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It appears to me that significant tragedies are often exploited by the survivors as they see the benefits of having a non-profit foundation capable of soliciting funds from the public and serving as a source of income and defraying personal expenses while traveling the nation.

So why am I not surprised when a foundation springs up to capitalize on the notoriety surrounding the name “Trayvon Martin?” 

Trayvon Martin Foundation calls for non-violence in wake of Zimmerman ruling

 “Trayvon Martin cannot rest in peace if there’s not peace in our streets,” a member of the Trayvon Martin Foundation’s board of directors told The Daily Caller in an interview Thursday.

Michael Skolnik — who is also the editor-in-chief of the social activist website Global Grind — has at times accompanied the Martin family in court throughout the George Zimmerman trial. He told TheDC that any non-peaceful response to a Zimmerman acquittal “would be a tragedy”.

Skolnik maintains that there is “absolutely no evidence” that Martin threw the first punch against Zimmerman, who he considers guilty of murder. But he told TheDC that he has been “actively mobilizing with civil rights leaders to promote peace” throughout the country, regardless of the trial’s outcome.

Partners in that effort include churches, non-profits, governors, mayors, and other “high-level officials” — all seeking to prevent a violent response to a Zimmerman acquittal, he said. Zimmerman faces second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the shooting death of Martin.  Source: Trayvon Martin Foundation urges non-violence after ruling | The Daily Caller

Merchandising a gansta’ thug …

From the evidence presented in the George Zimmerman trial and in the mainstream media, I have come to regard Trayvon Martin as a wanna be gansta’ associated with guns, drugs, and fighting. That people want to capitalize on the use of his name in fundraising, conscious-raising, and education might be expected. But, are any of these charities anything other than financial support mechanisms for the survivors and their hangers-on?

While Martin’s loss of life is tragic, it is but a single case that rose to national prominence due to the race-baiters who thought they had latched on to a white-on-black killing. Making outrageous statements about race relations in America to serve their progressive “oppressed by the white man” meme, until they were forced to backpedal as George Zimmerman was identified as being Hispanic. Even then the mainstream media attempted to cover their ass by describing George Zimmerman as a “self-identified Hispanic” or a “white Hispanic.”  As if anyone at MSNBC, one of the more egregious media outlets, would refer to their patron saint Barack Obama, as a self-identified black.

The website …


Featured prominently on the website ( is one of America’s premier race-baiters and agitators, Al Sharpton, who has made a career out of playing the race card – sometimes falsely with tragic consequences. It is more than ironic that Sharpton, ever the agitator, is calling for peace. As if any court verdict can justify racial rioting, looting, and the destruction of private property.


What is “justice” in this case?

“To pursue justice on behalf of Trayvon Benjamin Martin” is an interesting goal. Because like all progressive causes, the “end” appears to be predetermined without regard to the facts. Instead of being canonized in perpetual black victimhood, the facts tend to indicate that Trayvon was a troubled teenager with an association with drugs, guns, fighting, and violence. And, from court testimony, appears to have aggressively attacked George Zimmerman, a member of the gated community’s Neighborhood Watch. While Zimmerman was being demonized by the media, it appears that a number of burglaries committed by young blacks took place in the gated community and that Zimmerman was merely following up on a suspicious black youth walking between homes on a rainy dark evening in a slow manner that did not suggest urgency towards a destination.

If justice is an open trial with media scrutiny and an impartial jury, then justice has been served.

Bottom line …

Before donating to any charity, you may wish to follow the Better Business Bureau’s advice: “Investigate Before You Invest.” Or check their credentials at It will be interesting to see this foundation’s IRS Form 990 next year, or even to see if they are still around after the intense glare of the media spotlight has faded. Not all such charities surrounding a tragedy are suspect, as one can plainly see from the Adam Walsh foundation.

-- steve

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