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Bill O'Reilly "profiles" George Zimmerman -- and gets it wrong!

In tonight’s “Talking Points Memo,” Bill O’Reilly had this to say …

“One of the big reasons Trayvon Martin lost his life was that George Zimmerman feared the image he projected that night in Florida. His clothing, his presence. Zimmerman profiled Martin  and disaster followed.”

First, George Zimmerman was an unpaid civilian volunteer donating his time to keep his community, a community that suffered a number of incidents involving young black men, safe by being watchful and reporting to the lawful authorities, the police. This he unquestionably did when he encountered a strange person acting suspiciously. He did nothing unlawful and the fact that he carried a lawful concealed weapon is irrelevant to the conversation. There is nothing unlawful about civilian profiling – quickly assessing the likelihood that the person encountered fits a common profile of people who have caused problems in the community in the past. George Zimmerman is a man who should have been commended for his actions on that night and the tragedy he has suffered through the hands of those who tried make this a racial issue. In spite of the protestations of the police, prosecution, and defense attorneys that this was not a racial case, the politicians and race-baiters – including Barack Obama and Al Sharpton – made it an international racial célèbre, an incident arousing widespread controversy, conflict, and racial discord leading to individual and group acts of violence.

Second, the disaster that followed was caused by Trayvon Martin. Brought about because he made a conscious decision not to proceed home, turn around and physically confront George Zimmerman. That Zimmerman was the true victim is evidenced by the wounds he received and the absence of similar injuries to Trayvon Martin. This was corroborated to some extent by an eyewitness who saw Trayvon Martin straddling George Zimmerman and hitting him repeatedly – causing Zimmerman to call out for help.

Third, under any rational interpretation of events, the more physically fit Martin was beating the crap out of Zimmerman who obviously feared for his life. Thus requiring him to use his concealed weapon to save his life – possibly as Zimmerman perceived Martin was reaching for the Zimmerman’s weapon.

Fourth, even in the most generous of interpretations, where Trayvon Martin struck first because he believed Zimmerman was reaching for a weapon, when he reached for his cellphone, does not change the facts that Zimmerman was physically disadvantaged by Martin and feared for his life as Martin tried to push Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk.

Fifth, you do not find the mainstream media portraying Trayvon Martin as a wannabe dope-smoking, gun-handling, gangsta. Or the fact that suppressed evidence should have revealed that Martin was illegally in possession of a burglar tool and stolen jewelry – if he did not commit the residential burglary where the exact same jewelry was reported stolen. In more ways than one, Trayvon Martin did correctly fit the profile of an unknown suspicious stranger, off public areas, walking slowly between homes on a dark and rainy night.

We will never know what really happened or why Martin did not walk those eighty yards to safety. But, one thing is clear – O’Reilly continues the public excoriation of Zimmerman. 

The anger this case has engendered is understandable. If Trayvon Martin was my son, I would be do exactly what his parents are doing.”

The anger is not understandable. It is time we stopped giving blacks permission to act badly based on little more than historical insult. If they want to be considered equal, let them give up their positions of outrage, affirmative action privileges, and act like everyone else. Taking individual responsibility for their actions.

Justice was served. The legal tenets of the United States upheld. And, the only thing that created the conflagration was race-baiting, community activists like Al Sharpton who believed Zimmerman was white and they could exploit it for their self-advantage. If this were simply a case of Black-on-Hispanic crime, the issue would have faded under the sands of time, ignored by the mainstream media. Even the mainstream media needed to backtrack, creating a fictional category of human: the white-Hispanic to continue their racist agenda.

Is O’Reilly mirroring President Obama in claiming “If Trayvon was my son?” According to O’Reilly’s description of his upbringing and disciplinary practices – Trayvon Martin would have been a straight arrow. Or, suffer O’Reilly’s wrathful anger. Let us not forget, O’Reilly is 6’5” and physically intimidating – something he has used to his advantage throughout his life. He is said to have a wicked temper and is not the man he portrays on camera. As for Trayvon’s parents – why even mention them as they are irrelevant to the storyline.

“But out of tragedy can come something positive. And that is why Talking Points is urging the civil rights folks to stop maligning the country. And face up to a huge problem that is directly harming millions, primarily in the African-American community. Young black Americans, the most violent group in this country by far. The reason is the collapse of the traditional African-American family unit. Fifty years ago, when blacks had it much worse than they have it now,  twenty-five percent of black babies were born out of wedlock. Today the number is close to seventy-five percent. That is catastrophic. But the civil rights industry and the white power structure basically ignore the problem. They also ignore the entertainment industry putting out vile products aimed at young people, some of whom incorporate the gansta’ culture into their own lives.”  

O’Reilly is a schmuck – does he really think that he has pinpointed the root of the problem? If O’Reilly were an honest man – one of the folks as he often claims – he would be blaming dishonest and corrupt politicians, mostly in the democrat party, for promoting old policies that demanded that black fathers not be in a house receiving government assistance. Or a political system that attempted to create a permanent underclass for political purposes. Not to mention stealing billions of the taxpayer’s hard-earned funds designated to improving the inner cities.

Does this self-identified “simple man” not understand the toxic feedback loop created by the democrats that drove young black women into having babies so they could survive on welfare payments that were deliberately kept below the level required for survival. Forcing single-parent mothers to forego education and employment to raise their burgeoning family. And, why didn’t the democrats go after black men who shirked their family responsibilities? Why did the democrats provide “walking around money” to black preachers to hold down festering discord in the community?

Here is a man, O’Reilly, who rails against censorship – because it affects his future – but turns around an castigates the entertainment industry for pushing garbage that sells a gangsta culture. Is this any different than any of his sponsors who are selling unhealthy foods or cars that can kill you if misused or driven while you are impaired?

Bottom line …

The proximate cause of the country’s problems lie with the democrats and the entitlement culture that supports them. If you want to seek a solution, start with tossing democrats out of office in the 2014 congressional election cycle – starting with those race-baiting members of Congress known as the Congressional Black Caucus, where everything is viewed through the prism of race.

If O’Reilly was an honest man, he would tell the truth about the democrats – but then again, he would be out of a job in a nation that serves up political correctness, multi-culturalism, and moral equivalency as if it were the way to bring about the worker’s paradise found in Cuba, Venezuela, and yes, North Korea under the dear leader’s son.

And, if the blacks were honest, they would realize that it is their attitude, lack of individualism, and fear of peer pressure disadvantaging them and their community. Note that black students are castigated by their fellow blacks as acting white or being an Uncle Tom or an Aunt Jemima when they achieve. Note that successful blacks must give significant amounts of money to the poverty pimps and race-baiters to avoid being called names or having their businesses disparaged by the shake-down artists. It’s time the black community considered themselves as any other immigrant group in this country and prosper on their own without government handouts. No more excuses. No more free passes. And no more benefits from white guilt or scaring white folks into providing reparations. Remembering, it’s a hand-up, not a hand-out.

Reform starts with us, “We the People,” throwing corrupt politicians out of office and not buying the stories of Judas Goats like the Harvard-educated Bill O’Reilly who tell a partial truth to attract an audience. He did it on his own. Hannity did it on his own. Millions of people do it on their own. So why not hold everyone to the same standard. Reserving government assistance for those who truly need assistance and not as a means for purchasing votes?

-- steve

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