Media continues to bombard public with speculative and selective global warming scaremongering while ignoring ALL of the research findings!

The suitably scary headline …

The attention-getting headline “Planetary 'Runaway Greenhouse' More Easily Triggered, Research Shows” implies that we may find ourselves in a planetary emergency. But what is the real story? The research that the press release author chose to ignore and the real truth that appears in the scientific paper’s abstract?

A runaway greenhouse could in theory be triggered by increased greenhouse forcing, but anthropogenic emissions are probably insufficient.”

But that the research is just another speculative theory and it appears that man-made emissions are probably insufficient to trigger a runaway greenhouse situation does not fit the progressive agenda nor does it serve a scientific institution wanting to keep the global warming research dollars flowing. Just another example of how the corrupt warmists and their political agenda are warped beyond belief.

The story as reported to the media …

For those writers in the mainstream media  who concentrate on headlines and sound bites, I wonder if they will take note of the weasel-words and the fact that the authors admit to having an incomplete model that does not take into account the most prevalent and potent of greenhouse gases, the water vapor found in clouds. How many people will get to the sentence that acknowledges that the Earth will get to the point of a runaway greenhouse stage in about a BILLION AND A HALF YEARS OR SO?


Planetary 'Runaway Greenhouse' More Easily Triggered, Research Shows

It might be easier than previously thought for a planet to overheat into the scorchingly uninhabitable "runaway greenhouse" stage, according to new research by astronomers at the University of Washington and the University of Victoria published July 28 in the journal Nature Geoscience.

In the runaway greenhouse stage, a planet absorbs more solar energy than it can give off to retain equilibrium. As a result, the world overheats, boiling its oceans and filling its atmosphere with steam, which leaves the planet glowing-hot and forever uninhabitable, as Venus is now.

One estimate of the inner edge of a star's "habitable zone" is where the runaway greenhouse process begins. The habitable zone is that ring of space around a star that's just right for water to remain in liquid form on an orbiting rocky planet's surface, thus giving life a chance.

 Revisiting this classic planetary science scenario with new computer modeling, the astronomers found a lower thermal radiation threshold for the runaway greenhouse process, meaning that stage may be easier to initiate than had been previously thought.

"The habitable zone becomes much narrower, in the sense that you can no longer get as close to the star as we thought before going into a runaway greenhouse," said Tyler Robinson, a UW astronomy postdoctoral researcher and second author on the paper. The lead author is Colin Goldblatt of the University of Victoria.

Though further research is called for, the findings could lead to a recalibration of where the habitable zone begins and ends, with some planets having their candidacy as possible habitable worlds revoked.

"These worlds on the very edge got 'pushed in,' from our perspective — they are now beyond the runaway greenhouse threshold," Robinson said.

Subsequent research, the astronomers say, is needed in part because their computer modeling was done in a "single-column, clear-sky model," or a one-dimensional measure averaged around a planetary sphere that does not account for the atmospheric effect of clouds.

The findings apply to planet Earth as well. As the sun increases in brightness over time, Earth, too, will move into the runaway greenhouse stage — but not for a billion and a half years or so. Still, it inspired the astronomers to write, "As the solar constant increases with time, Earth's future is analogous to Venus's past."

Other co-authors are Kevin J. Zahnle of the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif.; and David Crisp of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

What does it really mean?

As the solar output increases, a planet with a moist atmosphere will reach a tipping point where the atmosphere warms uncontrollably as the planet is unable to radiate enough of the solar energy to keep the oceans below the boiling point – leading to a so-called runaway greenhouse situation. As for the research, using models and calculations, the tipping point may be lower than previously thought.

What the scientific paper abstract said … 

 Low simulated radiation limit for runaway greenhouse climates

The atmospheres of terrestrial planets are expected to be in long-term radiation balance: an increase in the absorption of solar radiation warms the surface and troposphere, which leads to a matching increase in the emission of thermal radiation.

Warming a wet planet such as Earth would make the atmosphere moist and optically thick such that only thermal radiation emitted from the upper troposphere can escape to space.

Hence, for a hot moist atmosphere, there is an upper limit on the thermal emission that is unrelated to surface temperature.

If the solar radiation absorbed exceeds this limit, the planet will heat uncontrollably and the entire ocean will evaporate—the so-called runaway greenhouse.

Here we model the solar and thermal radiative transfer in incipient and complete runaway greenhouse atmospheres at line-by-line spectral resolution using a modern spectral database.

We find a thermal radiation limit of 282 W m−2 (lower than previously reported) and that 294 W m−2 of solar radiation is absorbed (higher than previously reported).

Therefore, a steam atmosphere induced by such a runaway greenhouse may be a stable state for a planet receiving a similar amount of solar radiation as Earth today.

Avoiding a runaway greenhouse on Earth requires that the atmosphere is subsaturated with water, and that the albedo effect of clouds exceeds their greenhouse effect.

A runaway greenhouse could in theory be triggered by increased greenhouse forcing, but anthropogenic emissions are probably insufficient.

C. Goldblatt, T. D. Robinson, K. J. Zahnle and D. Crisp, Low simulated radiation limit for runaway greenhouse climates, Nature Geoscience, Advance Online Publication, 2013 doi:10.1038/ngeo1892.


Bottom line …

The global warming activists, corrupt politicians and their fellow travelers in the scientific community once again sit idly by while research results are distorted to scare the American people into ceding power to self-serving democrats, socialists, and communists who do not wish America well. Something to be remembered in the upcoming 2014 congressional election cycle when it is possible to remove the corrupt democrats from office.

-- steve

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