered by their employers, purchased through insurance brokerages that allowed several vendors to compete for business.  And, you could shop for healthcare policies either directly or through a brokerage like all of the private companies.

In states that have actively promoted the exchanges, real competition is arising thanks to a marketplace that allows consumers to examine and understand choices, plans and prices with ease. “That’s a very different dynamic for these companies, and it’s prodding them to be more aggressive and competitive in their pricing,” explains Sabrina Corlette, a research professor at Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reform.

Bull pucky! Try to negotiate with big companies like Anthem Blue Cross or United Healthcare. Here are the rate, pick one from column “A.” And, if you are on Medicare, almost all of the plans have the same features – with minor differences, the most important of which is your ability to keep your family doctor. Something that is becoming increasingly in jeopardy as the state inserts themselves between the doctor and patient.

For those of us who preferred (and still favor) a single-payer system providing Medicare to everyone, the compromises of Obamacare always provoked doubts about efficiency and fairness. Many liberals supported the Affordable Care Act reluctantly as a bad deal that was acceptable only in lieu of no deal.

Accepting the worst of the best or the best of the worst is not a true choice.

But why do self-styled conservatives continue to hate health care reform with such ferocity? They may not care that it is truly “pro-life” and “pro-family,” with the clear promise of saving thousands of lives annually among families that were previously uninsured. Yet they should surely appreciate a statute that promotes competition where there was none, improving services and reducing prices through freer enterprise.

The answer is simple, “self-styled” conservatives, a pejorative description that seemingly doubts their conservatism, can plainly see that there is no reform in healthcare as long as there is a conflict of interest between the insurance company, incentivized by the government to delay or deny care to earn bonuses and the physicians who must render service to clients.

Solving that conundrum exposes one of the ugly little secrets of the Republican right today—and one of many reasons why that movement no longer merits the honorable title of “conservative.” For what we can now observe in practice is that the Republicans perversely prefer a corporate marketplace without competition over a marketplace with competition overseen by government. While European conservatives have long accepted the need for strictly regulated markets, especially in health care, their American counterparts would rather allow corporate power to run unchecked at whatever cost.

What bullpucky … the democrats have built a corporate marketplace without competition, and even worse, one that is overseen by a corrupt government that dances to the tunes played by the lobbyists in “pay for play” legislative scams.

Look at European-style socialist medical practices and you will see failure on a massive scale. Nothing to be proud of and nothing for progressives to point to. Every facet of healthcare, with the exception of the wealthy, is micro-managed by bureaucrats and the unions. An unmitigated disaster to everyone who does not embrace the model of international socialism.

It is an ideological preference that damages public health, ruins finances both public and private and actually kills people every day, but it also swells corporate profits—which seems to be the primary value cherished by Obamacare’s partisan opponents. Such destructive irrationality is what passes for “conservatism” in our time.

This is the system created under the democrats … where ideology does not interfere with political corruption or profits. Look at how the progressive socialist democrats spin the game. Citing “destructive irrationality” as conservatism, when commonsense will tell you that socialists are “pie in the sky” big government dreamers … believing that the healthcare system in communist Cuba is superior to that in the United States. The entire democrat party is defined as destructive irrationality, be it in medicine, domestic policy, or foreign policy. Corrupt, inept, and unresponsive to Americans.

So the congressional Republicans persistently attack and undermine reform, as they did by passing a resolution this week to delay the law’s individual mandate. Rather than do anything productive, they proceeded with that meaningless action. And they did so despite warnings from the insurance industry that a delay would only increase rates for everyone.

Bullshit: the republicans acted to delay the individual mandate after President Obama, fearing the outcome of the 2014 congressional election cycle, illegally and unconstitutionally delayed the corporate mandate. Why should big corporations be exempt from paying their fair share when individuals are being asked to sacrifice? Answer: democrat money and politics are at stake. The citizen and consumer be damned.

Supporters of the Affordable Care Act have long reassured each other that the law would gain popularity someday. But if present trends continue, the public may come to realize as early as next year that the benefits of Obamacare greatly outweigh the flaws—and that the law’s opponents offer nothing to most Americans except higher rates, less coverage and a sicker, sadder, harder life. Source: Good Question: If Republicans Love Competition, Why Do They Still Hate Obamacare?

Obamacare is unworkable, most of it cannot be implemented, and is a perversion of government’s power to compel individuals to participate in a program that is clearly corrupt and broken. With the profits still flowing to the large corporations who pay the politicians to craft favorable legislation. Want reform, remove the insurance companies as gatekeepers between the doctor and the patient. But, stand back lest you be drowned by the tidal wave of special interest dollars flooding politician’s pockets and campaign funds.

Bottom line …

The questions the progressive socialist democrats never want to seem to answer are: one, how can you serve millions of more patients without an increase in medical facilities, physicians, diagnostic devices, and other medical necessities; and two, why are there an estimated 20 – 30 million people expected to be uninsured when the whole program was premised on bring the 12 million uninsured people into affordable care policies?

You should hate Obamacare because it was crafted and administered by liars who lie.

-- steve

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